Holiday hairstyles for medium hair with your hands (see photo). Children's festive hairstyle for medium hair

Hair medium-length are the best and most convenient option for women of all ages. They are all, without exception, and for them it is possible to choose various options for haircuts and hairstyles - like every day, and at the festive event.

Holiday hairstyles for medium hair (photo)

The main objective of hairstyles is to accentuate a woman's beauty and at the same time hide the existing shortcomings. This is especially important during the holidays, because every woman wants to look perfect and be the center of attention.

For a length of hair there are so many interesting options that are fairly simple in execution. Holiday hairstyles for medium hair is selected based on the features of the haircut and face shape. For cascade and multi-clippers is perfect retro styling. Volumetric hairstyle with bangs combed back, you can do even when mowing.

Holiday hairstyles for medium hair with your hands (see photo). Children's festive hairstyle for medium hair

It is also very trendy and timeless are:

- major "Hollywood" ringlets;

- untidy curls;

- French plait or braid Boho;

- a classic beam or shell;

- curls.

Hair can pick up or leave loose, decorated with bright accessory. It is also important to focus on the chosen dress and ornaments. The main thing that hairstyle perfectly complement the image and emphasized the individual style of its owner.

The festive hairstyle for girls

Every day my mother wondering over what hairstyle to make your girl today. And when it comes to the preparation of the child for the solemn event, even more difficult to determine which option is best suitable. In addition, holiday hairstyles for medium hair should be not only beautiful, but also convenient, comfortable for girls. Also, the hair in any case should not interfere and mess, otherwise the holiday will become a real torture for the child. These practical and attractive options hairstyle is actually set. Some of them are carried out more simply, and on some have to work hard. Thick and beautiful hair, you can just dismiss, decorated with colorful barrette.

Holiday hairstyles for medium hair with your hands (see photo). Children's festive hairstyle for medium hair

In order to make such a haircut more spectacular, the individual strands may be slightly tweak in curls. For active and restless child will be most suitable for this braid braided or collected in various embodiments tails hair.

The beautiful and unobtrusive tails

Holiday hairstyles for medium length hair need not be supercomplex and intricate. It would seem that even the most ordinary ponytail can look original and festive when properly performed. Ponytail can transform, hidden under the gum strands. Once the tail is fastened, the upper strand is produced, harness and twisted around the wrapped gum. Another option cauda equina is a "double" tail. To do this, the hair is divided into two halves, curled in two different directions harness and tied a rubber band. Also, making the high tail, about the person released a few strands, and the base of the tail is decorated with original braided hair. This children's holiday hairstyles for medium hair, the tail, it will be very comfortable and full of life for young girls. If desired, the tail can be glossed lush bow or beautiful hairpin.

Invoice braids

The variety of hairstyles with weaving simply amazing. It could be a variety of braids, wreaths and complex cross-weave. You can do more than one or two braids, it all depends on the density of the hair and the patience of the child. You can leave a certain part of the dissolved, the other braid and decorate a flower. Very fashionable today is considered to be a French braid. It just is woven and is suitable for absolutely any hair length. For its implementation the hair is divided into several parts. With the first one (the tops and bangs) starts weaving braids conventional manner. Reaching up to the neck, the second part of the hair weave to the main plait, capturing small clumps. Kos is woven through, and the tip is fixed band. For any festive event suitable kosy- "waterfalls". In this embodiment of the braids are produced slightly curled hair that looks very gentle and romantic.

One of the benefits of these options is that the holiday hairstyles for medium hair in a braid perfectly preserved throughout the holiday.

Natural curls or small curls cute

Very cute and festive look to a variety of babes curls. They may be different in texture, be self-haircut or element of any installation.

Holiday hairstyles for medium hair with your hands (see photo). Children's festive hairstyle for medium hair

In order to create them also use a number of ways with unequal end result:

- Screw locks using curling irons or hair curlers. Moreover, the tool diameter depends volume curls;

- Holiday hairstyles for medium hair with curls and make using the ironing.

- In the pre-wet strands braided pigtails. When hair is dry, turn out three-dimensional and playful curls.

To achieve a variety of effects braid different number of braids. To get natural curls, only one or two, and the large number of braids provide many small tendrils.

What use accessories

Holiday hairstyles for medium hair with your hands (see photo). Children's festive hairstyle for medium hair

Holiday hairstyles for girls to medium hair are created using simple tools such as a comb, hairpin, rezinochki different sizes and colors, invisible and styling. Using a variety of decorative elements, even the most ordinary hairstyle can be festive. Always remain relevant hoops decorated with stones, flowers and rhinestones. Also really like the little lady is the sort of wrap, like a diadem. With such an imitation crown on his head, any girl feel like a princess celebration.

Multi-colored bright barrettes are not only able to keep good hair, and instantly decorate hairstyle. Very popular in recent years have become big bows and flowers in her hair fixed by means of pins. Hairstyle can also decorate a wide band from his forehead.

Holiday hairstyles for medium hair with his hands

Original and easy to perform, also suitable for all kinds of celebrations, a bow hairstyle. Especially well it looks at medium hair. Bow is considered a hit option and received its popularity on the style of Lady Gaga. That is why this hairstyle is especially loved by teenagers.

To make it, you need only studs and nail for final fixation and styling. Creating a festive hairstyles for medium hair, photos can be viewed in the paper and when the focus on him.

Holiday hairstyles for medium hair with your hands (see photo). Children's festive hairstyle for medium hair

First, you need to wash the child's hair to dry and flatten them. The following is to tie a pony tail at the point where you would like to see the bow. To make future bow loop, leaving intact tail tip (it will serve for the formation of the central part). the tail is then split into two and wrapped the tip center hairstyles. The edges of the resulting bow carefully straighten. tip of the tail on the back of the head should be divided into two parts, put in the form of curls and fix invisible. The resulting ribbon sprinkled lacquer for extra hold and shine. After that, the invisible can be removed and put on a beautiful bobby pin as decoration.

Recommendations for haircuts with bangs

No less interesting to look festive hairstyles for medium hair with bangs. For this hairstyle, you can use the same options for hairstyles, as well as a hair of medium length. But here there is an opportunity to show imagination and experiment with laying bangs. It can be aligned either combed to the side, securing the trim a clip. You can also make a fashionable styling, lightly comb bangs and put it loose locks up.

Holiday hairstyles for medium hair with your hands (see photo). Children's festive hairstyle for medium hair

particularly relevant holiday hairstyles for girls to medium hair with a decorative fringe. In this case, bangs and strands of hair do so-called "pletonochki" that gently fall to the side.

By itself, the fringe can be of different types: straight, jagged, diagonal. However, in any case, bang - a special detail of hairstyles that only decorates and adds zest to any installation.

Pigtails and puchok- "flower" on the feast of

High festive hairstyle for medium hair looks very impressive and is suitable for any outfit. For girls the ideal option would pigtails braided in puchok- "flower". This hairstyle is performed in two stages:

1) hair of the face is divided into five zones and one weave dense spikes. The formed pigtails tied with rubber bands, leaving a long tail. Occipital hair is also collected in the tail. Then all the tails are collected into one.

Holiday hairstyles for medium hair with your hands (see photo). Children's festive hairstyle for medium hair

2) For the production of "flower" tail divided roughly into six strands, each of which is fixed in the middle of the rubber band. The strands are wound on a finger and with the help of pins are mounted in the form of petals. Braid and curls flower in perfect harmony with each other. The result is an accurate and festive hairstyle.