As the fate of the film "Sadko" actors

• As the fate of the film "Sadko" actors

April 19 marks 119 years since the birth of the creator of the legendary Soviet kinoskazok "Stone Flower", "Ilya Muromets", "Scarlet Sails", "The Tale of Wasted Time", "Ruslan and Lyudmila" - Alexander Ptushko. One of the most famous in the world of his directorial work was the film "Sadko", which received the "Silver Lion" at the Venice Film Festival in 1953. The actors, starred, - Sergey Stolyarov and Alla Larionov - praised the foreign critics and directors, but world fame turned disastrous consequences for the Soviet star.

As the fate of the film As the fate of the film

Director Alexander Ptushko, 1959 | Photo:

By the time we started shooting the new kinoskazki Alexander Ptushko was already known as the director of "The New Gulliver" and "Stone Flower", and it has its fame as an innovator: he created the first sound volume cartoon "life Lord," the first feature-length film with the bulk animation " new Gulliver ". For the "Stone Flower", the director received the Stalin Prize and the prize for the color at the International Film Festival in Cannes. And the next film - "Sadko" - earned him the second most important prize, "Silver Lion" in Venice.

As the fate of the film

Alla Larionov in the movie * * Sadko, 1952 | Photo:

Alla Larionova started acting in the crowd yet in the 8th grade in school, and her first major film credits began to role Lubava in the film "Sadko". After the premiere, this 22-year-old actress woke up famous. After the screening of the film at the International Film Festival in Venice, Larionov have learned abroad. For debutants, it was simply unprecedented success. Years later, she recalled: "We, the three actresses, immediately sewed from the same white fabric on the dress. Well even different styles. However, on his return asked to return the dress! Well, accompanied at the highest level - he Mikoyan. You know, that was my first shock in Italy? I saw the maid leaving the room in stunning stockings. And I am crying because anything that I have never in my life did not! ".

As the fate of the film

wrote about the "Venice the sun in her hair at Alla" in Italian newspapers, the actress called "the youngest, the most fun, the most beautiful." Many foreign filmmakers invited Alla Larionov shooting them in the cinema, Charlie Chaplin said that no trial is ready to shoot Larionov in his new film. But for her kinochinovniki responded, saying that her shooting schedule is painted for many years to come! Of course, this was not true, but Larionov did not complain about the fact that she was unable to appear abroad, "Then I was in shock. But today I think: it is unlikely they would have made me a superstar. Most of all, I needed them as exotic. By its nature, it seems to me, I was not cut out for Hollywood. Although ... What today to talk about it! ".

As the fate of the film

Alla Larionov in the movie * * Anna on the Neck, 1954 | Photo:

Upon his return to the USSR Larionov co-starred in 2 movies, and then the scandal broke. On a spectacular young actress he pointed out Minister of Culture Alexander and one day invited her to dinner. After that, immediately there were rumors about their romance, and this has played a cruel joke with them. Aleksandrov soon fell into disgrace, and the authorities have used these rumors compromising both against unwanted officials. Alexandrov was removed from office, and Larionov without explanation stopped to take in a movie. It has already been approved for the role in the next film Vasilisa Ptushko "Ilya Muromets", but could not come to the shooting: the theater is simply not signed a business trip. Only after the actress decided to write a letter to the new Minister of Culture, she returned to the screen, but since she was offered only bit parts. Since early triumph played in the destiny Larionova fatal.

As the fate of the film

Sergei Stolyarov as Sadko | Photo:

No less dramatic was the fate of the actor who played the role of Sadko - Sergei Stolyarov. Unlike debutants Larionova, he at that time was already a movie star - Stolyarov was famous before the war thanks to starring in the film Grigory Alexandrov "Circus." At the time of filming in "Sadko" actor was already 40 years old, and already 14 notable roles were in his filmography. Sadko role brought him worldwide fame, it was called a real Russian fairy tale hero. Judges Film Festival in Venice, Sergei Stolyarov included in the list of the best actors of the world for the 50-year history of the cinema, at the same time he was the only Soviet actor in this list.

As the fate of the film

However, after his triumph abroad Sergei Stolyarov was soon forced to leave the cinema. His son Cyril said: "For all its positive appearance, he never played superiors nor secretaries of regional committees. Since it was difficult to fake. To bribe him with the Order or goods can not - then Stolyarov uncontrollable, it is unknown what to expect from him. " In 1960-ies. he appeared a little, and actor Theater management used this fact as an excuse to get rid of "inconvenient" the actor: he was accused of the fact that he does not comply with the norm, and fired. In 1968 he was diagnosed with cancer, and a year later 58-year-old actor passed away.

As the fate of the film

The film was supposed to be the debut performance in the movie Andrei Mironov. At age 11, he auditioned for the role of a beggar boy from the crowd. He was to appear in a frame in dirty rags, and Andrei since childhood differed disgust and did not dare to try this dubious "suit" over his naked body - and put it on top of a neat t-shirt, to show through holes in sackcloth. They say it is so outraged the director that the young actor was removed from the role. As a result, Mironov film debut took place on the 4 th year student in the film "And if this is love?"

As the fate of the film

Posters of the film | Photo:

Soviet film was made based on the Onega epics of the Novgorod merchant Sadko and Guslar. Foreign viewers heroes of Russian folklore were unfamiliar, and when in 1963 the American director and producer Roger Corman acquired the tape for hire in the USA, he turned "Sadko" in "The Magic Voyage of Sinbad", renaming is not only the main character, but also his own city: instead of Novgorod in the film mentioned Kopasand. script adaptation by the author for this version of the film was the 23-year-old Francis Ford Coppola.

As the fate of the film

Lydia Vertinskaya in the movie * * Sadko, 1952 | Photo:

And here at home movie Ptushko repeatedly criticized: for example, kinochinovnikov embarrassed that magic bird Phoenix will play a woman, and at the same time "from the backside Sadko bird will pull the feathers. Not good! He is playing on low feelings. " Behavior Sadko in foreign lands seemed to reviewers colored "wrong political significance": in the episode with the Vikings, they found "unwarranted aggression" that produced "unfavorable impression of the behavior of Russian." Pictures merchant peers in Novgorod have been cut as "distort the true historical image of a free Russian city."

The role of the phoenix in the film performed Lydia Vertinskaya. This work began her film debut. She has starred in several films Ptushko and then all left the cinema.