Dick Advocaat: the most interesting things about the coaching career

Dick Advocaat - a well-known former Dutch footballer and an award-winning coach. He is now 70 years old and he is still in business - led by "Utrecht". In a nutshell it is difficult to talk about his long career. Therefore, now it is the attention affect only the most interesting moments.

The Netherlands national team

Dick Advocaat coaching career began at the age of 37 years. He became an assistant Rinus Michels in the Netherlands national team. In the period from 1987 to 1989, he coached the first "Harlem". Then from 1989 to 1991 "UHV / Dordreht'90".

In 1992, he led the team of the Netherlands, before it once again having stayed for several years as an assistant. He managed to bring the team to the Euro 1992 semi-finals. There the Dutch players played against Denmark with a score of 2: 2, but eventually lost on penalties (4: 5).

Dick Advocaat: the most interesting things about the coaching career

After that, he from 1995 to 1998 coached the club "PSV", and then from 1998 to 2002, the first engaged in "the Rangers' team. After that, two years again came to the national team of the Netherlands.

He strenuously preparing players for the European Championships. At the qualifying stage of the national team it was, in fact, without a defeat. She managed to take second place, behind the Czech Republic.

In the play-offs Netherlands fought with Scotland. In the group stage they became rivals Germany, Latvia and the Czech Republic. They walked 1/4 finals, beating Sweden in the semifinals but conceded Portugal. After that, coach Dick Advocaat left the team.

Moving to Russia

Short time to practice Monchengladbach "Borussia", teams of the UAE and South Korea, Dick Advocaat has received an invitation from the "Zenith" (St. Petersburg). The first game under his leadership, the players brought in goalless draw. And after that, "Zenit" played unbeaten about three months. They first lost "Spartacus." Then, "Rubin", with the score 3: 0. However, at the end of the championship, "Zenit" took the 4th place, and therefore received a pass in the UEFA Cup.

Dick Advocaat: the most interesting things about the coaching career

The following season turned out to be controversial because of the choice of club captain. But all the scandals and quarrels were resolved after the "Zenith" defeated "Dynamo" with a score of 9: 3. The team rallied to finish the championship, they lost only 1 time, "Locomotives".

In 2008, the "Zenith" was not bad, even beat "Manchester United" - the winner of the Champions League! In the same year Dick Advocaat was awarded the title of Honorary Citizen of St. Petersburg.

But in 2009, everything was bad. The best players left the team, so that after the first round the club finished mid-table. And when the "Zenith" in the home match lost with the score 0: 2, "Tom," coach Dick Advocaat was dismissed. On the next morning.

In the Russian team

After retiring from the "Zenith" Dick for a time he coached the national team of Belgium and the club, "AZ" in the Netherlands. And then there were rumors. Allegedly, he was invited to the post of head coach of the Russian national team.

Dick Advocaat: the most interesting things about the coaching career

Dick Advocaat, however, does not refute. He prematurely terminated his contract with the national team of Belgium, paid 300 000 dollars as compensation and 17 May led the Russian team. The agreement was signed for 4 years.

The first match of the national team won. And the selection for Euro 2012 also started with a win. The first defeat happened on September 7 and it was a home game against Slovakia. Then, the team managed to win twice again: Ireland and Macedonia.

After the defeat in the game against Belgium Dick Advocaat invited new players to the squad: Pavel Mamaev and Victor Vasin. But the matches were still not expressive. But for Euro 2012 Russia has fallen. But Dick after this tournament he said he did not wish to renew the contract, and went away.

Further career

In 2012, Dick Advocaat started coaching "PSV". It is interesting that the contract he signed at the time when the contract with the Russian team has acted.

The year he spent in "PSV", brought the team to 2nd place in the national championship, has helped win the Super Bowl. Then Dick coached "Alkmaar Zanstrek". Then he led the "Sunderland", "Fenerbahce", "Sparta," the Serbian national team, again the Dutch national team and several teams.

Dick Advocaat: the most interesting things about the coaching career

Many believe that his main achievements of his career can be identified in such a list:

  • Position Assistant great Rinus Michels.
  • Breakthrough "Dordrecht" in the Eredivisie.
  • The post of chief coach of the Netherlands national team.
  • Champion's title with "PSV".
  • A hat-trick from the "Rangers" - Cup and two Cups.
  • Bronze at Euro 2004.
  • the title with "Zenith".
  • A breakthrough in the UEFA Cup team of St. Petersburg, and then in the Super Bowl.

Full list of accomplishments even more impressive. Dick Advocaat - a good coach. It is a pity that it can not be considered responsible: had plenty of instances when he led the team a couple of months, and then left her.