Competition for Fresher with cash prizes!

• Competition for Fresher with cash prizes!

Welcome, dear visitors!

We announce the start of the competition, where you can win a good sum of money.

Competition for Fresher with cash prizes!

In order to win one of the prizes, you need to until 31 May (inclusive) to write a positive post about Fresher and post it on your blog, website, or on his page on the social network.

For example, you can write why you like our project, its history dating to Fresher, our advantages as compared to other sites, and so on and so forth -.... Any positive about our site, welcome the creative approach!

Mandatory requirement - the fasting should be a link to the home page - our website

The two main criteria for the evaluation of your posts:

1. The number of marks "Like", comments and views of fasting

If you put a post on a social network, we will look at the number of "likes" and comments. If it is a post in a separate blog or website, we look also to the views of fasting, if you provide access to your stats.

2. Creativity

Your post can be short or long, it may be only one phrase or image, text with pictures, comics, videos, songs, and so on. D. We will assess the creativity, humor, sincere, extraordinary. Both criteria are equally important, that is, if your post will get more than all the marks "I like", it is a great advantage, but it does not guarantee to win, it is important that the post itself was interesting. On the other hand, if your post will be the most interesting of the sent, but gather little comments / views, you will reduce your chances of getting a prize. However, each post has a chance of a prize, even if you publish on the last day of the contest - 31 May.

Links to your posts here leave in the comments (do not forget to specify the correct contact e-mail), or send to

The date by which you need the time to make your post creative as possible more popular - 31 May. On June 1, we will review all submitted posts, summarize the results and announce the winners.

According to the results of the contest will be awarded 3 prizes:

  • 1st place - $ 300
  • 2 nd place - $ 200
  • 3rd place - $ 100

Good luck and inspiration to all participants!