The use of the eggshell at home

The use of the eggshell at home

If you think that the egg is the only source of protein and protein, you're wrong.

Apply in everyday life can also eggshells. Few people know about the benefit that can be derived from the use of an ordinary egg shell, which we used to throw away in the trash. Here are 10 of the most interesting and useful ideas on where you can use the shell of the eggs:

1. Protect the garden from pests

The use of the eggshell at home

On the nose may, and you are concerned that your garden or vegetable garden plants are not left? Snails and slugs can make adjustments to the plans for the harvest.

To avoid this, you need to protect planted seedlings from pests. Use the shell of the eggs. This natural material will protect the garden and the garden from intruders in the form of small rodents or vermin. Sprinkle crushed eggshells near the damaged plants, as well as around the perimeter of your garden.

Snails and slugs can not safely pass on the sharp departure from the shell, and deer and other potential pests can not stand the smell of eggs. Thus, your garden will be more likely to stay intact uninvited guests.

2. Fast sedative for patients joints

The use of the eggshell at home

suffer from joint pain? Do not dispose of the shell of the eggs. It can serve you well.

-Izmelchite eggshells, then place the powder in a glass carafe.

-Hall its apple cider vinegar.

-Close decanter and let the resulting mass in a dark room brew about 2 days. The shell of the egg contains nutrients that promote joint health.

Elements such as collagen, chondroitin, glucosamine and hyaluronic acid advantageously affect your joints.

These nutrients are displayed in the apple cider vinegar, since the eggshell membrane, solution, provides an unobstructed exit elements. Rub this mixture sore spots. Soon you will feel great relief.

Mixture can be stored for several months in a closet or dark room.

3. Soften dry scaly cuticle

The use of the eggshell at home

The skin around the nails dry and flaky?

There is an excellent remedy: take a couple of pieces of eggshell attached to the membrane. Attach the shell membrane down on problem areas.

Wait until the test does not dry out. The thing is that the membrane of the egg shell contain healing nutrients. For example, the hyaluronic acid promotes healing and moisturizing calloused body parts.

Do this procedure several times until then, until the cuticle will not be healthy and soft.

The results did not take long to wait.

4. Face mask

The use of the eggshell at home

If you want your skin soft as a baby in a few seconds? You will come to the rescue that same eggshell.

Pamper your skin with the next budget, but a very effective mask:

-Melko crumble one or two eggshells.

-Vzbeyte this powder with the egg white.

-Getting mixture apply on face.

-Give it to dry, then rinse with warm water. Grinding pieces of eggshell gently exfoliate dry, dead skin, which prevents the natural radiance of the skin. You get scrub + effective mask for your face.

Further, calcium contained in the egg shell, promotes cell regeneration and improves complexion.

Result: soft, radiant skin after a single use!

How to use eggshells

5. A natural cleanser

The use of the eggshell at home

Eggshell can be an excellent detergent.

If you have sensitive skin or you are prone to allergic reactions, try to observe household cleaners on the shell of ordinary eggs.

Grind it, then the resulting milled powder leave in a closed plastic container.

If necessary, prepare the surface you want to clean. Soapy sponge dip in the powder and then using, as an ordinary cleaner.

Grinding particles are safely and effectively clean and grease stain, while not irritating the sensitive skin and cause allergic reactions.

Try using egg shells as an alternative to store-bought tools. This chemical-free method can afford even the most sensitive to chemicals hostess.

6. The content of wastewater in order

The use of the eggshell at home

If the drains in the kitchen sink drain sluggish culprits that may be clogged pipe. Oil, garbage and food debris accumulating in the pipes, prevent the rapid passage of water.

Simply crush the shells of a few eggs and place in a sink drain. Then skip water. Under a water pressure shell particles will flow downward on the drainage, cleaning pipes of fat, debris and food residues.

In this way it is possible to effectively clean the pipe.

7. Brewing delicious coffee

The use of the eggshell at home

In recent years, your morning coffee tastes bitter and sour?

Save the situation as follows: add 1 teaspoon of crushed egg shells in coffee granules before you brew coffee.

The alkaline calcium carbonate, present in the egg shell, neutralize acid content of the coffee making it palatable and more easily digestible for the stomach.

In addition, if you are using a percolator, crushed shells will settle on the bottom, not mixed with coffee granules.

8. Provide nutritional supplementary feeding birds

The use of the eggshell at home

If you decide to make bird feeder, try the following method:

-Vypekayte five egg shells in the oven at 250 °.

-Vnimatelno follow so that the shell has dried up, but did not brown (about 20 minutes).

-Then cool and chop them into small pieces.

-Vysypte resulting mass in the feeder.

Rich in calcium eggshell will act as a natural supplement. Due to trace elements contained in the shell, the female will be able to postpone a good strong eggs and preserve bone health.

* Birds can also use egg shells to create nests.

9. Cleaning pitchers with a narrow neck or irregular

The use of the eggshell at home

Cleaning vessel with a wide neck does not cause any problems. But clean vase or irregular shape with a narrow neck can be a real torment. To clean up and remove even hard dirt, add one or two of crushed egg shells into the vessel, hot water and dilute it all with a few drops of liquid dishwashing detergent.

Close the hand or neck lid and shake the resulting mass.

Soaps loosen plaque and hard abrasive particles out of the eggs and skrabiruyut clean hard to reach places.

This technique works well for cleaning thermos.

10. Growing healthy and tasty tomatoes

The use of the eggshell at home

In order to grow healthy and tasty tomatoes, the soil before planting, add some crushed egg shells.

When the egg shells will decompose, it will allocate land in calcium. This will help prevent decay at the end of flowering, which is a very common problem during the ripening of tomatoes.

It should be noted that calcium also helps any plant to grow and mature faster, so try to scatter the eggshells in the garden when planting seedlings.

Another bonus: the egg shell (stored safe and intact) can be used as full-pots for seedlings.

It is not only original, but also a very useful tool for the future harvest.