The most dangerous gang in the USSR

The most dangerous gang in the USSR

"In a country of victorious socialism can not be bandits!" - never tired of repeating the high party officials. How wrong they were! In the USSR gangs appeared regularly, and each is different from their own unique handwriting.

"Black cat"

The most mysterious band of the Stalin era, with the light hand of filmmakers called "Black Cats", 3 years his daring crime haunted Muscovites. Using a heavy post-war situation and gullible citizens, gang Mitin over and over again "plucked" large sums of money and escaped unharmed. Complicated the work of investigators lack of gang members all ties with the criminal world - they are exemplary workers Krasnogorsk defense enterprise.

To crime krasnogortsy stood February 1, 1950, when the first kill, and they managed a large robbery March 26. The words "all stand! We are from the Ministry of State Security! "- shout out at the store, employees were discouraged. Taking advantage of the confusion, the criminals have cleared cash in the amount of 63 thousand rubles - a large jackpot at the time.

In earnest now agitated MGB March 27, 1951. On that day, armed with pistols "mitintsy" robbed a store in Kuntsevo, who tried to prevent them from killing the officer. From this point to the near Stalin's dacha it was only a few kilometers away!

Investigators interested in the fact that all the crimes committed by bandits near the stadiums. Indeed, some of the attackers were athletes. Krasnogorsk near the stadium "Murovtsev" and attacked on the trail of a gang Mitin. The rest was a matter of technique. Following the results of the investigation established that the criminals for 3 years carried out a total of 28 robberies with 11 killed and 18 wounded, plundered them was more than 300 thousand rubles. The disclosed deal saved Khrushchev, who is trying to shift from the post of head of the Moscow city committee of Beria.


From 1968 to 1973 in Rostov-on-Don was operating one of the most notorious gangs, whose activities became part of the Soviet criminal folklore. Gang brothers Tolstopyatov also called "Fantomas", because of their love for the head-mounted Stockings. A distinctive feature of the criminal group was the use of self-made firearms and detailed study plan robberies. The main objectives of the gang became a shopping revenue, as well as salaries, carried as collectors.

But the bandits desperately unlucky - if they pursued doom. The collectors will not arrive in time, the planned near the crime scene they flush out a familiar face. Even as luck conscious citizens are not afraid of armed criminals and resist them. However, the bandits did not stand on ceremony - they had no trouble shoot throw at them with a stick the old man.

On the conscience of the perpetrators 14 armed attacks, several murders and 150,000 rubles stolen. Interestingly, one of the members of the gang Samasyuk often confessed to colleagues that she wants to die on the bag with money. July 7, 1973 his wish was fulfilled when a shootout with police the last time he clung to the coveted treasure. In this day and ended the inglorious history of "Fantomas".


In the mid-1970s, Kazan wave of youth crime. Gangs could easily figure out their relationship without active opposition by the police. The city lived in constant fear. Very quickly, the leader of the bandit movement had escaped "Tyap-lyapovtsy" (ironic name associated with the plant "Teplokontrol"), which are not just fighting with competitors from other regions - they were killed. One of the leaders Hantimirov group did not set a goal as to beat and maim. The cult of force he formed in his subordinates. Immigrants from "rocking" could easily stab a knife or a hammer to death a passerby.

Demonstrative and bloody campaign of intimidation "Tyap-lyapovtsy" staged at the "Palace of Culture. Uritskogo "during the disco. Bursting into the room, they began to cripple the iron bars of young people in the building. Even seriously injured teenagers did not complain to the police - were afraid of reprisals.

Bandits are so emboldened that they began to use firearms and grenades. Only August 31, 1978, when they entered into a serious confrontation with the police response, the police had to use force to neutralize the gang. Four active members of the group were sentenced to death, including Hantimirov, others sentenced to long terms. Banda "anyhow" marked the beginning of the spread of organized crime in the country, and its leaders were the first criminal authorities.


At the beginning of the 1980s, over Rostov-on-Don hung ominous shadow bands "nurses". Dressed in doctors criminals taking advantage of the trust of the people broke into the apartment, tortured, killed and then robbed the occupants. However, it is feared by all, and those who were driven a lot of money - speculators. It all started with the brutal murder and robbery Svetlakova, but the investigation of the case known skupschitsy was launched on the brakes influential people - its customers.

Studying Svetlakova magazine and other high-profile crimes "techs" brought investigators to native Abkhazia Zafasa Bartsisa, engaged in drug trafficking. "Medics" addicts with experience, were lower band element, exercising the dirty work. It is clear why we need the money to robbers - ampoule of morphine or promedola cost about 25 rubles, and they required constant "recharge".

It was a circular system: money allows you to buy the drug and selling it gave the opportunity to earn even more. Bandits ruined by greed. "Medics" themselves want to sell a product - in this and got caught. They are the thread stretched to consumers, and through patrons led to the organizers of a criminal group. All the case involved about 60 people, of which the police caught on across the country. However, the Soviet drug traffickers found powerful advocates in the higher echelons of power, and how they could have softened the sentence. Bartsisu who threatened to shoot, eventually gave 9 years in prison.

"White Cross"

At the end of the restructuring, our country was faced with a phenomenon that seemed sunk into oblivion - political terror. On the streets of Leningrad all leaflets, where the unknown, the organization calling themselves "White Cross" began to appear more often, called on the citizens to join the armed struggle against the "red fascism".

Modern Populists, however, did not shun any robberies or murders - all for a great cause. Operatives homicide for a long time it was not possible to trace the criminals, and not surprisingly, among them was the organizer of the "liberation movement" - a police officer Arkady Mokeev.

Using someone else's service weapon during the year dodgy criminals excited the inhabitants of Leningrad. In particular, members of the group killed collector, encroaching on a large sum of money, shot clock, trying to break into the armory of the military unit. But all failed.

Gang arrested during the preparation of terrorist acts. Mokeeva accomplices were sentenced to various terms of imprisonment, and the leader to death, later commuted to life imprisonment. This happened a year before the fall of the Soviet Union.