Accuracy, simplicity and tediousness 12 true facts about the mentality of the Swiss

• Accuracy, modesty and tediousness 12 true facts about the mentality of the Swiss

Switzerland - a small country, hidden in the heart of Europe, and the Swiss - modest hardworking, genuinely proud of their country.

Sharing with the reader interesting facts about what kind of people - and the Swiss national character is different from all the others.

Accuracy, simplicity and tediousness 12 true facts about the mentality of the Swiss


Your train leaves in 20 minutes. Start up station 10 minutes. You: "It's time to go." Swiss: "What are you! Go to the station actually 9 minutes 30 seconds. Buy a ticket - 90 seconds. I want to buy on the way coffee is 1 minute 40 seconds. So, we need to leave the house in 7 minutes 20 seconds! "

The bus / Railway ostanovkve. Bus / train is late. Swiss marking dissatisfied, grumbling and looking surprised. Delay time: 1 minute 40 seconds.


You write 10 friends invites to him in a week. 9 immediately answer: they all planned for 3 weeks in advance. But 3 weeks later have free time (all different - someone Tuesday from 20:00 to 22:10, who Wednesday from 17:20 to 19:30, someone to Saturday from 10:30 to 13: 45). Are you waiting for the answer of the 10th friend who is an introvert, you're a nerd and his only friend. he responds after 5 minutes: "Thank you for the invitation, but I am free only after 2 weeks on Friday after 17:15. Are you comfortable? "


American - a neighbor on the train (Swiss): "A great view can be enjoyed, is not it?". Swiss watches in horror and silent. In his view, it reads - "Why are you talking to me ?! We're strangers! ".

Second Language student in Russia (the United States, Spain, etc...) "I lived here for a year, and I already have three close friends, as well as dozens of friends and hundreds of friends." International Student in Switzerland: "I have a Swiss friend. We with him for two years every day, attend the same classes and help each other prepare for exams each semester. Today, the first time he invited me to his home for a visit. Perhaps he recognized me as a friend! " four.

"Do you speak in English?" The Swiss (embarrassed): "A little." (She begins to speak perfect English with almost no accent). "Have you been in Russia?" The Swiss (very modestly): "A bit of traveling" (travel from Murmansk to Vladivostok). "Can you draw?" - The Swiss (lowering his eyes): "Not very well" (he studied at the Art School for 3 years).

If the Swiss want to buy a huge piece of cake, "Give me, please, that's a little bit of this little pirozhochka". If it's -10 degrees, the Swiss said: "In the street a little bit cool."

BUT: "Switzerland a good country?" The Swiss: "Of course. In Switzerland, the best political system, the most beautiful scenery, the most reasonable laws ... "(he continues to speak in the same spirit for another 20 minutes).


You remove a vacuum cleaner to vacuum the apartment in your only day off - Sunday. Swiss, with horror in his eyes: "What are you doing ?! Today is Sunday! At this time you can not bother anyone !!! ".

You want to have a wash, but the washing machine is filled with all of your home for the day ahead. There is one window in 30 minutes and you want to make at least a short 35-minute wash. For nearly put the clothes into the machine as there is here near the Swiss old. The old woman, "Now do not wash, after 30 minutes of all Frau Schwyz!" You: "But I'll include a short wash the" old woman, "Your washing 35 minutes, and the window 30 minutes. No, you can not be so! ".

Swiss throwing a party: in the entrance hangs ads for 2 weeks, which brings a lot of apologies for any noise. Still off the loud music at 22:00.


You ate yogurt and want to throw a glass. Your Swiss friend staring you in the cup, and the horror on his face. "Do you not eat yogurt! Look, how much is left on the walls! We in Switzerland frugally refers to the product! "(Loud bangs his spoon on a glass, so that all scraped off). Do you want to discard the remnants of cheap rice, because it has expired shelf life. Swiss: "What are you doing? He was still in good condition, why translate the product? "

BUT: In the store you want to buy a great-looking strawberries from Spain, which is 50% cheaper than the Swiss. Swiss: "Do not buy strawberries from Spain. Swiss products are much higher quality, and more socially and environmentally responsible, and we need to maintain local production. "


On the counter lies parsley at full price and a 50% discount. The same brand, same weight. You: "I'm sorry, Frau why this Parsley 50%" Frau long examines parsley at a discount, then her face illumined and it shows you 3 slightly yellowed leaf into the beam depth.

You come into the bar, ask for a specific brand of beer. The bartender pours a beer from the tap, but it ends before the cup is filled to the edge. "Excuse me, but I can not sell you this beer. Drink this beer for free and let me know if you want to order another brand. "

You buy yogurt ice cream. A saleswoman takes a horn, brings it to the machine, but the machine is not much, and even though the entire horn missing at the top do not get a nice curl. "Excuse me, please. If you wait until I fill the car again, I'll make you a new one with the correct curl. Or I can sell you this ice cream without a curl with a 90% -discount. "


A foreigner wants to impress their friends in Aarau and carefully teaches phrases in Swiss dialect of the guidebook, which bought in Zurich. A few days later he came to the meeting and said: "Guätä morgä, wiä gaht's?" They skrivlyayut face. "Something wrong?" They: "This is the Zurich dialect, he is the most stupid!". They teach you how to "correctly". A few days later you meet with your friends in Zurich and talking. "Guete morge, wie goht's?" All around start laughing. "Haha, you're talking to aargauskom dialect, he's so funny!"


You wanted soup and you go to the store. No anywhere raw beets. You - friends, "Help me somewhere to find a beet!" - The Swiss: "Why do you beet! This is not the season of sugar beet. Now the season of asparagus, cabbage and rhubarb! ".

You: "Something I wanted raclette". - Swiss "Raclette? But it's summer! In the summer it is necessary to prepare the grill. "

On Wednesday, you go into a store and want to buy Swiss scarf bread called "tsopf". Swiss: "Why did you buy tsopf in the middle of the week? This Sunday bread, eat it for breakfast on Sunday! "

CATF painted boiled eggs in Switzerland are sold all year round. At Easter they are called Easter, and the rest of the "eggs for a picnic" (even in December).


You half an hour sitting in the bank and make out the bill. After signing all the paperwork, you expect to receive a card and a code from the card and Internet banking. Swiss: "I'm sorry, but I can not give you a code and a map. Code and the card will come to you by mail. " You: "Is it safe" Swiss "Yes, of course. Map will one letter. Then the code from another letter cards at other times of the day. A code of Internet banking the third letter the other day. " You ....

Do you want to enroll in the German course. The site of the club for a long time you advice on prices and conditions, patiently answered all the questions. You: "I understand everything, pay, now tell me - when I come?" - The Swiss: "Information about the placement test date, the course number and the audience - all this you will receive in the mail." - "By e-mail?" - "No, by regular mail." eleven.

You: "Tell me, what in Switzerland taxes if my income is 5,000 francs a month?" - The Swiss: "It depends on the canton." You: "Where in Switzerland are allowed to put a tent on the nature?" - The Swiss: "It depends on the canton" .

Swiss anecdote. English boy, a Norwegian boy, girl and fratsuzskaya Swiss girl discussing, where there are kids. "Babies brings the stork", - speaks English boy. "No, kids are on the Christmas tree," - says a Norwegian boy. "In France, children are in the cabbage - said the French girl. - And what about Switzerland, "" Depends on the canton? "- meets a Swiss girl.


When the Swiss comes in the train, he asks: "Is not occupied a place near you," before sitting down next to someone or against someone (even if it is obvious that one man sitting). In rural areas, people greet each other on the street, even if not familiar. If you sneeze on a deserted street or in a store, the stranger nearby will tell you "bless you."