How to make the interior unique

In creating the interior of the individual you are not too many opportunities for error - not everyone can afford to change the furniture in the apartment with the seasons. This is not a reason to be afraid of bold decisions and not to seek their own style. To inspire you, I have collected 6 original and beautiful things that just do not get lost in the room environment. Also tell you where to find unique furniture and accessories from the premium European brands.

1. Chandelier-cell

How to make the interior unique How to make the interior unique

Metal chandelier, each horn is reminiscent of the bird cage, suitable for both interior loft-style, and to Provence. It should hang over the table right in the center, in the kitchen or living room. The only negative - a chandelier needs a sufficiently high ceiling. If you have a problem with that, look for such an option on the shorter sling.

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2. Wardrobe frame

How to make the interior unique How to make the interior unique

Wardrobe original form in the frame of polished metal looks at the same time catchy and concise. I was attracted by a model with an engraving depicting the Vitruvian Man by Leonardo da Vinci. You probably know this painting - the figure of a man with his arms wide apart, inscribed in a circle and a square. Want something more modern - pay attention to the plain model in white and blue colors. They fit perfectly into the Nordic interior. Buy closet

3. Carpet canvas

How to make the interior unique

White carpet with colorful abstract strokes and says: "Do not fear me dirty." This bold decision for a modern interior. It will look good with a monochromatic light furniture, but will require additional artistic accents in the room. In this children's carpet is easy to combine with bright table, wardrobe or bed.

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4. Vase Salvador Dali

How to make the interior unique

Continue the theme of art want stylish vase of marble chips in the form of the head of Salvador Dali - surrealist, most self-portraits of the artist. Such a thing will add individuality classical interior and certainly not remain without attention of your guests. Besides Dali there are vases with Picasso and Modigliani.

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5. The mirror with vinyl

How to make the interior unique

Mirror in the style of pop art in a frame in the form of vinyl records is suitable for rooms with a relaxed contemporary design. The situation should be bright, cheerful and glossy as Marilyn Monroe in his best films. This design is good because it is easy to create fine detail - pillows with eye-catching prints, posters and paintings.

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6. The hanger-rack

How to make the interior unique

The Italian hanger - a perfect solution for studio apartments. She did not need as much space as a closet, it can be easily folded and moved. Let you do not mind that things in mind: that of the material will be able to breathe, and you - the motivation to hang clothes neatly. Buy hanger

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