Boho-style dress is back in vogue!

One of the main trends of the fashion season this autumn - a style of boho (bohemian chic). This is truly a unique fashion phenomenon. It does not imply the very clothes, and the inner world of man, his views and opinions expressed in an image. Boho attended shows houses Prada and Emilio Pucci. His respect for Dolce and Gabbana, Cavan, Blumarine. Their samples in this style conquered the whole of Europe and America and continue to conquer the world.


Although the name of the style similar to the modern word "bohemian", which has become synonymous with the elite, it is not the least bit affected. Boho-style of clothes combines elements of Gypsy culture, natural fabrics and many details, making it all deliberate negligence. The basis of style - a freedom to experiment, to show their individuality in things and feel the harmony with the surrounding world. Fans of boho-chic skillfully combine conflicting styles of clothing.

In this case, it is not necessary to buy expensive branded items or accessories from well-known brands. Clothes in boho style can be found on inexpensive markets and second-hand. Jewelry or clothing boho style with his own hands makes it very easy.

Boho-style dress is back in vogue!

origins of boho-chic

The name of this fashionable direction comes from the city of Bohemia, where the gypsy tribes lived long enough. Especially their culture demanded a certain external image. Merry festivals around campfires, constant dancing and songs Roma forced to dress in bright costumes cause. Roma did not care about material values ​​and public opinion. They had their own views on life and the world around us. Imitating them, boho-style dress combines loose long colorful skirt, comfortable boots, wide-brimmed hats and lots of homemade ornaments.

Newly popular boho-line made famous model Kate Moss. It was she who began to create a comfortable and convenient things from natural fabrics, adorned with bright prints. In the future, it picked up the idea of ​​many Hollywood stars.

How to apply modern stars to boho-chic

Many well-known representatives of European culture in recent times prefer to go to the people in the boho-images. Most of the stars are beginning to wear comfortable, shapeless things, big or vintage glasses, and a variety of prints on clothes are left to wonder. Besides Kate Moss, boho-chic (style of) prefer Nicole Richie, Hilton's sister, Sienna Miller, Selena Gomez and others.

Strong half of celebrities also decided to keep up. A wide variety of prints on jackets and trousers, careless huge scarves, podkatannye legs, untied shoelaces - all these elements of boho. Bags and accessories can be executed in a hunting or Indian style, decorated with ornaments or fringe. The final touch will be the image of an elegant hat or beret.

Boho-style dress is back in vogue!

Basis boho-style

The main feature of this style is not what things are wearing and how they are worn. When choosing clothes, you should not pay attention to public opinion. The most unusual things and colors help to create the perfect image. You must learn to combine incongruous.

Within such a multi-faceted way usually interwoven ethnic patterns and parts, elements vintage, gypsy and colonial, Safari colors and their combinations can be very different. Preferring boho-style people tend to look not only bright, but also feel comfortable in such a way. Boho style of dress (photos are presented in the article) collects into a whole naturalness and originality. So his fans can wear fur with lace or fringe, comfortable to wear cowboy boots with short colorful dresses. They combine the expensive items with cheap, wrinkled with the Service, frayed denim shorts with classic hats or accessories. At the same decorations can quite fit together, or clothing in general. The main thing is not afraid to experiment. Every detail of the image expresses the internal faces of man. It is in this philosophy of bohemian chic.

Boho-style dress is back in vogue!

tissue types

Boho lovers mostly prefer quality and natural fabrics, without causing discomfort. Therefore, the most popular, is generally considered to linen, cotton, wool and burlap. But this does not mean that boho style of the exclusion of other types of tissue. The main thing that people themselves they felt comfortable and natural.

One thing can be sewn from several kinds of fabric, varying according to the type and texture. Very popular are multi-layered and airy skirts, combining different kinds of patterns and colors. Good fit things, decorated with ornaments and bright details, made with his own hands (for example, a huge flower), as well as vintage items.

Boho-style dress is back in vogue!

Suitable for boho style?

Some mods mistakenly assume that this style is suitable only for a certain weight and age categories of people. In fact, the style of philosophy speaks of the absence of restrictions. boho attire - to complete and at the same time for thin people, for young ladies and dandies in age. It does not matter what parameters and growth figures endowed man, boho-way you can pick up for everyone. Many women over 40 a long time to discover all the advantages of this fashionable direction. Not fitting, but slightly The fitted clothes help hide all the flaws figures, emphasizing femininity. To give full well fit a variety of bright tunics and dresses of medium length. It is necessary to give preference to beige, blue, light green. Additional image of the original band at the waist. As you can choose the hairstyle tousled styling or not too tight braid.

Things in the style of boho own hands

Although online stores today are full of a wide variety of clothes and accessories in the boho style, many ladies prefer to make clothing and jewelry by hand. Actually sew clothes in boho style very easily. After all, it does not require regular beautiful seams, perfectly smooth lines and other characteristic of other styles, details. Rather, it is suitable asymmetry and negligence. You may be able to change their old wardrobe items. For example, black formal trousers embroider flowers of beads or pearls or decorate a white blouse bright embroidery. You can transform a summer hat using ribbons and artificial flowers. Remaking clothes in boho style is not a problem. You can connect several old skirts into one and give freshness wear favorite things in boring jeans make a hole or build an interesting ring of beads and artificial flowers.

Jewelry own hands

Huge role jewelery. A variety of wreaths, necklaces, brooches, rings can be very useful complement the created image. It is important to remember that boho-style dress is supplemented not just a couple of ornaments, and a variety of rings, bracelets, chains, pendants and collars at once. The more jewelry, the image will look brighter, but still should not be taken literally, and put on whatever is in the box. Important to maintain the right measure between the many and too much.

To make their own decorations in the boho style is easy enough. Ready-made accessories for a wide variety of products can be found in the store. As materials used multicolored beads, pieces of fabric, leather, natural or artificial stones, colored feathers. You can easily combine a variety of colors and textures.

Well look decoration of ceramic beads, painted ornament. You can also add an unusual plastic parts (eg colored hearts or stars) or simply decoration of this materiallov. Very easily made integral bracelet: leather strip intertwined with metal chain and a rope of dense tissue in the harness. On such a bracelet can be worn several large beads or stones.

Boho-style dress is back in vogue!

Style Boho clothing: skirt pattern

The basis of self-sewn things in the style of boho should be wide cut. He will feel comfortable and free. The pattern should begin skirt with a figure similar to the apron. The length should be about 90 cm, top width -. 150 cm Upper skirt is strapped with a rubber band to the type of figure. Skirt in any case should not encircle. At the bottom of the skirt will need to sew a decoration in the form of ruffles, whose role can perform an undulating 16-inch piece of fabric. It should sew the bottom, along the entire width of the skirt. Such frills can sew not only down, but also to any part of the skirt. Up Next sew a pair of drawstrings. Of these, it will be possible to make an interesting bow emphasizing style boho clothing. Patterns for the base of the skirt can be selected and others, according to the desired length or model. Asymmetry is also well match the style. The front portion of the skirt can be made shorter, and play with the edge length. The most difficult to sew frills. Careful prodelyvat seams and ties, as they are better than all striking.

Boho-style dress is back in vogue!

Boho, hairstyles and hair ornaments

Boho-style dress can not do without the harmonious hairstyles. One of the most popular hairstyles is a scythe. This versatile styling has a lot of options. It can be tight or disheveled, released up to a maximum length of hair or gathered around the head. You can use different types of panels (eg, fish tail or braiding of a large number of strands), make one or more of the braid. The main thing - do not be afraid to experiment and choose a hairstyle that will come to an oval and facial features.

Another option is placing - wavy curls. This sloppy, Air hairstyle is the best complement boho-style dress. In this case, it is not necessary to have the correct form curls and long held. A better option would stacking effect untidiness. You can use a nail fixation.

Very harmonious with different hairstyles look decoration in the form of collars. Sometimes they help to make a stylish folding, sometimes decorated with the image. It can be headbands with big flowers, beads, crystals, lace or chains.

Boho-style dress is back in vogue!

Style Boho clothing: examples

Dresses and jackets of this style can be absolutely different lengths and textures, the main thing that they were sewn from natural fibers. Top normally always decorated with sleeves or straps to make it easy to carry it. Mainly used flared styles.

Skirts usually are sewn very long and colorful, fluttering of the fabric. As a rule, they are decorated with a variety of ethnic patterns and details. Advantageously look lacy things (e.g., T-shirts or tunic) in combination with a tight bottom. Bags are usually very large and spacious, and they have a sloppy form. As a jewelry bag use fringe, suede, various baubles.