Hair masks at home from falling

Do not blame age, if your hair noticeably thinned out. Do hair masks at home from falling out, and the result will not take long. And if you - happy owner of a healthy hair, and you have no problems with their quantity and rate of growth, do not deny yourself the pleasure to make them even better, treat yourself.

Hair masks at home from falling

The clay - the best vitamin

This is an effective old recipe for hair masks at home from falling out. Purchase at the pharmacy cosmetic clay. Home pour it into a cup, dilute the very small amount of warm water until creamy state. Rub the clay mass in the roots of freshly washed hair. "Bored" fifteen minutes and rinse thoroughly.

magic salt

Hair masks at home against falling are distinguished by their simplicity and availability of ingredients. If the clay - a well-known physician, the sea salt even in almost every house there. In a pinch sea salt can be replaced by normal, rock. A method of use as a hair mask is exactly the same as in the case with the clay. There is another method of application of the "salt" hair mask at home against falling: during washing lather shampoo on your head and rub salt. Fifteen minutes later rinse.

Hair masks at home from falling

Sweet Couple

Just one egg yolk and a teaspoon of honey can create a real miracle! A mixture of all of these known components rub into the roots of the hair and hold for twenty minutes, shaking her head and wrap a towel. Rinse off!

Hair masks at home from falling

stale bread plus yolk

This option is a hair mask at home from the eggs and replace the shampoo and hair strengthen, and cause them to grow! Take a piece of black hard bread the size of your fist, and fill it with boiling water. Allow the hot water to soak the bread well. During this time, the mass cools down and becomes warm. Add the bread gruel a couple of egg yolks and mix. Thoroughly soak the entire length of hair and, of course, the skin also rub. Wrap head with cling film, on top - with a towel and take yourself to something minutes on 30. Then thoroughly rinse your hair with running warm water.

Hair masks at home from falling

castor oil and fish oil

This recipe is a mask for the hair against split ends and hair loss at the same time. Make a mixture of equal parts of castor oil and fish oil. Rub it into the scalp for twenty minutes before washing. Be prepared for the fact that once the hair is not well promoyut. Lather shampoo two to three times to get the desired result!

Henna and nettle - double the power!

Hot infusion of normal nettle or birch buds dilute colorless henna. Apply the mask on his head and hold 15 - 20 minutes. Wash hair with shampoo and running water.

Hair masks at home from falling

Talk to your doctor

Perseverance and relentless pursuit to achieve the desired result - these are the components of success. But if you have some health problems that are indicated by hair loss, the cause is necessary to ask a specialist.