10 successful examples of clothing and accessories from Garbage

Jeans from plastic bottles, thermal underwear from coffee husks, purses from old tires and other items created from waste materials.

Forbes magazine chose 10 examples of waste conversion into a variety of wardrobe items and accessories.

Until now, to put it mildly, unpopular in Russia conscious approach to consumption will soon have become a tradition in the US and Europe. Harm reduction to a minimum, which causes the production of any nature of consumer products - such an obvious need, nothing more visionary than look for ways to do now is simply no. Reuse in this sense - has long been invented a bicycle, an idea tried and tested in many areas and are always absolutely working.

Laptop Bag Scott

Manufacturer: Feuer Wear

10 successful examples of clothing and accessories from Garbage

In 2005, Martin Klyuzener, future technologies in textiles, defended his thesis on how to establish a successful brand for bags - and immediately started his own. The first bag he was sewing jute, tarpaulin and canvas, but the thought of soon enough to use as a tissue decommissioned fire hoses. They are made from very durable materials, so that they serve for many years and counts each - not a fire, so that all bags Klyuzenera, we can say with a gallant past. In addition to bags, Feur Wear make covers for gadgets, wallets and folders for documents - all tend to be red, white and black, as the fire hoses in Germany it is red and white, with a black underside. Once a year, the brand released a collection of neon yellow sleeveless new sample, which are difficult to obtain: they entered into operation as recently as a century fire hose, as has been said, is long.

Park Patagonia Men's Great Horn 3-in-1 Parka

Manufacturer: Patagonia

10 successful examples of clothing and accessories from Garbage

Patagonia constantly remediation campaign environment, for example, is involved in the creation of the National Park gave us the name of the Chilean Patagonia, is sponsoring a trout bailout program and does not stop the distribution of grants to environmental initiatives. Its employees who wish to work as part of the environmental expedition, Patagonia lets go on paid leave for a month. Not surprisingly, in production technologies are used to minimize the energy and water consumption - even for cleaning companies use only non-toxic cleaning products. So it is quite natural that they were the first among the brands of sportswear engaged in the production of items made from recycled plastic - in 1993. Now in the list that in the Patagonia sewn from recycled polyester and nylon, about 200 items - from underwear to winter coats.

Sweatshirt American Recycled Unisex Hoodie

Manufacturer: SustainU

10 successful examples of clothing and accessories from Garbage

SustainU Products to fashion design and fashion trends do not have the slightest relationship: very simple T-shirts and sweatshirts for adults and children. Fabric one: 50% recycled cotton and 50% recycled polyester. Company owners clearly started its business in order to stimulate in the average consumer's mind about the proper consumption. On his website SustainU talk about the problem of overspending water, draining the Aral Sea and the consequences of almost complete transfer of production to Asian countries. SustainU, whose factories are located in the United States, in addition to creating new jobs and cooperation with the funds that help orphans and the poor, and other good deeds raise awareness among American school children: their actions to collect second-hand clothes in colleges SustainU carried out as competitions with such a trip prizes a music festival.

Sunglasses, model 108

Manufacturer: ECO Optics

10 successful examples of clothing and accessories from Garbage

Eco Optics - Modo second line brand, which produces, in addition to the optics under his own name, and even a collection of sunglasses for Derek Lam, Phillip Lim, 7 for all mankind, and not only. It is the world's first glasses made from recycled steel and plastic. Even before the launch of the new line in the company made it a rule to take care of the environment: the brand collaborates with Trees for the Future, 1989 to plant trees around the world. Cooperation is that after the sale the next frame forces the organization with the support of Modo planted one tree. Besides taking part in landscaping the Earth, the company is involved in OneSight program - OneSight offices transmit them unnecessary glasses people that could not afford one frame, and the workers of this project involved the transfer of collected those who do can not afford to purchase the item.

Bag Bentley Luxe

Manufacturer: English Retreads

10 successful examples of clothing and accessories from Garbage

The idea to sew bags made of rubber used car and bicycle tires came up with Heather Inglish, owner and designer of the brand, as she floated down the river in his native Colorado fitted under some sort of boat FLAP. English Retreads - quite a small company, everything is done by hand, so production volumes are small. The entire line of rubber accessories - six women and one unisex bags, plus purses, belts and cases for laptops and Ipad. Employees English Retreads collect waste tires, truck stops and on the margins of bike shops. Before you cut out tire bags and stuff them thoroughly washed and processed, so that the characteristic smell of rubber bags are not ready.

Sneakers New Sky 01

10 successful examples of clothing and accessories from Garbage

The new line New Sky sneaker is made of a material obtained by recycling plastic bottles. Models in the line until the bit, one male (in two colors) and two women (gamma is more diverse). Sneakers in fact the city, although for training in the hall, in the absence of heavy loads, will also work. Each pair - about eight recycled bottles. What a rarity today, not made sneakers in China: the process of turning the bottles in the sports shoes takes place in the United States. It begins with the grinding of the last sanitized bottles to the size of plastic flakes. Then the cause is taken the company Foss Manufacturing, which specializes in the manufacture of plastic materials. In the end, the last of all processing operations of the former bottles on light there is dense and soft touch fabric.

thermal underwear Men's Stay Warm Long Sleeve Compression Crew Neck

10 successful examples of clothing and accessories from Garbage

Manufacturer: Virus

Virus California-based company specializes in professional sportswear for surfing and wakeboarding, thermal underwear for snowboarders, climbers and motokrosserov. It is clear that the rate in such a serious case manufacturers do not design (all models in black or white, with no extra frills), and technology. The company not only uses the already known heat- and moisture-insulating materials, but also to developing new fabrics, all these characteristics have. Recently released Virus garment collection Stay Warm, crosslinked material, which partially consists of coffee coal - waste from the coffee beans. This is due to the properties of the coffee bean this fabric is able to pass not only retain heat and moisture of the human body, but also enhance the skin surface temperature at 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

Bag for cyclists Juntunen

10 successful examples of clothing and accessories from Garbage

Manufacturer: Globe Hope

The Finnish company Globe Hope allowed in the case is that it is possible to use as a material repeatedly. Sew clothes, bags and accessories from vintage fabrics, served their sails, army uniforms, medical and working form, seat belts and even advertising banners. Having not only past material that is used in their production Globe Hope - organic cotton, which were grown without polluting the soil fertilizers and chemical treatment, and collected manually. Cases Laptop Taarja, Juntunen bags, invented especially for cyclists, and covers for the phone are made of Luuri banner closes the 72-meter tower Helsinki Olympic Stadium during the reconstruction of the stadium. Of course, the print on each bag and each cover is not repeated.

Jeans Bottle Rockets Natural Canvas

10 successful examples of clothing and accessories from Garbage

Manufacturer: Bonobos

Bonobos - American brand of men's clothing, skate is considered comfortable and well-fitting pants of all kinds of suit pants to shorts courses. Generally Bonobos sew almost everything that there is a place in the men's locker room, whether melting or business suit, but it was to the pants - the most detailed approach. Jeans BottleRockets - straight, with the traditional five pockets, sand color. Perhaps, Bonobos will release this model and other shades: fabric derived from a diverse mix of garbage, can be painted in blue, green, gray and black colors. It includes also a part of this hodgepodge of recycled plastic bottles, x-ray film and cotton.

Swimsuit Eco Bikini Sequin Top

10 successful examples of clothing and accessories from Garbage

Manufacturer: Agogoa

The Italian brand of all, you might need a woman on the beach - a subsidiary of the brand Pin Up Stars, whose founder, Jerry Tommolini, running a business, such as the time to even deal with collections design. Business at the lord Tommolini admittedly successful: the shops where you can buy Agogoa, in Italy alone 350, plus 160 points of sale throughout the world, including Russia. True, it was the swimsuit in question, now you can buy only the online store of the brand. He crosslinked fiber obtained by recycling of plastic bottles and produced so far in three colors: purple, brown and orange, with fully embroidered paillettes riding in all three embodiments.