How to beat insomnia

Do you think the sheep in the dark, or just look up at the ceiling. This is the third hour of the night. Asleep birds, squirrels, and even mosquitoes - all except you. Most of us had to deal with a similar situation, and if you have insomnia, you are faced with it constantly. So, we have the perfect solution for you: Get up!

Imagine yourself in the role of Pavlov's dogs

Ironically, during his experiments, Pavlov noted that the dogs began to salivate when a laboratory in white coats. In other words, the kind of white coat for dogs turned into a powerful "signal to food."

How to beat insomnia

Such signals that surround us play in human life more important than one might think. They not only make the dogs salivate, they help us to sleep. It turns out that insomnia often occurs when the bed is no longer view gives us a clear signal that it is time to sleep.

From this was born the idea and method for the treatment of insomnia with the help of control stimuli, which is still in the 1970s began to develop a clinical psychologist Richard Butzin. The central idea is that the bed should only be used for sleep (and sex). Therefore, it is recommended to go to bed only when you really want to sleep. In other words, if you do not sleep - get up. Do not read, do not watch TV, do not meditate while lying in bed. All this reduces the control of stimuli and is contrary to the establishment of the association bed - sleep. In return, your brain receives mixed signal that now may be the time of sleep, not the lunch time, not a time of anxiety of looking at the ceiling.

The secret recipe for rapid sleep

So, what do you do? The main idea of ​​the method - the transformation of the bed in the sleeping area only, but still a bit complicated. In general, therapy consists of five steps.

Lie down on the bed, but when you really want to sleep.

Not just defeated after a hard day, and want to sleep, that is, your eyes are closed and you overcomes yawning.

Can not sleep - get up

If you lay in bed for 15 minutes and continue counting sheep, leave the bedroom and take yourself a simple activity. Do not look at the screen as blue light contributes to the further disruption of sleep. It is better to read a book or something to draw.

Moreover, while lying in bed, do not look at the clock, it makes it difficult to relax. If you feel that sleep in either eye, get up.

Watch for a predetermined certain period of

Rising in the middle of the night, do not expect fatigue to go back to bed. Constant monitoring their own feelings only add psychological pressure. It is better to decide in advance how much you will be awake - say, 20 minutes - and stick to the plan. If you went back to bed and still can not sleep - get up again.

Wake up in the morning at the same time

Yes, even on weekends. Such sleep hygiene is good for the health of any person, and especially for people suffering from insomnia. Regular rise time, regardless of how bad you are asleep, your body will switch to a healthier sleep.

Do not sleep during the day

Afternoon Sandman destroys your sleep cycle. Sometimes, and sleepy, but in the long term damaging effect is the same as that of the chaotic wake-up time: the body ceases to perceive night's sleep as an integral part of the program. In addition, if you sleep on the couch in the office, weakened the association bed - sleep.