Rating the highest paid tennis players of 2018

Rating the highest paid tennis players of 2018

The leader of the list - Swiss Roger Federer in the top 10 - four women

Tennis is perhaps the only sport where women can compete with men in income. So, NBA players are paid 100 times more than the women's league basketball players, and the Grand Slam tournaments the same prize for men and women. And comparative TV ratings of matches top tennis players and tennis players of the top marketers in urging fidelity to the chosen gender equality strategy.

As a result, the top 10 highest-paid tennis people - four ladies. The leader of the list has not changed for 13 years in a row: a tireless Swiss Roger Federer continues to win tournaments and attract sponsors. From June 2017 to June 2018, he earned the first $ 77, 2 million - almost two times more than its nearest rival Rafael Nadal. On the other financial achievements of the best tennis players, read on.

1. Roger Federer, 37 years old, Switzerland

№2 in ATP rankings

The total income of $ 77, 2 million

Prize $ 12, 2 million

Advertising revenue of $ 65 million

In January of 2018, Federer won his 20th Grand Slam title by winning the Australian Open. His charitable foundation has raised more than $ 40 million to implement a big project - by the end of 2018 to give opportunity to educate millions of children in Africa. And advertising Federer earns more than any other athlete in the world. His partnership contracts with Wilson, Credit Suisse, Jura, Lindt, Rolex, Mercedes-Benz and NetJets last more than 10 years. And Roger sponsorship portfolio continues to grow. In 2017 took the deal with Barilla, and in 2018 was replaced by Federer outfitter - now instead of Nike puts his Japanese brand Uniqlo. 10-year-old tennis player contract will generate about $ 30 million a year.

2. Rafael Nadal, 32 years old, Spain

№1 in ATP rankings

The total income of $ 41, 4 million

Prize $ 14, 4 million

Advertising revenue of $ 27 million

Nadal returned to the first line of the rating at the beginning of 2018 - the first time in three years. He is the main favorite of US Open and the face of the new video game AO Tennis, released this year. In 2016 Nadal opened a tennis academy in his native Spain in Manacor. Another he proposed to open in the town of Boca Raton in Florida, but the city authorities eventually abandoned the project.

3. Kei Kei Nishikori, 28, Japan

№19 in ATP rankings

The total income of $ 34, 6 million

Prize $ 1, 6 million

Advertising revenue of $ 33 million

Due to a wrist injury last five months Kei Nishikori has not played in the tournament, but the sponsors continue to appreciate the Japanese star. Over the past 12 months, Asahi, NTT, Japan Airlines, Lixil and Nissin renewed deal with the tennis player. All these companies are sponsors of the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, and Nikikori - face Tokyo Games, so the agreement is at least until that date. In addition, the partner portfolio of 11-times ATP Tour winner presented Uniqlo, Wilson, Nike, Procter & Gamble, Jaguar and Tag Heuer.

4. Novak Djokovic, 31 years old, Serbia

№6 in ATP rankings

The total income of $ 23, 5 million

Prize $ 1, 5 million

Advertising revenue of $ 22 million

The victory in July 2018 st at Wimbledon - the first grand slam title for Djokovic in the last two and a half years, but the 13th of his career - and this is the fourth result in history. At the US Open, where Novak won twice (2011 and 2015), he came among the favorites. In 2017 tennis outfitter changed. The five-year deal with Lacoste involves compensation payments still sponsor - Uniqlo.

5. Serena Williams, 36 years old, USA

№26 in WTA rankings

The total income of $ 18, 1 million

Prize $ 62,000

Advertising revenue of $ 18 million

Serena more than a year did not appear in the tournament because of the pregnancy and birth of a daughter, which affected the prize. However, royal sponsorship portfolio allows it to be the highest-paid woman in the sport. The younger Williams more than a dozen partners: Nike, Intel, Audemars Piguet, JPMorgan Chase, Lincoln, Gatorade, Beats and others. Only 16 athletes earn on advertising more than Serena. Its marketing profitability - at the level of the world's top celebrities, according to a study Marketing Arm's Celebrity DBI.

Rating the highest paid tennis players of 2018

6. Caroline Wozniacki, 28 years, Denmark

№2 in WTA rankings

The total income of $ 13 million

Prize $ 7 million

Advertising revenues of $ 6 million

In January 2018 the first Wozniacki for the first time in his career won the Grand Slam tournament - Auatralian Open - and won $ 3, 1 million for the victory. The list of its advertising partners Adidas, Rolex, Usana, Babolat and other brands. In 2018, together with Caroline now Ovvo Optics has launched its own line of sunglasses.

7 Grigor Dimitrov, 27 years old, Bulgaria

№8 in ATP rankings

The total income of $ 12, 7 million

Prize $ 6, 7 million

Advertising revenues of $ 6 million

At the beginning of his career, Dimitrov was nicknamed Baby Fed - for stylish tennis, a game similar to the great Federer. In 2017 the Bulgarian has won four ATP titles, including the final tournament, which earned win $ 2, 55 million in prize money. Nike has signed a multimillion contract with Dimitrov back in 2014, placing him as a future tennis star.

8. Andy Murray, 31 years old, United Kingdom

№382 in ATP rankings

The total income of $ 11, 5 million

Prize $ 1 million

Advertising revenue of $ 10, 5 million

Murray annual income fell by more than 60% - reduced the trauma of his prizes and bonuses from sponsors. So, in 2018, Andy has played only eight matches. But tennis is actively investing in various British startups through kraudfandingovuyu platform Seedrs. An example of the latter - Deuce app that aims to make tennis more accessible and democratic.

9. Sloane Stephens, 25, USA

№3 in WTA rankings

The total income of $ 11, 2 million

Prize $ 5, 7 million

Advertising revenue of $ 5, 5 million

His first Grand Slam title Stevens won the US Open in 2017. The victory was the catalyst for the growth of its advertising revenues - thanks to new deals with Nike, Mercedes-Benz, Rolex, Colgate, Chocolate Milk and Biofreeze.

10. garbiñe muguruza, 24 years old, Spain

№12 in WTA rankings

The total income of $ 11 million

Prize $ 5, 5 million

Advertising revenue of $ 5, 5 million

In 2017 garbiñe muguruza won the second of his career Grand Slam - Wimbledon. Due to the important title tennis player received a large bonus from Adidas and signed a contract with Rolex. Evian included Garbin in the global promo campaign. Among other sponsors garbiñe muguruza Babolat, Beats by Dre, Rolex, Maui Jim and Caser Seguros.