Footballer Patrick Ebert: biography

Patrick Ebert - the famous German football player. It acts as a midfielder. Currently, it protects colors of the Spanish "Rayo Vallecano".

Biography footballer

Footballer Patrick Ebert: biography

Patrick Ebert was born still in the territory of the German Democratic Republic in 1987. He was born in Potsdam, even though he, of course, divided Germany remembers. When he was very young, the Berlin Wall collapsed, and West and East Germany united.

Patrick Ebert playing football began in Berlin in the local football school, "Herta". Since 1998, he played for the youth team of the club, which currently plays in the Bundesliga.

He proved himself a good side in different age groups, he signed a contract with the senior team in a short time has established itself as a player in its basic structure.

In Berlin Patrick Ebert club debuted in 2006, when he was 19 years old. "Gert" at that time appeared in the elite of German football. End of the season she finished in tenth place.

It is noteworthy that the first match in the first team, "Herta" Ebert had spent in the Bundesliga and in European competition. In the final round of the Intertoto "Gert" Cup meeting with FC "Moskva". After a goalless draw in Germany, the Germans won in Moscow 2: 0, getting a ticket to the UEFA Cup. Already by 2007, Ebert was the player of the basic structure of the club.

He advocated the "Gert" until 2012. The most successful was the 2008/09 season when Berliners took fourth place. Until the bronze medals they did not have a point.

A career in Europe

Footballer Patrick Ebert: biography

Patrick Ebert - a player who in 25 years has decided to start a career outside Germany. In 2012, he signed a contract with the Spanish "Valladolid". The team at that time played in La Liga, but the stars from the sky is not enough. According to the results of the season, "Valladolid" was in 14th place. It was a real prospect of leaving the elite of Spanish football, but in the end the team from the relegation zone separated comfortable 7 points.

in Russia Transfer

Footballer Patrick Ebert: biography

Patrick Ebert, whose biography is entirely devoted to football, familiar Russian fans. In winter 2014, he terminated the contract with the Spanish club and moved to Moscow "Spartak".

At that moment, the "red-white" once again formed a new team. In the offseason, the coaching bridge left Dmitry Gunko and Swiss Murat Yakin was invited to the post of head coach.

In that season, Ebert was one of the players from the main structure. First on the left in the match against the Grozny "Terek" ( "Spartacus" lost 0: 1). Total spent on the position of midfielder 23 match. Pocketed balls are not marked. At the end of the season, "Spartacus" was in sixth place.

In the offseason, Ebert returned to Spain. His new club was the modest "Rayo Vallecano", as part of which he stands still. Patrick Ebert, whose photos are often published in the Spanish sports press, and the club became one of the players from the main structure.

In the 2015/16 season's Madrid "Rayo Vallecano" played in La Liga under the direction of the Spaniard Paco Jemez. Team of stars from the sky is not enough, therefore, has been doomed to fight for survival. Caught in the middle of the season in the relegation zone, a 23 round "Rayo Vallecano" slightly moved in the standings, but guarantee your registration in the Spanish soccer elite failed. He always teetered on the edge of a precipice. Having suffered three defeats in a row, at the finish of the team still flew from the Examples. In season 2016/17 the club's "Rayo Vallecano" failed to promptly resolve the issue with the return to La Liga. The team settled for a place in the middle of the standings. Having won 14 victories in 42 matches, Madrid took the 12th place.

A career in the national team

Footballer Patrick Ebert: biography

At once it is worth noting that Ebert has played only in the youth national teams. Call it did not get into the senior team. The most successful was his performance in 2009, when the German national team was selected in the youth championship of Europe.

In the qualifying tournament, the Germans made a few misfires: two draws with Israel's national team and suffered a sensational defeat away from Moldova with the score 0: 1. However, it still took first place in the group. It is noteworthy that the Israeli team lost to them only on goal difference, and his only defeat the Israelis, too, have suffered from Moldova.

The tournament was held in Sweden. In the group stage after the draw against Spain (0: 0) victory over the Finns (2: 0) and a draw against England (1: 1), Germany advanced to the semifinals. Here intense match the Germans defeated the Italians (1: 0), and in the final defeated England with a score of 4: 0. So, Ebert became the champion of Europe among the youth teams.