Sexual trauma

• Sexual trauma

Sometimes people are so addicted to sex that do not notice that burned knees or pulled back. Particularly "lucky" after sex lovers even get on the operating table.

Sexual trauma

According to recent studies, common types of injuries during sex enough. Here are just some of them.

1. Shabby knees. At times, many do not reach the bed and have sex right on the carpet. Spontaneous sex - is, of course, great, but do not forget that the carpet has a rough surface, and in moments of passion rubs actively on tender body parts. As a result, due to the frictional force, energy is released and there are burns. Then tired catch yourself clever, and sometimes condemning the views of passers-by. Many certainly guess what you were doing last night.

2. Pull back, wrist and ankle. Well, when a couple is trying to diversify their sex. But it is worth noting that according to all the poses from the Kama Sutra without physical preparation is dangerous. Well, unless you have excellent stretch and a few times a week are engaged in fitness.

3. Pain in the buttocks. If you are moving quite rapidly during sex - and you can hit. It turns out that during sex, the pain is not felt strongly enough or dulled. As a result, do not be surprised if you suddenly find the pope bruises. 4. microcracks. It happens that the partner is so active and insistent that women do not avoid the vagina small, but very boljuchih cracks. The same happens when the vaginal size is not the same as the size of the penis. Therefore, high resolution for sex is not always good, especially when the woman is petite. In addition, these injuries can be obtained from an inexperienced partner.

5. Subject to injury. Doctors dubbed a failure patient "Corresponding Member" when he shoved a pen directly into the penis. The "fast" often call such lovers of thrills.

6. Burns. Some want to feel yourself a real sex star, has the highest sexuality. Watching porn, they hasten to repeat everything. For example, when the film we see how sexy man pouring candle wax on the body of his partner, and it is in this beautiful curves, I think that she likes his experiments. In fact, it is not. And to repeat the story of a porn film is not necessary.

7. The case of concussion received during intercourse in the bathroom. Couple making love, and when they were close to a joint orgasm, he took the hand of the cornice, which was loosely fastened. As a result, the cornice fell on the girl's head, which was preparing to orgasm, but not jarring. 8. One Muscovite was taken to hospital with a wound mucosa of the tonsils. She and her husband indulged in love joys in his apartment. Young recently formalized relationships and not to waste time. Around six in the morning during oral sex girl was seriously injured. She began to bleed, needed emergency medical care. After the examination, it turned out that she had injured mucosa right amygdala, which arose after the love games.

9. Sometimes during sex and so that the partners can not "disengage". vaginal muscles contract and hold the male sexual organ "in captivity".

10. Injuries caused by various objects with which people try to achieve sexual pleasure. In hospitals today there are entire museums of sex toys. It's not just vibrators or dildos, but light bulbs, candles, and even mobile phones. Some self-gratification for use kitchen appliances, such as blenders and grinder. Surgeons have to be removed from the genitals fragments of these devices.