The most comfortable and practical wagons

The most comfortable and practical wagons

Many people are willing to buy practical, roomy car and at the same time pay eyes to the crossovers and wagons. The latter have a huge advantage, which few people thought. How can choose the right car, what to look for, as well as the best new model - later in the review.


The most comfortable and practical wagons

Touring BMW F31 Touring, created on the basis of sedan 3-Series.

To design versatile enough to take a 4-door sedan, extend the roof to the rear bumper and add hatch instead of the trunk. It was so early and did. But these "suitcases" is no longer lets anyone, even the conservatives from Volvo. In contrast, the current models of Audi Avant, BMW Touring and Volvo V60 can not fail to please the eye. They are designed as vehicles with individual style and an attractive appearance.

The most comfortable and practical wagons

Audi A4 Avant with bikes on the roof.

Large roof wagon provides the ability to set her rack or trunk, which can be fastened loads, such as bicycles.


The most comfortable and practical wagons

The spacious luggage compartment of the BMW 3 Series Touring.

Options versatile salons often repeats all the options that are available for sedans. The main distinctive element, which is worth paying attention - is folding rear seats. Thanks to them, the trunk size can be increased two to three times. The volume of a conventional trunk of a sedan is about 400 liters, wagon - about 550-600 liters. But if the rear row of seats, the pad is formed over 1100 liters in volume - more cubic meters of space.


The most comfortable and practical wagons

V-shaped 6-cylinder engine Audi A4 Allroad.

Despite the diversity of models, only some of the wagons are a specialized motor or transmission. Under the hood, 5-door Audi Allroad and Volvo V90 are units of sedans A4 and S90, respectively. In today's wagons can easily find a turbocharged engine. This is now no surprise. But to find a car with a hybrid power plant will not be easy.


The most comfortable and practical wagons

"Standard" security - the versatile Volvo V60.

Most modern vehicles meet the strict standards of active and passive safety. And if the car is designed for a family with children, you should pay attention to the list of options that can be ordered. For a long time it was considered the safest car Volvo V60, and all thanks to the tracking system for the blind zones, Auto Brake and Adaptive Cruise Control.

wagon or crossover?

The most comfortable and practical wagons

The crossover Mercedes-Benz GLC and wagon Mercedes-Benz C-Klasse.

In recent years the popularity of cars with a body "versatile" declined slightly. Drivers are increasingly transplanted to crossovers. But these machines are almost SUVs, satisfied by no means all. Indeed, the crossovers can not offer 'passenger' travel and handling. Later in the review the wagons on which the online edition advised to pay special attention.

Volkswagen Golf SportWagen

The most comfortable and practical wagons

Economy wagon Volkswagen Golf SportWagen.

Volkswagen Golf SportWagen perfectly fulfills the role of the family car. Its modest diesel turbo 1.6 TDI BlueMotion a rate of up to 4 liters per 100 kilometers (combined cycle) enables to save on fuel. The cargo compartment SportWagen fairly large volume - 605 liters. And if the rear seat is formed with a flat floor space volume of 1620 liters. Access to the trunk - through a large rear door.

Volvo V60

The most comfortable and practical wagons

A special version of the Volvo V60 Polestar.

The versatile Volvo V60 is designed for drivers who want a sports sedan, but also appreciate practicality. He also appeal to those who want a crossover, but need a car, confident, "holding" the road. V60 producing both front-wheel and in the 4x4 version. Drivers offer a wide range of engines in volume from 1 to 6 L 2, L 4.

Mini Clubman

Clubman wagon from the British Mini firm.

The company introduced the Mini universal car that was missing in the line of cars. Mini Clubman - it's more than trucks for transportation of people and goods. This is a car with its unique style features.