Brendan Rodgers: career football coach

Brendan Rodgers - Northern Irish football coach and former professional football player. He played as a defender in the twenties was seriously injured, as a result finished his playing career. Since 1994, he began coaching activities. He is currently the head coach of the Scottish "Celtic".

Brendan Rodgers: career football coach


Brendan Rodgers was born on January 26, 1973 in Karnloh, Northern Ireland. As a child became interested in football, I went to the local section. In the period from 1984 to 1987, he spoke at the youth level in the "Ballymena United."

short career footballer

Debut in the adult football Brendan took place in autumn 1987 in a semi-professional club "Ballymena United." I played here until 1989.

In 1990 Brendan Rodgers signed his first professional contract with "Reading." It is composed of high-level debut young player did not succeed. All the main match practice he acquired as part of stand-ins and reservists. In 1993, Rogers received a serious injury, which ultimately put an end to his football career. Twenty-year defender has announced its completion, he began to think about getting a coaching license.

Brendan Rodgers: career football coach

Coaching career

In the period from 1993 to 1996, Brendan Rodgers went on to play football at an amateur level (played for teams such as "Newport", "Whitney Town" and "Newbury Town"), in parallel studying at the Academy coaches. In 1994, he became head coach of the youth team, "Reading." He worked there until 2004.

A career in "Chelsea"

In 2004, a young coach Brendan Rodgers has received an offer from Jose Mourinho on joint cooperation in the London "Chelsea". Brendan was appointed assistant to the coaching staff, and two years later took over as head coach of the reserve team of "blue".

Career "Watford"

In English "Watford" from the Second Division Rogers was accepted to the post of head coach of 24 November 2008. In the 2008/09 season, "Hornets" won first place in the standings, having received the right to play in the Football League Championship. According to the results of the 2009/10 season, the team finished 13th place in the "Championship", securing a place in this league and for the next year.

for the head in the "Reading"

In June 2009, after leaving his post Steve Coppell, Brendan Rodgers has taken up the post of head coach of the "Reading", signed a contract for three years. However, for a long time could not work with the "royals" Irishman. Inside the club there were some disagreements between the coaching staff and management, and therefore, Brendon decided to resign as head coach in December of the same year.

Brendan Rodgers: career football coach

supervise "Swansea City"

Brendan Rodgers has come for the head coach, "Swansea City" in July 2010. After 9 months, he was named the best coach of the month in the "Championship", having reached five wins out of six. In April 2011, "Swansea" beat "Ipswich Town" in the playoffs the Football League Championship, in the next round, the team has won at "Nottingham Forest" and broke the club "reading" in the final, thus securing a place in the Premier League for the first time Throughout its history.

In May 2012 Brendan Rodgers has officially confirmed that his career in the Welsh club came to an end and that it will enter the "Liverpool" soon.

Merseyside club in the county of

The first season of "Liverpool" was for Rogers desperately hard, the team has developed the worst start in the Premier League over the last 100 years of its existence. Nevertheless, the team gradually began to gain momentum, and eventually took the 7th place in the Premier League. In the 2013/14 season, "Liverpool" took second place in the Premier League.

Brendan Rodgers on "Zenith"

In May 2016, Brendan has signed a contract with "Celtic", which is working to this day.

Brendan Rodgers: career football coach

The main instructor of the Scottish "Celtic" admitted St. Petersburg "Zenith" in the order of magnitude stronger and faster than his team. In February 2018 the teams played each other two matches in the playoffs of the Europa League. In the first match in Scotland "striped" won with a minimum score of 1-0, but in the return match in St. Petersburg suffered a crushing defeat, 3-0. As a result, in the next round has passed the Russian team.

In the post-match press conference Brendan Rodgers stated that the "Zenith" to exert strong pressure on the gates of "Celtic", that the latter could not expect after the first game. In this match, the St. Petersburg club fully underclass historically great team from Scotland. Footballers "Celtic" tangled in the legs, they do not have enough speed, line of defense in general did something incredibly stupid. In addition to these thoughts Brendan Rodgers added that, perhaps, is the crushing defeat was due to the fact that on the night of the "Celtic" has played a lot of young people.