Hospitals - home to ghosts

It is difficult to find a more melancholy than the hospital - where people come with health problems, weak and depressed. It is not surprising that such places attract ghosts.

Hospitals - home to ghosts

Hospital communication. Bartholomew, United Kingdom

Hospitals - home to ghosts

It is the oldest hospital in London - it was built in 1123, and it works so far. Inside clinic is a lift, also known as "coffin-lift", which is sometimes company brings passengers to the basement itself. There he stops, the light turns off and the elevator no signs of life. But when the passenger, cursing, gets out and the stairs going up, it seems that the elevator car moves followed. When a person comes to the first floor, the elevator will wait there - to open the door, as if nothing had happened.

If you believe the rumors, so fun ghost of the murdered in the basement of a nurse, repeatedly forcing the visitors to visit her.

Psychiatric Hospital Gonyam, Gyeonggi, South Korea

Hospitals - home to ghosts

Rumors about the suspicious death of a psychiatric hospital Gonyam in the 1990s made it one of the worst in all of South Korea. According to the legend, the patients and the doctors died unexpectedly, and their bodies were found in their beds. What happened to these poor - it is still a mystery, but the atmosphere in the former hospital is very oppressive.

The State School and Hospital Pennhorst

Hospitals - home to ghosts

Public School and Pennhorst hospital was built in 1908 as an educational institution for children with mental and physical disabilities. The school was able to take more than 10 000 pupils, but quickly gained a bad reputation. He said that teachers and doctors mistreated children.

Hospitals - home to ghosts

The building was closed in 1986, but everything, including the environment and medical equipment remained intact. Witnesses have reported paranormal activity in these parts: the hospital could hear voices, footsteps, and the rooms of the objects move by themselves.

Psychiatric Hospital "Ararat", Australia

Hospitals - home to ghosts

In the largest mental hospital in Australia "Ararat" (or "Aradel") for its 130-year history, killing 13 000 people. It opened in 1867, and since the opening of the hospital perished about a hundred people a year, and patients, and prisoners, and doctors.

Why is the "prisoners"? The fact that here sent criminals whose mental health is questionable. They were held together with women postrodovoy depression, people suffering from depression, patients with autism or Down syndrome.

At the moment, "Aradel" is the most visited abandoned places across Australia. Tourists say that repeatedly confronted with the ghosts.

Hovrinskaya Hospital Russia

Hospitals - home to ghosts

Of course, we could not ignore the domestic hospital - our country is rich in them. One of the most popular attractions in Mystics is unfinished Hovrinskaya Hospital in Moscow.

Psychoneurological hospital was supposed to be the biggest in the area - a building designed for 1,300 patients. Everything was ready: the glass inserted, installed plumbing, even the signs hung on the doors. But for some reason (most likely due to the sudden discontinuation of funding) project is frozen, and the building so no one drove.

Since nobody has entered - no one died, right? So from here to take a ghost? Certainly not. According to one well-known tales Hovrinskoy hospital in ruins settled Satanists "Nemostora". They say they have sacrificed, and the animals, and humans. In addition, the hospital is very cold, although drafts take seemingly nowhere.

But even if you do not believe in all these "ghost" stories actually visit the hospital Hovrinskuyu dangerous because of shaky floors, which can collapse at any time, and marginalized individuals who may at any moment to attack.

Pauwels Island, Venice

Hospitals - home to ghosts

At this time we are not talking about the clinic, but the whole island, which was once entirely set aside for the infirmary. Pauwels was a place of isolation and at the same time - mass grave. Ships were transported to the island, not only patients, but also to those who were only faint echoes of symptoms, because the authorities feared that the plague would kill every last one. There, people spent 40 days and either died or - more rarely - recovered. Thousands of bodies burned on the island has become a tradition to stop the spread of the disease. Quarantine on the island was held by order of the Venetian Doge after a severe epidemic of plague in 1348 and lasted until 1630.

In 1922, the island opened a clinic for the mentally ill. We got there not only crazy, but also enemies of the political regime of the Duce Mussolini. Patients complain that they hear voices in the walls of the hospital, but anyone surprised that mentally ill people hear voices?

Hospitals - home to ghosts

There is a legend about the semi-mystical doctor of the hospital, who conducted cruel experiments on patients, as a result of which they often die or permanently lost their senses. He made it a lobotomy without anesthesia, so that their screams were heard throughout the hospital. According to one version, the bloody doctor went mad and he began to hear the voices of the dead. They forced him to climb the tower and threw out. However, others say, that fold down the doctor helped "grateful" patients. It is said that after the closure of the hospital is still found a family, ready to buy the island. But the couple failed to spend a single night - they sailed away after a couple of hours and immediately went to the hospital. It turned out someone had mutilated the face of their daughter.

Rumors or not, but when in 2014 the authorities have attempted to sell the island, the highest of the proposed prices is hardly reached $ 704 thousand. No one wanted to live on the bones of people who died violent painful death.

Nokton Hall, United Kingdom

In 1940 Nokton Hall was a hospital for the Royal Air Force, and later the hospital doors opened for all. The hospital worked till 1995.

It was said, though in the gloomy walls of the Hall Nokton wandering ghost of a young girl-maid, who groans and cries, standing in a foot of the bed. She complains about the "damn the man who did this to her."

"It is," as is clear from the rumors - "dishonored." They say the maid killed the owner's son, and before that took advantage of its naivete, as a result she has become pregnant.