A gang of "The Pink Panther" - a thunderstorm jewelry stores

• A gang of "The Pink Panther" - a thunderstorm jewelry stores

When it comes to the "Pink Panther", the majority remembers detective comedy about the French police inspector Jacques Clouseau, who was investigating the kidnapping of the biggest diamond in the world. It is also known for cartoon of the same name. However, few people know that the name "The Pink Panther" refers not only to the fictional characters, but also to the real criminals who are wanted by Interpol.

A gang of

The name "Pink Panther" is the organized criminal group of thieves who specialize in stealing jewelry. Serbs living in the Balkans - Montenegro, Bosnia and Croatia. These thieves have made one of the biggest thefts in history.

A gang of

"Pink Panthers" are suspected of having committed the largest and most audacious thefts in history. The police assumes that this group is responsible for the theft of jewelery in Dubai, Switzerland, Japan, France, Liechtenstein, Germany, Spain and Monaco. The total value of the stolen - more than 500 million US dollars. In addition, it is the members of the "Pink Panther" under suspicion of robbing a jewelry store Harry Winston in Paris in 2008. Then the thieves stole jewelery worth over 80 million euros.

A gang of

The actor Peter Sellers, who plays Inspector Jacques Clouseau of the French Police.

The name "Pink Panther" gang was given after the participants could learn from London's diamond jewelry house, the cost of which was estimated at 500 thousand. Pounds. During the abduction gem was hidden in a jar from under the face cream. Exactly the same technique has been shown in one of the episodes of the film "The Return of the Pink Panther", filmed in 1963. In the film, interspersed with pink diamond, resembling a panther, was hidden in a similar manner.

A gang of

Portrait of Peter Sellers.

Gangsters of the "Pink Panther" are well educated, knows several languages ​​and live with false passports. The number of members in the group - more than 150. Most of them will never fall into the hands of the police, but a few still detained in France. The captured criminals were guilty of armed raids on jewelery houses in Cannes, Courchevel and St Tropez in 2001 and 2003, then were stolen jewels worth $ 5 million..

The judge, the sentencing, admitted: "We are dealing with a seasoned, professional offenders. Almost all of them are smart, but when a person is smart, why he hunt for easy money "Criminals received sentence 5, 6 and 10 years, and the organizer of the robbery - 15 years in prison in absentia, but now he is on the run and is serving his sentence.

A gang of

Inspector Jacques Clouseau of the French Police.

Each operation "Pink Panther" designed to trifles. For example, for the organization of one of the robberies they painted bench in a jewelry store, at the right time there was no one of the witnesses. In Saint-Tropez group conducted surveillance of the jewelry store, walking in the nearby tourist bright shirts, and after the robbery - fled on a motor boat. In one recent case, eight members of the group staged an accident, driving two limousines to showcase luxury shopping mall in Dubai. Just a minute, until they were all in a panic, the gang stole from the store jewelry and watches at 11 million US dollars.