Incredible facts from the life of Salvador Dali

Incredible facts from the life of Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali - the legendary surrealist star among the artists and very extraordinary person. His quirky character attracts attention, captivates people and causing considerable curiosity. Get acquainted with the most surprised facts from his biography.

Incredible facts from the life of Salvador Dali

1. The story of the "lollipop"

Salvador Dali is the author of the famous logo lollipops "Chupa Chups". Enric Bernat, founder of the company, personally asked Dali help in creating logos. And here, on the old newspaper from under the hand of the world-famous surrealist appeared today logo. The decision to place the logo on top of the candy, not the side, too, was a brilliant suggestion Dali.

As a reward, Salvador got a decent fee, and asked him to deliver a box of candy every day. With these candies he came to the playground, demonstratively unpacking lollipop licking it and throwing to the ground. This process was repeated until the Dali did not remain completely satisfied with them.

Incredible facts from the life of Salvador Dali

From a series of photographs by Jean Dauzaid. Photo: acontinuouslean.

2. Throw Yoko Ono for money.

Amanda Lear, known as the muse of Dali, shared a story: once Yoko Ono asked Dali to send her hair out of his legendary mustache. Dali thought that Yoko Ono - Witch and can send down on him a spell. Instead, he asked Amanda to find in the garden a dry blade of grass, and send it to Yoko in the classroom of the packaging box.

Yoko Ono paid for it 10 thousand dollars.

Incredible facts from the life of Salvador Dali

3. Love of Gale.

Yes, this story is exactly included in the list of unusual stories from the life of Dali. Helena Dyakonova, known as Gala, Dali met young, being older than 10 years old and married. But love has struck them both and soon they were married. This caused outrage Dali family, but it was not so important. Gala was his muse for life. Once, he gave her a castle in the province of Girona, where he could not come without the written invitation. Now Gala is buried there.

Incredible facts from the life of Salvador Dali

4. The surrealists did not recognize him.

Dali openly fascinated by the figure of Hitler. Even painted a picture in which the image of Hitler framed as a landscape. The Surrealists saw it as Nazism unacceptable at a time and expelled Dali from his company.

Incredible facts from the life of Salvador Dali

5. Not an addict.

There is a stereotype that all imaginative creators take drugs, that provides them with a source of creativity. But Dalí was not involved in this. He said: "I do not do drugs. I am the drug. "

The necessary condition for creativity, he was immersed in using paranoid-critical method, which he invented. One of the ways in which he was held in a fantastic condition, included close monitoring of the specific subject, while he will not accept another form, cause hallucinations.

Incredible facts from the life of Salvador Dali

6. He was expelled from art school. Twice.

Being a rebel from childhood, Dalí did not hesitate unusual dress and behavior. At that time, it was considered extravagant style British dandies of the 19th century, which Dali and adhered to. School Dali never finished. The first time he was expelled because of participation in school protests. In the second - in 1926, right before the exams.

Without studying Dali I did not waste time in vain and soon went to Paris. There he met his idol - Pablo Picasso.

Incredible facts from the life of Salvador Dali

7. Reincarnation.

Dali had an older brother. Unfortunately, he died of meningitis, and 9 months later, Salvador Dali was born - he was named as name of his older brother. At the age of five years, parents have brought him to his brother's grave and told that he - his reincarnation. Salvador Dali believed in this concept, but once admitted - he had long wanted to prove to himself that he is - he is, and not a new version of his late brother.

Incredible facts from the life of Salvador Dali

8. Own Museum.

Once the mayor of Figueres (Dali's hometown) has asked the artist to donate one work of art to the local museum. In response, the Dali restored building of the city theater in the world-renowned Dalí Theater-Museum.

Incredible facts from the life of Salvador Dali

9. Alice in Wonderland.

Dali once acted as an illustrator for the legendary "Alice in Wonderland". Dali style mix with scenes of Lewis Carroll has proved very advantageous. At first it was just published 2700 copies, but continued to publish books.

Incredible facts from the life of Salvador Dali

10. The hologram of Alice Cooper.

Collaboration Dali and Cooper is one of the most epic in the art world. Creators mutually admired each other, and once offered Dali Alice cooperate.

Together they have created the world's first hologram of Alice Cooper and generally having a great time.

11. Royal heart.

Salvador Dali created a dazzling masterpiece of gold, covered with 46 rubies, 42 diamonds, two emeralds and other precious stones. And it's not the most impressive part. The internal mechanism causes the heart to beat Royal, if it is a living human heart.

Now it is in the Theater-Museum Dalí.

12. Vogue.

Usually on the covers of Vogue magazine, we see pictures of models. But a couple of times on the cover of Vogue were famous surrealist paintings. Issues with its covers came out in December 1938, April 1944 and December 1971.

Incredible facts from the life of Salvador Dali

13. The fashion designer.

Dali loved fashion. He worked closely with Italian designer Elsa Schiaparelli, who created things, inspired by his works. In particular, its "Lobster Telephone" was a source of inspiration, and in 1930 they sewed the dress with a lobster for the Duchess of Windsor.

Dali also created a hat in the shape of shoes, a belt with a buckle in the lips and perfume bottles. In 1950, he collaborated with a close friend of Christian Dior in fashion design the future. Dali designed the "Dress to 2045".

Incredible facts from the life of Salvador Dali

14. The Dinner Party.

Dali loved to collect guests for their fun activities. For example, to collect all the common table. All very surreal. Here is a short report from the scene:

15. Do not pay in the restaurant.

When Dali friends gathered for dinner in the restaurant, Dali asked to issue by itself. It was necessary to pay by check, so it Dalí painted some sketch. He knew that no one would be to cash it because his drawings were considered a hundred times more valuable.

Incredible facts from the life of Salvador Dali