10 most high-profile films in 2013

In the past year the audience started to watch Russian films: the share of domestic bands at the box office amounted to 17% - a record for the last five years. A significant contribution to this success made "Stalingrad", "Kiss!", "The Legend №17". At the same time, experts have noticed a trend: the viewer begins to walk to the serious films, Russian and foreign. Thus, the film - winner of the "Golden Palm" at Cannes "Blue Is The Warmest Color" looked about a million people in Russia. For comparison: "Stalingrad" saw 6 million people, but he went out of 1,500 copies, and "Adele" - 50.

Forbes chose the most high-profile films of 2013. The list includes not only paintings, pulled ahead on the part of festival awards and box office, but also movies that are not distinguished figures, but deserve a positive assessment of critics and audiences.


10 most high-profile films in 2013

Directed by Fyodor Bondarchuk

Achievements: The leader of the Russian hire - more than $ 51 million box office (from 10 October to present)

Enlisting the support of veterans and the Ministry of Culture, Fyodor Bondarchuk rushed to polish our ideas about the Battle of Stalingrad. Grinding cost the creators of $ 30 million: this film was the most expensive in the history of Russian (Soviet and post-Soviet) film. Prices for 3D-version of the Battle of Stalingrad reached 2500 rubles. Go together with "Stalingrad", or one to fly to London budget airline?

History of five defenders at home, the last outpost on the banks of the Volga, and suddenly fell down on them with all the girls Kati special effects produced a resounding impression of the viewer. The audience provided the film highest box office in the history of national cinema.

Given the large-scale advertising campaign, and nothing else do not have to wait. In Russia, the film looked more than 6 million people who are now wondering whether it will be held in the nominations "Oscar".

"Legend №17"

10 most high-profile films in 2013

Directed by Nikolai Lebedev

Achievements: second place at the box office among Russian films - $ 29 million

This film became so abroad, after which we can talk about the return of the Russian audience for domestic films. The story of how Valery Kharlamov was preparing for the match against the Canadians, had introduced himself as the president of Russia Vladimir Putin. The word "patriotism" sounded loud and hairy Canadians with evil eyes warmed our national idea - to search for an external enemy and made "The Legend №17" its stronghold. Once again, we learned that the film should be to educate, guide and temper, that art can be timed to coincide with the Olympics, and patriotism should be noisy and cash.


10 most high-profile films in 2013

Director: Zhora Kryzhovnikov

Achievements: three at the box office among Russian films - $ 25 million box office

Hardly "Stalingrad" was the first at the box office in Russia, as in the back of his breathing - and in the first week of rental (in late October) and even passed him - film Jora gooseberry (alias director Andrei Pershin) "Kiss!". However, a week later I returned to the primacy of "Stalingrad".

Comedy, filmed for $ 1, 5 million, gathered in the Russian box office of $ 25, 5 million. And while "Bitter!" Still conceded the leadership to his main opponent rolling, so powerful was the breakthrough for a long time the main theme of the film industry life.

Despite the relatively modest advertising campaign comedy "fired" due to word of mouth, that for the Russian cinema, in principle, it is not typical. Almost 90% of respondents in the pre-release focus group participants said they would recommend the film to friends and acquaintances, and what do very effectively. Most viewers to question what liked the film, responded briefly: "Funny".

"Life Adele"

10 most high-profile films in 2013

Director: Abdellatif Keshish

Achievements: "Palme d'Or" at the Cannes festival

"This is pure politics," - says one critic. "It's a challenge questionable European values" - echoed the other. "Where roll ?!" - concluded the third. Only the great Spielberg happily smiling at the Theater Lumiere in Cannes, presenting the "Palme d'Or" shining Abdellatif Keshishev and stunned young actress. Because who but he knew that politics and values ​​have nothing to do with it - there is only a fresh powerful statement about love. On the very love that breaks not only the fate, but also the most persistent sexual orientation.

14-year-old Adel (Adèle Exarchopoulos) meets a girl with blue hair, the artist Emma (Léa Seydoux), a unique, erudite, charming and sexy. Love falls to Adele, burying all the possible doubts and leaving only the magic of first great feeling. Before us is a melodrama that, whether its heroes are young men and women would take its place among the high-quality, but similar love story with a sad ending. Belonging to the beloved one sex against the expectations of many, not only does not detract from the hill of this love, but if it pushes the horizons, recognizing that love is above standards, higher floors, above the stereotypes. Adele, in which was the beginning of the film in the form of shaggy nymphet with mutton look pathetic rabbit-like teeth and a little slack on the children's permanent surprise jaw, three hours matures to a kindergarten teacher with an experienced sad eyes and smooth hair.

Those who talked about the challenges posed by the jury of the Cannes Film Festival, who gave the "gold" picture exactly on the day when Paris swelled demonstrations against gay marriage, just do not understand: it is a film for them. This is a film for those who can not climb over the sexual side of love.

"The Geographer Globe propyl"

10 most high-profile films in 2013

Director: Alexander Veledinsky

Achievements: Grand Prix "Kinotavr"

A film like "The Geographer Globe propyl" waited a long time - the Russian cinema does not know how to balance between auteur cinema and mainstream. The gap between the mass cinema and art house until recently represented an abyss that Veledinsky managed to overcome. This he has fulfilled a truly peace-making function apologists reconciling different approaches to cinema.

"Geography", filmed on the novel by Alexei Ivanov, tells the charming Permian biologist, almost forty years blockheads Victor Sluzhkine (Kontantin Habensky), forced from lack of money to go to a school teacher. Sluzhkin - a sort of modern ZILOV of "Duck Hunt" or Serge of "Flights in Dreams and in Reality". But unlike those heroes confused generation Sluzhkin developed for itself clear rules of life. His charm - in unexpected provincial loser in love in the world, in life, in people. Sluzhkin afraid of death, he "used to live." Despite the complete lack of strength, he swallows life without noticing its bitter taste or diluting it with the vodka, the port wine, the love to the student, the adventurous trekking rapid taiga rivers with students.

Veledinsky - very romantic filmmaker in his hands provincial alcoholic loser turns into a hero of our time. He again resumed so cute Russian art searches for this character, interrupted with death of the Soviet Union. Timid attempts to find it (think "In Motion" Philip Jankowski, where the characters are trying to portray the same Habensky) have failed - the hero is elusive. Veledinsky did it first - and Victor Sluzhkin thrown his wife, loyal best friend, prop all the talent that can bring money for a long time took the empty place. Thereby Veledinsky not simply bowed to Soviet cinema - he agreed to live with him in the world and even learn from it the best examples of Soviet stamps.

"12 Years a Slave"

10 most high-profile films in 2013

Director: Steve McQueen

Achievements: The most likely contender for the "Oscar"

Steve McQueen called the most radical director of contemporary British cinema. Paintings "Hunger," about Irish hunger strike in prison and "Shame" on the sexual obsession of the young New Yorker McQueen brought in leaders of European cinema. The film "12 Years a Slave", based on the book of Solomon Northup, a free black family father, a violinist, who was kidnapped and sold into slavery, Americans have embraced with enthusiasm. He flickered almost all categories at the "Golden Globe" and, judging by the ratings of American film critics, all other sighting marks on the main "Oscar".

Americans are pleased that their story took in Europe and did it as gently as possible, without of the unrestrained imagination, which scored Quentin Tarantino in his "Django Unchained." History of a twelve-year nightmare is told McQueen thoroughly and does not imply any treatments, except for one: slavery - horror and shame. Juicy Louisiana landscapes like black and white emphasize the pathos of the film itself, populated by absolute villains with rare absolute angels in the flesh. The main villain - the slave owner Epps played makkuinovskogo favorite Michael Fassbender. The main embodiment of the unexpected good character acts as Brad Pitt - an itinerant carpenter-Canadian who helps the hero to escape from slavery. And, of course, the Solomon Northup, a free spirit whose proved invincible. If desired, you can find a variety of associations with today, starting a debate on domestic slavery, as opposed to physical slavery, but it does not save the film from edification through which radical McQueen and could not cross.

"It's hard to be god"

10 most high-profile films in 2013

Director: Aleksei German

Achievements: The most awaited Russian film in the last 15 years

Until a few years ago, the record for the terms of film production remained Swedish director Roy Andersson - for example, the famous "Songs from the third floor," he took off for nine years. Five years ago, Alex Herman went on record, going nine-year milestone. In total, the work on the painting "Hard to Be God" on the novel by the Strugatsky brothers took 14 years. Alex Herman died without completing the film. But he managed to do the main thing - said that the future does not exist. Planet Arkanar synonym of Hell, in which there is no place even to evil, because evil can exist only as a good counterbalance. These observers came to Earth to try to gently tweak the deaf Middle Ages, in which the planet lives. The protagonist - Rumata in a gloomy performance of Leonid Yarmolnik - for a long time will not be able to understand that God be not only difficult - impossible. Because where there is no future, there is no god. Heavy and "ferocious", as he called it, Umberto Eco, the latest film of the beautiful German beauty, a beautiful in its ugliness delectable mysterious characters Bosch.

"Intimate place"

10 most high-profile films in 2013

Director: Natasha and Alex Merkulov Chupov

Achievements: the most revolutionary film on the assessment of critics

The premiere of "intimate space" on "Kinotavr" in Sochi twice accompanied by a power outage, as if trying to divide the network, but did not maintain sexual tension heroes who are accustomed to hide their erotic fantasies and sexual complexes. Heroes pictures - office clerk, lady-bureaucrat in charge of morality in the country, two mistresses one macho of sex disorders specialist, etc. -. There are on the verge of the absurd in its own shell, where the carefully masked the slightest sexual desires and fantasies. They all share a mutual friend - a freelance photographer, singer intimate places, trying his photographs show the way in the future uninhibited. The audience at "Kinotavr" film came from delight, and critics gave him a diploma for the revolutionary and sang a breakthrough in defense taboo. The film directed by Natasha and Alex Merkulov Chupov announced a revolutionary commando, abandoned us, "Sex and the City" and pereplyunuvshego his wide-open portion of all possible toward intimate places hidden desires of viewers.

"The sacred path"

10 most high-profile films in 2013

Director: Gianfranco Rosi

Achievements: "Golden Lion" of the Venice Film Festival

Beautiful highway, surrounded by trees, meadows and fields. On it rolls modest number of cars. This is a local monster, Roman ring. Sacred track. Sacro GRA. As an inquisitive researcher Rosie meter by meter exploring overgrown roads around the human mass and separating the most, in his view, the main thing is taken to prepare this dish. In this dish - the whole of Italy. There are aristocrats, living out his days in a one-room apartment; cheerful nurses "first" almost zashuchivayuschie patients to death; half-mad botanist, trembling over endangered species of palm trees and this was taped inside the barrel life; Prince of unknown origin, doing gymnastics with a cigar in his mouth a gold statue in his terrace; fisherman-philosopher ...

The film caused a criticism of those who waited on the jury of the jubilee, the 70th Venice Film Festival more radical artistic and creative solutions. But the jury, led by Bernardo Bertolucci decided to distinguish himself by choosing from two dozen very different, but mostly radical, unexpected, fresh only classical, textbook designed in pastel colors, not revolutionary film.

"The Hunger Games. Catching Fire "

10 most high-profile films in 2013

Director: Francis Lawrence

Achievements: world leader rental - $ 342 million (as of the end of November)

"The Hunger Games. Catching Fire "- the second part of the franchise. The first part was published in the last year, in the next to be the third, which also consists of two parts. "The Hunger Games" - a survival game in the TV show, in which time, if not kill, you will not win. Kitnis and Pete, the winners of the past "The Hunger Games", again included in the race. Only now everything is colored in shades of social injustice, which in the film is represented by a colorful contrast between the impoverished province and zhireyuschey capital. For someone new "Hunger Games" - dystopia, a favorite genre of the young generation, for someone - the knowledge of the first part of the unfairness in the land for someone else - simply unprecedented beauty, which can contemplate indefinitely. Children's cinema, skillfully priryazhennoe for adults - this is the best assistant for digestion of popcorn under the right thoughts about adult life.