Camouflage suit - the secret of a successful hunt

Fishing and hunting - a hobby that requires not only the appropriate skills and training, but also the availability of special accessories, among which must be a disguise. Besides the basic functions, it will help you in case of bad weather. However, the emphasis is on the disguise, which is the key to a successful hunt.

How to choose a disguise?

Such a suit hides the shape of the object, blurring the silhouette of a man, making visible only multiple color patches. That is why the most common camouflage has spotty coloring, made in dark gray, brown and green tones. Range hunting clothes impresses with its diversity. However, the right choice is very difficult to do. To do this you must take into account various factors such as:

  • of the year;
  • climatic conditions;
  • vegetation and terrain.

In addition that makes it special clothing hunter invisible to animals, it helps to maintain a comfortable temperature, but also protects from rain, wind.

"Shooter Forest"

This camouflage suit for hunting is suitable for virtually all outdoor enthusiasts and for any landscape. Great popularity he enjoys among anglers, Wildlife Photography, gamekeepers, hunters, hikers and paintball fans.

Camouflage suit - the secret of a successful hunt

It perfectly fulfills the basic function of the steppes, rocky terrain, as well as in the green forest. Universal makes it a picture that perfectly mimics the natural landscape. Suit sewn of a knitted synthetic fabric, to an outer portion which is sewn to additional fabric sewed net volumetric camouflage net consisting of a coated polyurethane.

The jacket fastens with buttons located on the center. It has a sealing lining near the elbow sleeves, a pair of pockets and a hood, which at any moment can detach.

Pants have sink marks in the belt, which can adjust the cord, which is important for people to lean physique. And there are two roomy pockets.

This camouflage suit, worn over clothing, boasts:

  • light weight;
  • anti-reflective surface;
  • hypoallergenic composition;
  • resistance to moisture, fire, rotting as mold, chemicals (household), fuels and lubricants, as well as UV.

"NATO Sniper"

This fall and spring suit is perfect for camouflage in small bushes, withered grass and reeds.

Camouflage suit - the secret of a successful hunt


  • Long jacket;
  • pants;
  • panama hat with a waterproof top.

The color scheme allows you to remain invisible to the animals in the plains, the fields and the woods. For the highest quality masking attached beige and black thread, razlohmativ that you can create a realistic image of a wild bush to the canvas "Nato Sniper". Masking material is secured in such a way that during a strong wind or the movement of the hunter, his silhouette remained blurred, leaving no chance to recognize the danger of mining. You can not survive because of the sunny weather, as the costume is absolutely no glare.

"The Goblin"

Camouflage suit "Goblin", which mimics the colors of green forest undergrowth, perfect for active and entertaining hunting.

Camouflage suit - the secret of a successful hunt

The model consists of:

  • short jacket having masking elements;
  • Waist hood, perfect for any oval face and head size;
  • mosquito nets.

Made of polyester knitted mesh CMB suit:

  • is soft;
  • silent;
  • no glare;
  • hypoallergenic;
  • resistant to UV, fire, moisture, rot and mold.

Also, it is possible to secure an extra special camouflage gum. The jacket can be fastened with buttons or laces. The lower part of the camouflage costume consists of skirt-transformer. If necessary, you can quickly make the pants, comfortable to move on their bellies or regular walk. On the belt buckle has a controller, by which the bottom is securely fixed on the person of any build. On the trousers there are pockets, access to which is open special trimmed slits.