Dips films of famous directors

Sometimes suffer defeat even the best of the best. Maybe because of the bad reviews or failure of marketing, or lack of interest of the audience, or just put together, but the directors are faced with a situation where the film does not pay off.

Dips films of famous directors

Many movie websites specified budget film contains marketing and advertising costs, and often we are talking about tens of millions of dollars. Therefore, the information about the losses the studios in different sources (AMC's filmsite, The Numbers, Box Office Mojo) is different.

In this list of ten box-office failures known filmmakers. Most of them are rehabilitated for several years, removing other successful paintings. But, as can be seen from the failures it is not insured even Spielberg.

10 films from recognized masters of cinema, which did not meet the expectations of cash:

In the rules / Rules Do not Apply (2016)

Dips films of famous directors

The director Warren Beatty

Rating Forums - 5, 5; IMDb - 5, 7

Some filmmakers were lucky to know one or two of failure, not more. Warren Beatty for decades has repeatedly reached major success, and more than once confronted with devastating failures. Budget "outside the rules" is not the largest in the US $ 25 million. Most of the average person movie with no problems paying off with good marketing to a target audience. But not at this time.

Gathering modestly 1, 6 million in the first weekend, the film Beatty reached the anti-record as the most nizkokassovy among that came in wide release at the same time films. But if you look at the competition, it is not difficult to understand why it failed. Almost at the same time issued the "Doctor Strange," "Moana", "Fantastic creatures" and other anticipated movies.

The Big Friendly Giant / The BFG (2016)

Dips films of famous directors

Directed by Steven Spielberg

Rating Forums - 6, 1; IMDb - 6, 4 Even the legendary director, who directed "Alien," "Indiana Jones," "Jurassic Park" and "Jaws" may miss. Steven Spielberg, one of the most famous directors among the living, took a break from blockbusters to test their strength in the pictures with the expectation of an Oscar. He continued in this area about ten years. Only recently, he decided it was time to make a high budget movie popkornovoe. Unfortunately, the idea did not materialize at the box office.

"Big Friendly Giant" received solid reviews, but ended up losses, according to some, they were about $ 100 million. Given the popularity of the book and Spielberg Roald Dahl, on which was written the script, it is strange that people are not attracted this adaptation.

The land of the future / Tomorrowland (2015)

Dips films of famous directors

The director Brad Bird

Rating Forums - 6, 2; IMDb - 6, 5

Brad Bird - two-time winner "Oscar", known for directing "The Incredibles" and "Ratatouille." Before the release of "Land of the Future" in any of his films did not have a rating below 90% on the Rotten Tomatoes website. And almost all of his previous projects were a commercial success. In addition to "The Iron Giant", but this animation has become a cult classic, finally getting the recognition it deserves.

Science fiction picture of "Land of the Future" cost the studio $ 190 million, and in the first weekend collected in his country only 33 million. Often the film saves the world rolled, but not this time. "Land of the Future" at the exit had to compete with the movie "Mad Max: Road Fury" and "The Avengers: Age of Ultron". According to some estimates, the losses amounted to 140 million dollars.

In 2015, failed at the box office a few original sci-fi films, and therefore it is not surprising that the studio prefer to make sequels, remakes and adaptations.

Cyber ​​/ Blackhat (2015)

Dips films of famous directors

Directed by Michael Mann

Rating Forums - 5, 4; IMDb - 5 4

Perhaps the problem is "cyber" in the fact that its budget is larger than that of "Deadpool" or at "Pete and his dragon," or in "The Matrix." Someone gave Michael Mann $ 70 million to film niche tehnotriller with known toxic release date in January. Excessive budget clumsy marketing and bad reviews of this film is doomed from the start.

It would not have delivered him a warm welcome. In addition to these negative factors were also competitors, so the premiere weekend was disastrous, and in the worldwide box office, he did not get even 20 million.

Peng: Journey to Neverland / Pan (2015)

Dips films of famous directors

The director Joe Wright

Rating Forums - 6, 2; IMDb - 5, 8

Movies Joe Wright constantly collected numerous nominations and awards. Until he took the prequel to the eponymous fairy tale by James Barry with a huge budget and a gentle scenario. Both critical and commercial, Wright's first attempt to create a big-budget picture turned into an absolute disaster. What's worse than a rating of 27% on Rotten Tomatoes, as is the loss of $ 150 million.

Word of mouth is now more effective than ever able to destroy the box office. The Internet has facilitated people a chance to learn about the adverse reactions associated with the movies. And in the case of "Pan" there were other factors. For example, disputes the assertion caused Rooney Mara in the role of Tiger Lily and marketing team could not determine whether it is a children's film eventually carried him to the genre of fantasy family.

Another work of Joe Wright's drama was the "dark times" which won critical acclaim and gathered a bunch of awards. Thus, the "Pan" is still the worst job in the filmography of the director.

Jack - the conqueror of giants / Jack the Giant Slayer (2013)

Dips films of famous directors

Directed by Bryan Singer

Rating Forums - 6, 3; IMDb - 6 3

This multi-million adaptation of the fairy tale became the highest spot in the career of Bryan Singer, with the exception of destructive charges of sexual assault on a wave #MeToo movement. His version of the English folk tale about the brave lad Jack few people are impressed.

Critics embraced her almost indifferently, the audience too. Reviews dispersed, and people walked around the film side. There are other reasons for the failure. Artist starring Nicholas Hoult, certainly talented, but his stardom was not enough to attract an audience. Prior to the "Jack - the conqueror of giants," his only leading role was in the movie "Warm Bodies", oriented on the youth audience. And, perhaps, adaptation of fairy tales - not the most acclaimed genre audience.

Cowboys and Aliens / Cowboys & Aliens (2011)

Dips films of famous directors

Directed by Jon Favreau

Rating Forums - 5, 9; IMDb - 6

Career Jon Favreau no one is going through. The director behind "Iron Man," "The Jungle Book" and "Elf" is probably not very upset that his sci-fi Western did not box-office hit. This single mistake in his wildly successful career.

However, this picture has collected $ 175 million worldwide, and the creation of 163 million spent. If we add the cost of printing and advertising, said the loss amounted to more than $ 80 million. And Favreau was then at the peak of glory. What went wrong?

In fact, the higher the eccentricity, the greater the risk for the studio. Last year, the top 10 has not got any movie with a script. This trend continues for about ten years. Original films with big budgets need good publicity and good reviews. With "Cowboys & Aliens" it was not. The film is touted as a relatively serious sci-fi movie that just does not fit with the plot (two irreconcilable sides, cowboys and Indians, are the common enemy - the alien conqueror). Critics have pointed this out, and finally pointed out that the movie was not as funny as it should be. Rumors dispersed, and the picture has failed.

The Lovely Bones / The Lovely Bones (2009)

Dips films of famous directors

Directed by Peter Jackson

Rating Forums - 7, 2; IMDb - 6 7Camoe pleasant thing you can say about "Lovely Bones" is that the box office bomb is not so great, as is the case with other films on this list. In fact, this is not a failure, and financial disappointment. Charges of 93 million dollars with a budget of 65 million dollars - like a good idea. But only until we will take into account other costs.

If everything is folded, it becomes quite clear that the film probably was on the verge of recovery. This is definitely a step down from the mega cash trilogy "Lord of the Rings" and "King Kong," Jackson shot before. The comparison may not be entirely fair, nobody expected that this film is equal to the "Lord of the Rings", but charges in any case too small, given the popularity of the best-selling Alice Sebold on which the script is based.

Speed ​​Racer / Speed ​​Racer (2008)

Dips films of famous directors

Directors Lilly Wachowski, Lana Wachowski

Rating Forums - 5, 6; IMDb - 6

After the trilogy "The Matrix" Wachowski suffered a setback with the "Jupiter Ascending" and "Speed ​​Racer." "Cloud Atlas" and the TV series for the Netflix "Eighth feeling" too far from the previous directors of success. But we will not analyze all of their projects, focus on their first failure - "Speed ​​Racer."

Under the weight of criticism and questionable marketing the film grossed only slightly over 90 million, losing about $ 80 million. Some time later reviews warmer, but it does not change the fact that when you start the big screen the film flopped.

Alexander / Alexander (2004)

Dips films of famous directors

The director Oliver Stone

Rating Forums - 7, 2; IMDb - 5, 6

None of Oliver Stone's failure will not stand comparison with "Alexander", failed on all counts. This mega-budget epic critics and audiences have torn to shreds. Despite the stellar ensemble and spent 155 million film won 6 nominations antipremiyu "Golden Raspberry" and failed miserably at the American box office.

"Alexander" - one of the most expensive historical dramas. Budget exceeded the amount spent on such films as "Gladiator", "Noah", "300", "Braveheart", "Pompeii". Only the more recent historical epic Ridley Scott ( "Robin Hood", "Exodus: Gods and Kings," "Kingdom of Heaven") managed to untwist the studio on such investments.

In 2004, before the wave of superhero films, the production of such films was a huge risk. Historical films are not comparable to the blockbuster, it is necessary to involve the audience in other ways. Of course, some of the masterpieces in this genre more than succeeded. But if such films as "Gladiator" and "Braveheart" achieved great success and became the darlings of the critics, the "Alexander" - a complete contrast to them.