Little known facts about life in Switzerland

Little known facts about life in Switzerland

Interesting facts about life in Switzerland.

Switzerland - a country with incredible nature and a special way of life. There, the average life expectancy is 85 years, and the children go to school already with 4 years. The Swiss appreciate concepts such as personal space and tranquility, so shops are closed on weekends and noisy gatherings are prohibited. These and other interesting facts from the life of the Swiss - further in the material.

1. Country centenarians

Little known facts about life in Switzerland

Life expectancy in Switzerland.

Life expectancy - one of the main factors that indicate the quality of healthcare. It is not surprising that such a developed country like Switzerland ranks second in life expectancy. Moreover, it is the highest in Europe, the percentage of people who crossed the centenarians. If we talk about the average of the data, the Swiss men live about 81 years, and women - 85.

2. School Life

Little known facts about life in Switzerland

School life in Switzerland.

School life in Swiss children begins at age 4. However, students have already 3 days off: Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. The undoubted advantage of training in Switzerland is free education, even for foreigners, but the educational system has nuances. For example, children who plan to enroll in a higher education institution shall, aged 11-12 years, to pass examinations, the results of which will become clear whether the student after school to continue their education or be able to just get a high school diploma.

3. Army

Little known facts about life in Switzerland

The service in the army.

In Switzerland you can legitimately avoid military service. Those who do not want to serve the good of the motherland, have to pay 3 percent of their salary until they reach the age of 30 years. By the way, women are also allowed to join the ranks of the Swiss army, but only on a voluntary basis.

4. Transport

Little known facts about life in Switzerland

Cars in Switzerland.

Swiss authorities care about the environment. No wonder that in this country many willing to use bicycles and electric vehicles. Moreover, in the Swiss town of Zermatt is completely forbidden to travel by car, using traditional fuel engines.

5. Rubbish

Little known facts about life in Switzerland

Sorting and recycling waste.

Throw garbage in Switzerland - very expensive. Due to the high cost of the removal and processing, the authorities ordered the population of packaging waste in bags with special stickers. And those who do not adhere to the rules, waiting for a rather big penalty. As for the garbage containers, then sort all that is possible. On the streets of Switzerland, you can see the individual containers and machines for the collection of bottles of different colors, cans, lids, paper and cardboard. And if in our latitudes bottles pass only low-income people in Switzerland do it even richer.

6. Addiction

Little known facts about life in Switzerland

Drug addiction in Switzerland.

Even in a prosperous country like Switzerland, there are drug addicts. Moreover, the authorities have decided that it is cheaper to "encourage" them than to deal with the problem. Since 1986 in the Swiss city of socialization of drug addicts work centers. In these centers, you can legally get a dose and take it in human terms.

7. Numbering

Little known facts about life in Switzerland

Addresses in Switzerland.

Interesting fact: in Switzerland there is the usual numbering of houses and apartments. In this country, numbers are assigned to the entrances, and write the names of the tenants in the apartments.

8. Crime

Little known facts about life in Switzerland

The crimes in Switzerland.

In Switzerland, there is practically no crime. And this despite the fact that there are quite liberal laws with regards to the carrying of weapons, which, incidentally, is available to 45 percent of the population. After serving in the Swiss army, a soldier can leave the weapon itself, which often does.

9. guinea pig Protection

Little known facts about life in Switzerland

The protection of guinea pigs and other animals.

In Switzerland, the care of animals. The country has plenty of laws that relate to the rules for handling smaller brothers. Surely, you will be surprised, but Swiss forbidden to keep social animals alone. That is, if you live only one guinea pig, mouse, fish, ferret, pig or a canary - you are a lawbreaker, and can be punished.

10. Weekend Rules

Little known facts about life in Switzerland

The peace and quiet at the weekend.

The Swiss are very highly valued concepts such as personal space, tranquility and relaxation. Therefore, at the weekend in the country decided to organize noisy gatherings. On ordinary days, large stores close at 7 pm, and on Sunday, many of them do not work. Exceptions are only a tiny family store. As for the noise level, in many towns and villages of the country, even a loud bang the door or the sound of water in the tub can be a pretext for calling police.

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