The longest hair in the world

Undoubtedly, every woman and girl dreams of a beautiful, healthy and thick hair. Dream pushes us into shops and pharmacies, where we buy air conditioners, shampoos, conditioners, vitamins and other popular means by which advertisers promise us hair like cartoon characters Rapunzel. But some tools will not help here, because of beautiful hair is a lot of work and patience. Most members of the fairer sex wants to grow his hair.

The longest hair in the world

Best in the world long hair

This is not surprising, because long hair has since ancient times been considered a symbol of beauty, patience, health and greatness. Therefore, past beautiful very carefully looked after his curls. In our time, many women and girls let grow their hair to be seen. And most of them want to have the longest hair in the world only to be the center of attention of journalists. For what would seem to spend so much effort and money? But women - women. What they do not go the victim to be the beauty and glory! Even try to grow the longest hair in the world. Of course, it is very difficult to find time each day to care for hair. This is confirmed by a woman trapped in the Guinness Book of Records. For example, the winner of the title "The longest hair in the world" - Chinese Xie Qiuping - admitted that to wash your hair it needs at least two hours, and for combing - about an hour. May 8, 2004 it was recorded that her hair length is 5 627 meters. She stopped to shorten them at the age of 13 years. It is hard to even imagine how long they are now.

The longest hair in the world

Long-haired beauty of the world

In Ukraine, the longest hair belongs to Alla Perkovoy (160 centimeters). She believes that it is due to heredity, because all the women were owners of long hair in her family. America also boasts a similar record. First place in the ranking there takes Asha Mandera. The length of her hair is two meters and sixty centimeters. She said that washing the head for it - an expensive pleasure. To wash your hair once, she has to empty one bottle of shampoo and conditioner as well.

And what we have?

Russia not only keeps up with America, and even ahead of it. Tatiana Hair length writing, a resident of Volgograd, is two meters and seventy centimeters. Wash hair for her - it's a huge job, so she washes them only once every three weeks, and dry for at least four hours.

Men - owners of long hair

But not only women such results. It turns out that some men also like to grow hair. For example, the owner of the title of "longest hair" was Hee Kuiping. The man they had grown to five meters sixty-three centimeters!

The longest hair in the world

You still want to win the grand prize in the nomination "The longest hair in the world"? Do not forget to take into account the growth rate of the hair, provide her proper care and show a lot of patience. Perhaps it was from you and will be the longest hair in the world!