Sergei Slavnov - talented skater

Sergei Slavnov is a world-famous figure skater, who is currently finished his professional career. He repeatedly became the winner of the international tournaments. Sergei always took part in competitions in figure skating together with his partner Julia Obertas, with whom he had a vivid novel.

Youth athlete

Sergei Slavnov was born April 11, 1982 in Leningrad. In his youth, he spent much time with his grandmother. It was she who bought the first figure skates for him. Sergei at the time was 4 years old. One day my grandmother heard about the set in the section of figure skating and gave it to his favorite grandson. Companion of our hero was the talented Julia Karbovskaya. They successfully performed at international tournaments. In 2001, they were the best in the Russian Junior Championships and then won the silver medal at the World Junior Championships. The couple was at the hearing of all specialists in figure skating in the country.

Sergei Slavnov - talented skater

Professional performances

Sergei Slavnov in 2002 began to meet with Yulia Obertas. Lovers have announced that they will be next season act together. Thus, he had to part with Julia Karbovskaya, with whom he has good cooperation has been established on the ice. Sergey and Julia also decided to change the coach. The pair began working with Tamara Moskvina. The new coach Sergey and Julia stayed for 3 years. And after a series of failed events in the 2005/2006 season they returned to coach Lyudmila Velikova.

His next season skaters Sergei Slavnov and Julia Obertas completely missed due to injuries. First, before important competitions Sergei discovered health problems. He had to remove appendicitis. After recovery, Sergei got injured Obertas. The talented couple was forced to miss a lot of important tournaments. Athletes were only Plushenko show in 2008. This stellar skater wanted thus to support their colleagues. In the summer of that year, the pair said that the miss and the beginning of next season, but they will go to the championship of Russia. But also on their championship in the end it was not. Officially, the skaters did not announce the end of his career, but that their joint performances in pairs over.

Sergei Slavnov - talented skater

Participation in the show "Star ice"

Sergey G. Slavnov started appearing in various television shows and professional shows. At that time, he finally ceased to practice as a professional. In autumn 2008 he took part in the popular show "Star ice". His partner on the show was Anastasia Zadorozhna. The couple on the project showed bright rooms, and received high marks. Former partner Sergei, Julia Obertas married a skater from the Czech Republic and flew out of the country. There she continues to speak with her husband on various shows.

Currently Slavnov ceased to ride on the ice even in the television show. Still unknown reasons for this talented skater so early retired from the sport. In 2010 there were rumors that the skater Slavnov will start again to ride, but it did not happen. While the athlete is still quite young and could show good results.

Sergei Slavnov - talented skater

Personal life athlete

Sergei Slavnov - skater, whose personal life was always interested in the media. His first love was a partner in figure skating Julia Obertas. Sergey even saw her his wife. But over time, their relationship came to naught and Julia married a Czech figure skater. Then, on the project "Star ice" glorious met Nastya Zadorozhnaya. They were partners and showed spectacular numbers. After the show, romance began between skater Sergei Slavnov and Nastya Zadorozhnaya. Media closely followed the development of their relations. Fans were happy for favorites and called them an exemplary couple.

Sergei Slavnov - talented skater

Relationship problems

Loving couple have lived together for more than 7 years, and then in their relations crisis came. Popular actress Zadorozhna gave rise to discussion after the premiere of the film "Star Wars" came along Anton Lavrentyev. Actress and TV presenter were in a good mood and posed for the cameras. After Nastya said that they are friends with Anton. Nevertheless, it became clear that the glorious and Zadorozhnaya not all right in the relationship.

At that time, when the actress posed for the cameras together with popular TV presenter "Eagle and tails" Anton Lavrentyev, Slavnov went to work at home. It is learned that just before the plane Sergey and Nastya decided to take a break. Fans of the pair hope that their pets would be together again.

Sergei Slavnov in his youth was considered a very promising figure skater, but did not reveal their talents to the maximum. He gave up too early to train and went to the show. Fans of the Russian figure skating will long remember a couple of Slavnov and Obertas, which pleased them a considerable number of brilliant performances. This pair skaters can continue to show good results, if not a series of injuries.