Tissot watches for women: a review, model, manufacturer, and reviews

Tissot watches for women - this product popular Swiss brand that always surprises customers the quality of production and a reasonable cost. Company "Tissot" appeared back in 1853, and in its creation was attended by Charles Tissot and his son. Even then, manufacturers have created masterpieces of precious metals, which are highly appreciated in aristocratic circles. And until today it has reached a unique technology on which the successors of the genus produce Tissot watch.

Tissot watches for women: a review, model, manufacturer, and reviews

Workshop marketed Tissot watch (1853), women's jewelry, which Charles Tissot brought artisans, as well as more sophisticated devices. Toward the beginning of the twentieth century, the goods were supplied in the territory of Russia and the United States. Acquire such creations could only notable personality.

Initially, the product was targeted at the male audience. For a long time large batches supplied specifically for officers of the Russian Imperial Guard. And the famous "Royal Hours" production "Tissot" started to produce since 1904.

watch a lady

Under the brand Tissot women's watches are manufactured and assembled exclusively in Switzerland. At the moment, the law of this country says that Swiss watches can be rightly called the only device with a Swiss mechanism and collected in that State. Tissot Watches women fully comply with these requirements, so for them has never been claims by law enforcement agencies in Switzerland. And the assembly of this device in any other country is strictly prohibited.

Buy Tissot watches for women now can be anyone, even though our ancestors such possibility has appeared only in 1920. factory was opened at this time, followed by a small artisanal manufacture was a huge undertaking. The bulk of the products were pocket watches, which were carried out on a progressive equipment. Toward the beginning of the Second World War the firm there were some difficulties with the export market, as it was divided into two price categories between the companies "Tissot" and "Omega". The second went to the upper price segment, and this is the first to produce watches at an average cost. In this case, the production of "Tissot" luckier, as the middle-income level, number of which significantly exceeded the number of wealthier individuals could afford to buy Swiss Tissot watch (male and female).

Tissot watches for women: a review, model, manufacturer, and reviews

New catalogs

In 1951 he died, Paul Tissot - the youngest of the company's founders. The next leader was his sister, marking the wave of change. As a woman, she understood that not all models come with the times, so with her latest design ideas have been implemented. Innovative clock wanted to buy every lady. And the catalog has been increased by almost half.

Mechanical invention in combination with a great design first fruit brought shortly. In the postwar period, when people could not afford the luxury, the production of "Tissot" able to survive economically and to increase trade turnover quadrupled. This success was due to the relation of the traditional quality and innovative ideas that to this day used by employees of a modern company.

Tissot watches for women: a review, model, manufacturer, and reviews

Fresh design

Production attractive by the fact that in the assortment regularly appear new Tissot watches for women, and each time they were all creative and unexpected for buyers. This situation was back in 1970 when released the first plastic watch with an unusual design for those times. By the end of the last century, the collection of watches replenished not only plastic models. The creators did not stop there and continued to further implement their boldest ideas. Then began the production of devices made of natural materials: ceramic inserts, wood and so on. The most famous watch Two-Timer, which can be controlled by a single head.

Tissot watches for women: a review, model, manufacturer, and reviews


Differences from counterfeiting

Watch "Tissot" trying to forge production in different countries. Therefore, every lover of original goods must know how to distinguish the real from the phony model. Unfortunately, unscrupulous sellers make their goods all the better and more similar to the original, but still a real fan of "Tissot" will be able to recognize that something was wrong. The main features of counterfeit include:

  • absence of engraving in the form of capitalized companies ( "T") - in fakes is either absent or simply glued on top;
  • a low cost, because only these watches have a high price range.

In order not to spend money on phony model, the seller should request the necessary certificates of quality, because the watch "Tissot" implemented only with the documents confirming the quality and authenticity. Original watches are characterized by high reliability, perfect performance and classic style.


At the present time it is impossible to find any Swiss who does not know the brand Tissot. Women's watches, the price of which is about $ 500, won more than half the time of the state of the market, while implementing huge deliveries abroad. In total for the year to sell a million copies produced, differing in brightness and traditional.

Tissot watches for women: a review, model, manufacturer, and reviews

Popular models

To date, a huge popular following model women's watch (the cost of each $ 500):

  1. Watch "Tissot" T033. The model of the Classic Dream collection is reliable protection against moisture and formed of stainless steel.
  2. Watch "Tissot" T109. Everytime clock collection housing which is made of steel coated with PVD, and bracelet from the tissue.
  3. Watch "Tissot" T094. The apparatus of Flamingo collection waterproof, fully made of steel with PVD coating.


About watch brand "Tissot" hard to find a negative customer reviews because the quality is fully in line with the cost. People who buy the original device on the official website, say gorgeous appearance and comfort when worn on the hand. Watches do not rub, do not cause skin irritation. On a subtle feminine wrist, they look perfectly complement the image and improving the status of the owner.