Casual and dress uniform of the Navy

The shape of the Navy has a fairly long history of occurrence. This clothing is changing over time. In it there are new accessories, add-ons. Also changes the appearance of the details themselves. Below you will learn about how it appeared this form. Also, we will explain what it has evolved. Besides highlighting interesting facts that captivate many readers of the article.

The story of a dress uniform

The first time the Navy dress uniform appeared during the reign of Peter the Great. Its appearance is due to the emergence of the Russian Navy. Well-known is the date of the event - 30 October.

Casual and dress uniform of the Navy

In the beginning was introduced uniforms. It was meant to be worn by sailors and the lower ranks. Looked this garment is as follows:

  1. Jacket.
  2. Ukorochonnye pants. Color pants and jackets were green. A wardrobe sewn these elements were made of coarse wool cloth.
  3. Also included in the kit stockings.
  4. wide-brimmed hat.
  5. Shoes made of genuine leather.

This form of the Navy was copied from the Dutch Maritime uniforms.

Costumes workers

He has also been working everyday costume that was worn instead of his uniform. This kit consists of the following items of clothing:

  1. Shirt free cut. It was spacious.
  2. Pants, made of canvas.
  3. The triangular headpiece.
  4. camisole.

In this outfit wore Ushakov sailors during a hike on the Mediterranean.

Pants made of canvas and gray shirt belonged to the robe for daily work. On top of the sets of clothes he was made to wear a white shirt. A distinctive feature was its collar azure. So he dressed ordinary fleet. This form was approved by the Navy in the second half of the 19th century.

What are the used fabrics for sewing?

For a long time, the shape of the Navy (photo it is represented in the article) is made of lightweight canvas type. This was due to the fact that the active material is readily amenable to washing and removal of various contaminants. This fabric is used in sewing to form the eighties. Also, there was a difference in the color of the clothes between the different fleets. For example, the Black Sea had white form.

Casual and dress uniform of the Navy

And the rest of the fleet used to wear a blue tone. The mold is then began to sew blue or dark blue. Also changed the fabric. Cotton was used instead of canvas. In recent years taken the form of sewing in a variety of studio-made. any tissue can be used for its production. It is worth saying that it is not always of good quality. Color palette for tailoring form can be in the range from blue to black. Frequently used for producing such material as starshinka. It has a dense texture and is considered to be of high quality cloth.

Everyday clothing for sailors

Which form of the Russian Navy for sailors on every day?

Casual and dress uniform of the Navy

The following will be considered costume sailor who decided to wear every day. Form it has several names, namely: "Rob," "work clothes". The right is the "bunker suit." Also sailor dress called the tunic.

sailor costume includes the following items of clothing:

  1. Shirt.
  2. Pants.
  3. Special sailor collar.
  4. Shoes.
  5. The headpiece.


It should be said, a sailor shirt called shirt. This is due to the fact that it has a free cutting. And its appearance resembles an ancient shirt. In this garment has a special collar in a sailor style. The cut is made so that the backrest and the front part have no seams. In front of the shirt has a pocket-type applicator. In addition there is an inner pocket. There is a special cut. He fastened by buttons. The sleeves have a normal, straight shape, they vtachnye. Also, this garment has shoulder straps simple form. They correspond to the title of the media. In addition, the mandatory attribute of a sailor's shirt is white tag. It contains information about the combat room. This number is not washed off. It decided to wear his shirt untucked. In the event of a finding on the watch should be tucked into trousers. In the cold period of time it is put on top of a coat or jacket. Also in the overcoat can be used as a heater.

Pants servant to the Navy. The new form of the Navy

At tailoring trousers still used cut, which was used in the seventeenth century. Material for sewing trousers data taken in dark blue and has a cotton base. The main features are sailors trouser pockets. They are located on the sides. special fasteners on codpiece also present. In addition there are belt loops. They are called "belt loop", hold the belt. shaped strap is made of leather. It has a plaque with the state symbols. Now it the emblem of the Navy. Earlier, in Soviet times, on the badge you can see the anchor and star.

Collar as an important attribute of the form

You should know that the collar has a symbolic meaning. It lies in the fact that it has three white stripes. They are a symbol of naval victories in these battles:

  1. Chesma.
  2. Gangut.
  3. Sinop.
Casual and dress uniform of the Navy

Material collar cotton. It has a lining. Worn over the shirt collar. Navy dress uniform includes a collar in your kit.

Sailor headgear - cap

It should be said that the form has a number of hats. First of all, it should be said about the cap without a visor with a ribbon. On the ribbon, there is an inscription. There may be written "Navy" or ship name. Recorded tape on the band. Bedplate, wall and band are made of woolen fabric. Peakless cap also has a badge. It is located on its Tuglie. Badge caps represented in the form of gold color anchor. During the Soviet era it was made in the form of red stars that framed gold leaves. This badge was called crabs. Cap made of white cloth. It has a removable cover.

hat with earflaps - winter sailor headdress

In the winter time in kit form includes a cap with ear-flaps. It is made of fur and has black color. It is necessary to say a few words that were attempts to introduce a form of the sailor in a hat, as a cap of wool. She had to be replaced with earflaps and used to work outdoors. However, this innovation in the Navy's wardrobe did not stick.

Take caps and

Another hat that is used is the beret.

Casual and dress uniform of the Navy

In addition to the beret kit complements the field cap. On each side of it there are special holes. They are designed for ventilation. Such holes are called "Blocks". The front part of his cap badge is complemented with an anchor. In the Soviet era cap worn by divers. She was black. In addition, the caps vary in type. Officers had one type, while the rank and file - the other. The entire structure of the naval forces began to use the cap is not so long ago. Changed the shape of the headgear. field cap used to be a semi-circular, and now has a rectangular shape. In addition, the garrison cap was supplemented with white edgings. In the past, these elements are only on forage caps of officers and warrant officers. The star was replaced with a badge.

Sailor shoes

sailors shoes deserve special attention. They were made of Russian leather and had a thick sole. In the vernacular form of these boots called "creeping". This shoe was made with laces. Recently, they were rubber inserts. Veterans sailors prefer to wear boots. They are called chrome. This is due to the fact that for their production using the skin that dubilas in chrome. In addition to chrome boots have barren boots. They are used in harsh environments. In hot climates, the men wear sandals.

Features forms warrant officers and officers of the

Form to be worn every day for a category of military personnel as officers and warrant officers, includes the following elements of clothes:

  1. caps made of wool. They can be black and white colors.
  2. The wool double-breasted jacket.
  3. Coat black.
  4. cream-colored shirt.
  5. Black tie with a gold tack.
  6. Muffler.
  7. Pants black.
  8. belt.
  9. Gloves.
  10. Boots.
  11. Low boots.
  12. Boots.
  13. caps made of wool.
  14. A warm sweater that will match the color direction.
  15. jacket, which is used for the demi-season weather.
  16. Cloak.
  17. The blue woolen coat.

Features of the female form. What is it?

Women form includes a set of cap, which is made of black woolen material. In addition to this form it consists of black wool skirts, blouses creamy, black tie on which there is gilded tack. Also, women's costume involves wearing a belt, shoes or black shoes and pantyhose. Stockings should be flesh. Even women wear a jacket.

Casual and dress uniform of the Navy

In the cold season a female shaped kit includes taking black astrakhan, wool coat, gloves. Shoes changed to boots. If the climate is not very severe, then you can wear shoes. Allowed to wear a sweater, earflaps hat, coat and cap.

What are the different types?

There are several kinds of forms of the Navy:

  1. Parade.
  2. Dembelskaya form of the Navy.
  3. Office.

In addition, the Navy uniforms is divided into summer and winter versions.

full dress. Description of the

Dress uniform has several options. This is due to different weather conditions. White shirt, black pants made of wool and gold belt are the main components of the parade uniform. As for shoes, then the dress uniform of the Navy may be shoes black or white. Also permitted the wearing polusapog or boots in two colors. Depending on the weather conditions allowed scarf or collar.

Casual and dress uniform of the Navy

In the cold season in a set of ceremonial forms part of the coat of black wool. Shoulder straps are sewn on top of it surface-type, they are exactly the same as those used on the jacket. On shirts removable shoulder straps. Winter version of the dress uniform includes wearing black gloves. If the weather conditions are not too severe, you can use the military raincoat or jacket, demi-season type. In addition to the black gloves can be worn by military personnel are also white.

A small conclusion

Now you know that is a daily, office forms the Navy and other similar clothing. We hope that this information has been useful to you.