The NASA photographed a rare phenomenon - the "fire" cloud

• In the NASA photographed a rare phenomenon - "fiery" cloud

A few days ago American scientists have been able to see and photograph the rare natural phenomenon - a fiery cloud. Quite possibly, you hear about it the first time! That's what it is.

The NASA photographed a rare phenomenon - the

NASA experts and environmentalists who carried out the flight attendant over an area of ​​forest fires spotted and photographed the so-called cloud of fire.

Scientifically it is called pirokumulyativnym, and it is formed when the fire creates a hot rising air, and they rise to the stratosphere. As a result clouds are formed containing products of combustion. Of course, they pollute the air, but the rain of them helps to extinguish the fire.

Fiery clouds - a rarity in the year recorded only a few cases in the world. A photograph them from this perspective at a height of 9 kilometers and managed to do the first time! Participants recognized the historical departure, it is the most beautiful (and even dangerous) show in their lives.

The NASA photographed a rare phenomenon - the

This picture shows how a fire cloud of smoke rising from the Earth's surface. Source: David Peterson / US Naval Research Laboratory

Researchers have also been able to take air samples and make measurements of harmful emissions. In the future, it will quickly extinguish fires and to predict the spread of harmful substances in the neighboring areas.