11 facts about sex

• 11 facts about sex

According to statistics, 400 million people (out of 7 billion people living on Earth) today had sex, that is, every seventeenth. And at the moment, as you read this article, sex involved 4,000 people.

11 facts about sex

1. Every day people accomplished about one hundred million sexual acts.

2. On average, men aged between 12 and 19 years think about sex at least once every five minutes. And then, apparently, there are other interests.

3. Hate going to the gym? Then here is a very good alternative. It turns out that on average, during an active sex burns about two hundred calories. Well, at least burn the calories absorbed during a romantic dinner. Those are, sex sessions is not only pleasant but also useful. Especially those who are keeping fit. And sex itself is an excellent fitness, it's hard to argue.

4. Sex can really reduce headaches. During intercourse, the voltage can be removed in blood vessels, which prevents the free flow of blood. Moreover, the hormone oxytocin is released during the stand, which is a natural analgesic, which increases the pain threshold. And the statement: "I have a headache" - that is no reason for refusing to have sex, but just the opposite.

5. Having sex is useful, but in everything, of course, you need to know when to stop. The surprising fact, but every year about eleven thousand Americans receive varying degrees of severity of injury when attempting sex in unusual or sophisticated poses. 6. Sex can be a great cure for mild depression. After all, while having sex in the human circulatory system secretes endorphins, they are also the so-called happy hormones that cause a mild euphoria. In addition, a sufficient content of endorphins in the blood keeps the human immune system at the right level and does not give him the extra time to be ill.

7. Having sex without a condom is good for health. But only in the case of a proven partner, of course. During the contact of sexual organs are exchanged hormones, which are very beneficial effect on both partners organisms.

8. It is believed that a man and dolphins are the only creatures able to have sex for pleasure. Although this fact raises some doubts.

9. Homosexuality is seen not only in humans. For example, from a mammal, particularly prevalent this phenomenon among males bats.

10. The more having sex, the more sex you want. This statement is especially true for women. After all, sex increases testosterone levels in their blood. But this hormone is responsible for just sexuality in both men and women.

11. It is noticed that people over the age of 45 who have sex at least once a week, have a greater life expectancy. Which is not surprising, considering all the benefits brought by sex, mentioned above.