Products Lassie by Reima: overalls. Overview, models, reviews

Company Lassie by Reima has managed to prove itself among the buyers quality products and wide range of goods. Today, many moms when buying warm clothes for children often choose clothing brand Lassie by Reima (overalls or separate kit). Why this company? The answer is simple - good price-performance ratio. After all, the buyer always wants to buy quality products at affordable price.

Products Lassie by Reima: overalls. Overview, models, reviews

Brand History

Brand Lassie - is a subsidiary company of the well-known Finnish company Reima, which is engaged in manufacturing children's warm clothes and accessories. Fully manufacturer's name is as follows - Lassie by Reima. Overalls this company for both boys and for girls is able to withstand temperatures up to 30 degrees, that is, the baby will not freeze even in the dead of winter.

Reima company's existence dates back to 1944. Initially it manufactured women's clothing, but later added to its products and children's clothes. Over time, this company has taken the leading position among the brands that manufacture children's clothes, thanks to the unique design and high quality.

In the 1990s, the leaders of Reima decided to expand, so the buyout firm Lassie. Last produced things for children since 1959, the year. Since then, the market has a new name - Lassie by Reima. To date, buy overalls Lassie by Reima, which are full of reviews of many online stores, it is easy. company's products are in great demand both in Europe and in the Russian Federation.

Products Lassie by Reima: overalls. Overview, models, reviews

The main characteristics of the goods

Since the inception of the company Lassie her clothes are produced, taking into account the needs of residents of Finland, as in this country, and it had to be sold. When sewing warm clothing reflects the specificity of the cold climate of the Scandinavian country. Unlike other brands, Lassie by Reima overalls produces more subtle, but it is still perfectly protects from hypothermia.

The product range includes autumn suits, overalls that are designed to protect at zero temperature from moisture and windy weather. Top clothes made of waterproof and windproof material.

Winter clothes are ideal for cold weather in which the child is protected and will not freeze while walking down the street. Thanks to the membrane fabric, which is used for sewing on some models, the product is moisture, dirt, cold and wind. The fabric breathes, and at the same time, resistant to moisture and wind.

Products Lassie by Reima: overalls. Overview, models, reviews

Product Advantages

The advantages of brand products Lassie by Reima, which suit with pleasure put on any child, is attributed to the ease of care. No need to constantly wash the product, rinse sufficiently under the direct stream of water stain, and dirt quickly flushed out. Clothing durable, long time do not lose the original form that allows you to wear the same set of several consecutive seasons.

The seams on products and additionally sealed waterproof special thermal tape. In addition, each garment placed reflective elements that allow a distance to see the baby in the dark.

A variety of models

The brand is known for its variety of models and styles of outerwear for children, but overall, the product can be divided into two main camps: One Piece suits and kits, which include jackets, pants or overalls.

The pool overalls Lassie by Reima, reviews of which most of them are positive, perfect for young children and preschool children. Such an option is not only convenient, but also a little warmer than the separate kit. There are no solid product space through which can penetrate the cold and warm air inside is retained for a long time. The advantages of continuous model can be written that while riding a roller coaster under the jacket does not fall the snow and moisture.

Products Lassie by Reima: overalls. Overview, models, reviews

In a separate set also has advantages. First, the jacket and trousers can be worn separately. For example, it is possible to combine jacket and jeans, trousers or jacket put on the other. Conveniently also the fact that if you wanted somewhere to go on a walk, be it a cafe or a restaurant, then the child is enough to remove his jacket, leaving himself trousers. If the baby has grown up and become a small bib and jacket still fit, then you can buy the missing element. Lassie company produces things in similar shades, so pick up a set is not difficult.


Lassie company produces children's clothes, made in interesting colors. So, overalls for girls Lassie by Reima can be pink, coral, crimson. Separate sets consist of two elements, for example, light pink jacket with print (bears, cats, rabbits or colors) and monochromatic bryuchek darker. For older girls set can be made in a purple or maroon color. Overalls for a boy Lassie by Reima, as a rule, is made of matter, blue, green, or blue. On the jacket may be in the form of print abstraction machines, wide bands, etc. In malchukovye popular models such color combinations:. Black with blue, blue with a blue, gray and blue. In this jacket is formed in the blue range, and pants - black, etc...

Products Lassie by Reima: overalls. Overview, models, reviews

Customer Reviews

Judging by the reviews of buyers, many are happy that you have chosen for your child demi-season or winter overalls Lassie by Reima. Parents of toddlers appreciate the products of this brand for reliability, excellent quality, durability, material density, ease of care. Take care of overalls or a set of simple and it does not take much time. But most importantly - it is the kind of thing that is ideal for very cold weather. After all, even at freezing temperatures up to thirty degrees kid will not freeze. Mother can not worry about that child, sell, or it will get wet, because the upper material is water-resistant and does not pass wind. With all these qualities, the brand products has earned credibility even experienced parents, and received a lot of positive feedback on the pages of online stores.