What is it - Sash? All of the zones

The word "girdle" seems out of date, now his little use, but that it does not become less popular. Today, many are asking: what is it - a sash. In fact, the word means a wide belt.

What is it - Sash? All of the zones

A wide piece of fabric, leather, lace or other material which are wound around the waist, in fact, a sash. These belts were previously the preserve of a strong half of mankind. Everyone has seen the bright satin belt, usually red or black, worn with a tuxedo and tailcoat. But the ladies of all time could not resist and had their eye on this accessory.

Women sashes

And now sashes do not go out of fashion. Their sew satin, natural and artificial leather, decorate various crystals and pieces of metal. If a woman wearing an ordinary dress of bright prints, plain and simple cut, the girdle of leather or metal at a stroke transform it into a trend of the season.

This accessory many women and girls emphasize the slim waist, make the figure look like an hourglass, drawing attention to themselves. Often, a wide belt girdle acts as a corset, making the slim figure is not skinny women.

How to tie these belts?

Much depends on the length of the sash. Usually it is wrapped around the waist twice. If the belt is too long, it can be wrapped in three or four times. The ends can be nice to tie a knot or bow. But the stylists are not recommended to tie it to the middle of the abdomen, it will give the volume of even the most slender woman. It would be better to do a node on one side.

What is it - Sash? All of the zones

Now let sashes-blende. How it looks and what it is? Sash of this type looks like a belt wrapped around the waist several times, when in fact it fastens with buttons or invisible hook.

From what to wear waist-sash?

Wear the sash can be anything. Modern fashion quite practical and democratic. Ideally, these sashes complement any evening dress or something that fits, going to a disco, a cocktail dress and strict business. Any skirt, wide or narrow classic trousers with a broad belt looked much more spectacular than without it.

Female cardigan or jacket, made of soft fabric, can beautifully decorate the addition of a wide belt. These are worn with jeans, shorts, tunics and so on. Of great importance is the color-sash belt. To create a contrast, it is desirable to choose the color that goes well with clothing. For example, if the dress is bright, the wide belt can be dark in color tone or plain black. Conversely, the dark, you can decorate a black dress or a white leather belt (if the figure) or the dark satin sash with rhinestones, metal inserts. Belt can generally be selected from steel metal outflow.

These and other recommendations will help every woman look stylish and fashionable at any time of the year.