Titmouse costume for girls with their hands

Titmouse costume for girls with their own hands - a great alternative to the more common children's carnival images. Titmouse bird, elegant and bright - yellow-blue dress with wings and a bird mask. In this outfit your baby just will not stay unnoticed.

Choose materials

From what materials you take to suit titmouse, will depend on the final image and the convenience of the suit. Outfits from poor synthetic fabric obtained cheap, but stick to the feet, electrified and can cause irritation on the baby's skin. Then, instead of the joy he gets solid disappointment of the holiday.

For breast-titmouse birds can use plush fleece or simulating a short tail, for a skirt suit elegant organza or tulle. Wings and mask perfectly derived from the dense bright and well hold the form of felt. Also, you may need thick cardboard, from which you can make your bird's beak.

As for colors, you pay attention to the bird in nature - this bird has a yellow belly and a "tie", head and wings are black, streaked with blue. Therefore suit titmouse will resemble this bird, if you take a basic outfit of yellow color, for girls will be the preferred dress or skirt with a T-shirt. Complement it with blue or blue wings, and you get a real titmouse.

Titmouse costume for girls with their hands


If you do not know how to sew well or you do not have too much time, the easiest way to make the costume titmouse - is ready to take a bright yellow dress. However, there are others not so time-consuming options. For example, you can take the yellow T-shirt and skirt are made of bright tulle. You can select the hard, who stands and holds its shape well - skirt get fun and perky as a pack. A soft evrofatina can be made more lightweight, fluffy skirt, which creates a romantic image, and then a skirt can be used in other outfits.

For the manufacture of skirts, measure the child's waist and measure the length of the skirt of the future. For these measurements, cut 4 pieces of tulle to the skirt does not shine through. Set on a typewriter largest stitch length and Stitch along the edge of each cut individually. If you are sewing on hand - just type the cutting edge on a thread, as they say, "nazhivulte" it. Then pull the thread at one end, to get the assembly. Spread all the folds, so that they are uniform. Now route the line over pleats has a short basic stitch to secure the assembly. Do this with each cut.

Titmouse costume for girls with their hands

Measure a piece of wide satin ribbon belt - waist circumference plus 30 cm on each side to tying a bow. Put all the pieces of tulle on top of each other, prostrochite them to become one. On top of the cut, apply a satin ribbon and pin it to the tulle pins. Wrap the free end of the tape to the other side and Clip Available again. Belt stitched to the skirt, and she was ready. Due to the long ends of the belt you can easily start up it on the child's waist.


The next step in creating a costume titmouse hands - wings. There are many options, but we will highlight some of the most simple and beautiful.

For the first you'll need a blue bolero with short or long sleeves. On the sleeves can sew long patches of shiny organza shades of blue - the wings are ready.

Titmouse costume for girls with their hands

The second option - to sew wings of fabric and felt. This will require the segment any fabric blue for the base felt and different shades of blue. Let the child will pull hand in hand, and you measure the distance between the wrists. This will be the width of the wings. Fabric, cut a semicircle, whose base is equal to the length of your measurement. The diameter of the semicircle you can do for a child measure from shoulder to waist. To sew the corners rezinochki or tape to fasten the wings on his wrists.

Next, cut out of felt a lot of oval long workpieces - they will mimic feathers. Nasheyte these feathers to the base overlapping. Sew the wings ready to collar dresses, tie on your hands, and your titmouse can take off.

Another option - on a similar basis of fabric to sew over the edge of the blue feather boa - will very much like a bird.

Titmouse costume for girls with their hands


for the costume mask titmouse

Measure the circumference of the baby's head, add 3-4 centimeters for bonding overlapped. Cut a strip of cardboard of this length. From the same cardboard cut out two triangles, glue them along the long edge, to obtain the volume beak and glue the base to the middle of the cardboard strip. Strip connect in a circle. From cardboard cut out two eyes and glue on the tape. Paint the workpiece and can be worn on the head. The second option - to make a mask out of felt. Cut two pieces of felt points and nose in the form of drops. Glue the nose to the middle points on top of the second workpiece glue points. Along the edges of the elastic insert. The edges of the mask, you can stitch for reliability and decorate with bright feathers or pieces of felt other colors.

Titmouse costume for girls with their hands


To make the costume for girls titmouse completion, under a dress you can wear yellow stockings or socks, appropriate shoes. You can also add makeup to the face - for example, draw a blue wings on his cheeks.