The highest paid celebrity under 30

American Forbes has presented an annual ranking of the highest paid celebrities under the age of 30 years. With revenue of $ 80 million topped the list of 20-year-old Canadian singer Justin Bieber. Behind him in the rankings have settled the British boy band One Direction ($ 75 million, the average age of uchastknikov - 21) and 24-year-old country-pop queen Taylor Swift ($ 64 million). Among other participants of the singer Bruno Mars list, singer Rihanna, Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga, actress Jennifer Lawrence, as well as electronic musicians Avicii and Skrillex.

To assess the income of young celebrities Forbes examined the data for the period from June 2013 till June 2014. The final sum includes all the earnings of stars associated with their professional activities and personal business initiatives, before taxes and excluding the associated costs. Media editorial traditionally helped collect insiders pop industry - producers, agents, lawyers, and others.

1. Justin Bieber

The highest paid celebrity under 30

Revenue: $ 80 million

Age: 20 years

Sweet Canadian singer of the year experienced a series of PR-scandals, which cost him the reputation of "golden boy" pop industry: in Bieber's portfolio is now - and problems with the police, and unmotivated aggressive behavior, and public use of politically incorrect language. Nevertheless, many millions of fans artist - "bilibery" - continue to fuel the financial health of their idol. During the reporting period, he earned a record $ 80 million at the expense of large-scale concert tour and is still active sales records. And in turn - has a new album. We should also note the influence of social media Bieber - Only on Twitter his "flock" has 56, 6 million subscribers. Access to this audience, besides the truly religious faithful, - the cherished dream of many advertisers.

2. One Direction

The highest paid celebrity under 30

Revenue: $ 75 million

Age: 21 year (the average age of the participants)

Boy band, knit producer Simon Cowell of the graduates of the British version of the television show The X Factor, has won the hearts of millions of young listeners around the world. Their latest album Midnight Memories debuted on the top line of the Billboard 200, and the single Story of My Life immediately went multi-platinum.

3. Taylor Swift

The highest paid celebrity under 30

Revenue: $ 64 million

Age: 24 year

The highest paid woman in the Forbes ranking, Swift held percussive year due to excessive sales of her new album in 1989, which was released in October 2014. From its single Shake It Off in the past year, there was nowhere to escape - entry received multi-platinum status. The singer, who drifts from the country-pop aside the usual pop music, also skillfully managed with social media: to communicate with fans performer, in particular, is a Twitter account and uses the blog platform Tumblr. Swift is the advertising face of brands Diet Coke, Keds and Covergirl.

4. Bruno Mars

The highest paid celebrity under 30

Revenue: $ 60 million

Age: 29 years

A native of Honolulu in the reporting period had to give as much as 118 concerts, including - in the Super Bowl half-time, the rating of events on American television. He became the youngest artist to whom such honor was given. Recognition was also reflected sales of albums: last record of Bruno Mars Unorthodox Jukebox went double platinum.

5. Rihanna

The highest paid celebrity under 30

Revenue: $ 48 million

Age: 26 years

A native of Barbados, earning it the title of one of the most popular singers in the world - despite her young age, her professional portfolio whole deposit blockbuster singles like We Found Love and Diamonds has, as well as joint recording with the Stars Eminem scale and Jay-Z. Rihanna also skillfully stirs interest of the audience to their Twitter- and Instagram-accounts, where her every move is following a multi-million army of fans. According to the level of influence in social media singer is second only to the leader of the ranking Justin Bieber. It also produces its own line of perfume and has the status icons of the fashion industry.

6. Miley Cyrus

The highest paid celebrity under 30

Revenue: $ 36 million

Age: 21 year

Cyrus returned to the ranking of the most highly paid young stars after four years of absence - all thanks to a radical change of image: pupils of modest talents Disney factory singer turned into the main themes of sex exploiter in pop music. Shooting nude in the video for the song Wrecking Ball, candid dancing at the ceremony awards MVT - every step of the former Hannah Montana shared opinion on the champions of morality and ardent supporters of the new Miley. Anyway, the hype has gone into the hands of business Cyrus and her album went platinum Bangerz.

7. Jennifer Lawrence

The highest paid celebrity under 30

Revenue: $ 34 million

Age: 24 year

The only representative of Hollywood in the Forbes ranking, Lawrence again making cash: blockbuster "The Hunger Games" and "X-Men" with its participation collect a solid box-office role in "American Hustle" brings another nomination for "Oscar", and the whole world discusses leak candid shots of the actress on the Internet, because of which Jennifer is transformed into a symbol of struggle stars for the right to privacy.

8. Lady Gaga

The highest paid celebrity under 30

Revenue: $ 33 million

Age: 28 years

Lady Gaga continues to drop with prolonged own commercial peak - in 2011 she earned a record $ 90 million and, it seemed, forever staked their place in the Olympus of world pop. But time and circumstances have forced the singer to adjust ambitions. Sales of new plates though not so low as to deprive the singer place in the list, but not high enough to allow her to return to the top.

9. Avicii

The highest paid celebrity under 30

Revenue: $ 28 million

Age: 25 years

A young Swedish DJ in the past year has become a major supplier of electronic commercial hits the global market. His single, Wake Me Up is sold in the United States a record number of copies -. 4000000 This provided excellent performance and album True The. For each performance in clubs (total figure was about 80 this year) Avicii received a six-figure fees.

10. Skrillex

The highest paid celebrity under 30

Revenue: $ 18 million

Age: 26 years

Young Guru dubstep continues to hold the lead in the "native" genre, crowned last year by three awards "Grammy."