Most tourist attractions creepy haunted

There are countless attractions around the world, shrouded in mystery. These destinations are valid for already a long time and are known for the fact that they inhabit the ghosts of those who lived in this area centuries ago.

Visit and study of such sites for reckless adventurers cf. the dream come true in reality. These areas tend to be created in the field of traumatic death, which led to the killing or imprisonment. In truth, the more terrifying story of a place, the more paranormal activity, it can be characterized.

From the beautiful islands in Mexico to an Irish castle, in front of you - a list of the ten most terrible in the world tourist attractions haunted!

10. Fort Bhangar (The Bhangarh Fort), Bhangar, India

Most tourist attractions creepy haunted

According to legend, Bhangar Fort was cursed along with all its inhabitants adept of black magic. The sorcerer has cursed all the inhabitants of the palace, so that all of them died horrible death, and their spirits permanently settled in the fort.

Now after sunset visitors inside the fort is not allowed. All they have to leave this place before nightfall, that is, until 6 pm.

Rumor has it that at night the fortress wandering ghosts, and local residents are often heard strange sounds drifting out (a woman crying, screaming, and so on. N.).

9. Bichvortsky madhouse (The Beechworth Lunatic Asylum), Beechworth (Beechworth), Australia

Most tourist attractions creepy haunted

The building is a madhouse in Beechworth Hospital was located before. Night tour of this place goes through the different sections, wards and surgical facilities. It is rumored that former hospital patients who died a violent death, are still here, and their souls roam the corridors of the hospital. To make it even more interesting, you can go on a paranormal investigation tour of the crazy house, at which time you equip infrared goggles, night vision camera and other equipment, with which the journey to that place will be even more frightening!

8. Island Puppet (Island of the Dolls), Mexico City, Mexico

Most tourist attractions creepy haunted

Known as the Isla de las Munecas, Island of dolls hidden in canals Xochimilco (Xochimilco Canals). The island is dedicated to a girl who, according to legend, drowned under extremely mysterious circumstances.

Hundreds of dolls and their individual parts are hung on trees and scattered across the grass, and all of them are believed to be possessed by her spirit. Anyway, this particular tourist attraction is definitely conjures up thoughts of ghosts.

7. Castle Hunedoara (Hunedoara Castle), Transylvania, Romania

Most tourist attractions creepy haunted

Also known as Corvin Castle (Corvin) Hunyadi or (Hunyad Castle), this particular castle is covered by numerous horror stories.

According to legend, in the XVI century in the castle, in their beds, two children were killed. In addition, in the same castle was killed by her husband, a woman, an affair with a soldier. Her body was found bricked up in the wall, after almost 200 years after his death.

Countless exorcists tried to clean this place, but it does not leave the ghosts.

6. The Hellfire Club (Hell Fire Club), Dublin, Ireland

Most tourist attractions creepy haunted

Hellfire Club was awarded the title of "the most horrific in Dublin." meeting place of its members located in Montpelier Hill (Montpelier Hill). Legend has it that the building was built on the site of an ancient burial ground, and workers to erect a house in 1725, hauled the stones for the construction of the nearby graves.

Shortly after the completion of the building of its roof blown off in a storm and the locals thought it was the devil's tricks. Rumor has it that in this place is performed occult rituals, so on it is still wandering ghosts.

5. The Catacombs of Paris, France

Most tourist attractions creepy haunted

For those who do not know the catacombs of Paris - is, in essence, a quarry, consisting of a network of tunnels beneath the city.

Several tunnels at the end of the XVIII century have been converted into the catacombs for storing bones of those who were buried in the crowded numerous Parisian cemeteries.

Part of the catacombs along with an abandoned railway is open to the public, and it is here that visitors sometimes encounter ghosts, walking through the dark tunnels.

4. Chateaubriand Castle (Chateau de Chateaubriant), Chateaubriand, France

Most tourist attractions creepy haunted

This medieval castle attracts tourists for centuries. However, not every tourist venture to enter the famous Gold room (Chambre Doree).

Why? Because, according to legend, the wife of Jean de Laval (Jean de Laval), Francoise de Foix (Francoise de Foix) (1485-1537), the former mistress of King Francis I, was locked in this room and killed by her jealous husband October 16, 1537 . Since then, the pool of blood every year appears in the room before the fire.

The tourists come here every year on the night of October 17 to watch from nearby houses as her ghost walks around the castle with a candle.

3. Stull Cemetery (Stull Cemetery), Stull, Kansas, USA

Most tourist attractions creepy haunted

It is unlikely that anyone would deny that the cemetery itself is a horrible place. However, there are not so many cemeteries that are given the nickname "The Beyond" ( "the seven gateways to hell"). In this awful place there are a few hidden steps, which is believed to lead to hell.

Even more mysteriously, these steps are extremely hard to find: they can be seen only during the spring equinox, and Halloween. If someone still manage to find them, then it is better not to go down, because there, they say, no one returns.

2. The Philadelphia State Hospital Bayberri (Philadelphia State Hospital at Byberry), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Most tourist attractions creepy haunted

Founded in 1912, the psychiatric clinic Bayberri located in the premises of the Philadelphia State Hospital, was opened with a noble intention: to place the mentally ill residents.

However, over time the clinic was faced with a lack of funding, which, coupled with a complete disregard of the authorities and the inhuman conditions of patients led to its closure in 1990.

The building of the psychiatric clinic continues to remain empty for many years, attracting the attention not only of the Vandals, but Satanists, conducting in her rituals.

Much of the complex was destroyed by the authorities in 2006, but the only remaining building is still on its territory, and it is reputed to be haunted.

1. The Castle of Good Hope (Castle of Good Hope), Cape Town, South Africa

Most tourist attractions creepy haunted

Built in the XVII century, the Castle of Good Hope has long been inhabited by ghosts. On the very first paranormal phenomenon it became known in 1915, when in one of the castle walls of the castle saw the ghost of a high gentleman. Over time, the ghost continues to appear, and the ghost saw jumps from one of the walls of the castle and going between the bastions Laird (Leerdam) and Orange (Oranje).

Even earlier, in the 1700s, in the bell tower of the castle it was found by a soldier hanging from a rope on the bell. Later the bell tower sealed, but the bell still continues to knock his own tune.

Also in the castle we saw the ghost of a black dog, and they say, he pounces on the unsuspecting visitors, and then simply dissolve in the air.