Confrontation BMW and Audi continues on Twitter

• Confrontation BMW and Audi continues tweeted

How did we miss the fascinating trolling public German car brands BMW and Audi. But recently, the confrontation continued - BMW group posted on Twitter a photo of a new car BMW M4 in the exclusive color "Yas Marina Blue" (Yas Marina Blue). Behind the car in the photo were shown a spark of fireworks, some of which are very much reminded logo ... Audi. Of course, representatives of the "Audi" could not leave it unattended, and away we go.

Confrontation BMW and Audi continues on Twitter

First, let's look at how it all began. Agree brand Audi (given its eternal rivalry with BMW) and pops up in the mind, when you look at this brand new photo presentation M4.

Sparks fly for this # M4 in exclusive Yas Marina Blue. Image by @jinphotos. #MMondays

- BMW USA (@BMWUSA) August 20, 2018

From M4 car in an exclusive color sparks fly Yas Marina Blue.

Seeing the "self" in the picture M4 from BMW, Audi Group has decided to continue a long-term and trolling post retvitnul rivals, making the signature, "When you see it ...". Naturally, Twitter boomed - thousands, tens of thousands of retweets and likes to hit witty Clip Available main antagonist BMW.

When you see it ...

- Audi (@Audi) August 21, 2018

But not a bit of it. Advertisers BMW responded almost immediately, and within a day the Bavarian answer was published on Twitter. Personally, we received a standing ovation.

"We will see this in the same place and always - in the rearview mirror," - was the answer BMW.

When you see it ...

- Audi (@Audi) August 21, 2018

More from Audi caustic remarks in the address of the opponents did not arrive, and users counted victory BMW - the network even started a flash mob, which was a reaction to this online battle. Basically followers acrobystitis SIFCO with applause for BMW SMM-manager. Deservedly.

- RX100 wala Batman (@ RX100walaBATMAN) August 22, 2018

- Kay (@ 18GoonerKay86) August 22, 2018

The confrontation Audi and BMW started more than ten years ago, with a porridge brewed exactly the Bavarians. In 2006, they published "congratulation" - Audi was then recognized as the best car in South Africa.

"Congratulations to Audi for winning the nomination" The best car in South Africa - 2006 ". From the owner of the title of the best car of 2006 ", - stated in the" postcard ". The implication was that the BMW was then recognized as the best car of the year in principle, and a local victory in South Africa, compared with the small-town look. Audi's reaction was not long in coming, and soon the Germans published their "congratulations."

"Congratulations to BMW with the title of the best car in 2006. From six-time winner of the race the Le Mans 24 Hour ".

Here, incidentally, the same "postcards".

Confrontation BMW and Audi continues on Twitter

Since then, between Audi and BMW permanent public competition, which is not only pleasing to the network of trolls, but obviously fuels the interest of motorists all over the world for cars of these brands. However, as soon as this conflict it was born, and the hypothesis of the marketing agreement between the two corporations for the sake of attracting attention. But even if this is true, it is still a genius and every time just excellent in performance.