Spirits "Champs Elysees": a description of the flavor

Women's perfume "Champs Elysees" as if exude true femininity, gentleness and easy spring mood. This is not the smell, which can be called modern: he deserves the title of "perfume, which can not fall out of love." If you are the first inspiration came to taste this flavor, then you - a real connoisseur of sophistication and extraordinary softness in perfumes. He is unobtrusive, but is playful, easy, but a train is able to tempt many.

France Chic, corked in a bottle

As it is known, is not subject to the elegance of fashion. If your image of a beautiful lady, elegant, playful and slightly cheeky nymphs attractive, then you'll love it in the perfumes "Champs Elysees". It is noteworthy that they are not only able to form an image, but also will be perfectly in harmony with both the evening dress and with a convenient way for the city walks. This is the perfume that does not distract attention from its owner, and even, on the contrary, it appears as if the last touch that allows you to feel more confident, or even perfect. He gently envelops you, distracts from the dullness of everyday life, forcing us to see the beauty that surrounds it, and the beauty of his own inner world.


The composition that wins the hearts of

For more than a decade spirits "Champs Elysees" reviews cause their owners just admiring. This is understandable, because not every fragrance allows even a little Parisian feel. If you try to describe the flavor of a few words to the person who is not familiar, it is best to say that the spirits "Champs Elysees" with him shining, floral-fruity, but not cloying, like crystal. They are unobtrusive, but noticeable, they can not be called monotonous. This fragrance emphasizes femininity and adds boldness. The first sparkling notes of black currant, with hints of almond shimmering further disclosed crystal rose petals that are a little "comfort" aroma, make it more noble. Heart bounces flavor mimosa - delicate, fragile, so beloved and so long-awaited messenger of spring. Already at the base can be distinguished accurately, not vulgar sensuality hibiscus, which is balanced and emphasized the sweetness of the almond tree. Merging all of these shades as if it shines from within, is revealed in the course of the day, it ennobles.

The perfect scent that is truly able to cheer up, give a real feeling of spring even in mischievous little languid, gray day, which is filled with only uninteresting things, when there is no time to walk through the flowering gardens. It seems that only the spirits of "Champs Elysees" can boast of such a magical property.


The amazing story of flavor "City of Lights"

Although modern public spirits "Champs Elysees", the description of which we considered were presented in 1996, it began the history of Paris fragrance back in 1904. Then it was created the so-called classic version of "Champs Elysees", which is modern and well familiar to us option is no longer so much in common, but notes incomparable mimosa, sweet roses, alluring almond and hibiscus to captivate. Yes, spirits "Guerlain" "Champs Elysees" reviews admiration for more than a century caused precisely because they changed with the mood and taste preferences of modern women all over the world, who in his heart has always felt Parisian. Today the "Champs Elysees" - is a perfect example of that classic can be as fickle as the female nature itself. They are not filled with modern and daring, perhaps that is what makes it such a captivating fragrance in the eyes of men, because they are able to emphasize the fragility of the nature of its owner. A girl as the most delicate flower, I want to protect, enfold attention and always be by her side.

A bit of bottle, which gathered the spring

Spirits "Champs Elysees" (photo proof) beautifully packaged and have the original bottle. fragrance Femininity breaks even through glass, which houses the miraculous handiwork of these wizards of the perfume world - Jacques Guerlain, and Jean-Paul Guerlain. Its outline overlap silhouette with a gentle female figure or with a crystal perfection. Or maybe it lies itself the Louvre Pyramid, which has become the last point most beautiful avenue of the modern world, which stretches, of course, from the well-known Arc de Triomphe. Many interpretations can be seen in the bottle, but one thing is clear for sure: in the vial collected the spring sun, happy smiles and a warm wind, which immediately envelops its possessor with the first drops falling onto the skin. The perfection of its shape emphasizes the flat tube, which, like a crown, completes the image of the bottle, becoming the last accent of elegance. Even the harmony of crystal transparency and color of the bottle of liquid gold, which is enriched with perfume itself, tell us about what is stored here jewel flavors of the world.


What do the creators talked about his masterpiece?

"Champs Elysees" - special spirits as bewitching song dedicated to spring and, of course, the first of its messenger - fragile mimosa. But this song is not about the cold and too inhospitable spring, it is rather about those spring days that are remembered for a lifetime the joy, the sun, the blooming gardens and the present revival of the magic of nature from an exhausting dream. Perfume Guerlain "Champs Elysees" awaken its owner all the feminine and beautiful, that had been hidden under the heavy chores of everyday life, pushing her to the fact that she, her head held high, I felt great and perfect lady who deserves all the colors of the world, laid at her feet.


Perfume, which affects not only the flavor of Crystal

Many of the owner, who relished the "Champs Elysees" (spirits) speak about their smell, like a very persistent. He will not cause a feeling of suffocating because of its excessive sweetness, even on the hottest day, which means they are perfect not only for the publication of the evening, but will your business card for day receptions or important meetings business nature. Depending on how long you have it applied to your skin, it will be easy to notice that he is capable of shades of different notes, which will be dominated by one, causing you a feeling of delight and always lifting the mood. If you do not have enough sun in your every day and you would like your perfume was really worthy, moderately sweet, then the "Champs Elysees" is for you.

Interpretation in the EDP and EDT

Depending on whether you want the flavor of "Champs Elysees" was more resistant, or all of you a fan of light trails, you can choose a concentration EDP, ie perfume, which will be held even more than a day, constantly delighting you with his presence, or EDT. Ie toilet water "Champs Elysees" also are on sale. Both options will please the high quality of the flavor and its unique composition, which can be considered the standard of modern floral and fruity aromas.


The perfect gift for a decent woman

It is difficult to come up with a more elegant gift than spirits "Champs Elysees". flavor description confirms that they are perfect for a girl or a woman, in which the soul lives is always spring, covered with flowers and sparkling crystal dew. This gift brings joy, it will evaluate the modern woman who does not want to hide their femininity. He will be very important not only in the spring. At any other time, he still would like to, so it is not necessary to wait for the spring on the calendar to present such a show. They are thin enough to not bother a hot summer day, but also have a warm notes, which will warm in the winter. It's the scent that brings joy and happiness to no time restrictions or pore year. This fragrance is suitable for love, for the heart of the most opened for such feelings, when enveloped in a light spring sunshine and clear aromas of the first flowers.


If you indulge yourself, then only the Champs Elysees

This is the gift that you can present yourself loved. If you already seem uninteresting too sugary and "girly" flavors that are cloying and quickly cease to like it, then it is time to buy a really decent perfume. He is very easy to reveal your femininity and will not appear severe, bothersome. This one fragrance that will not gather dust on a shelf with the spirits, since it does not pick up a dress, and the mood and sentiment.

Should I buy a copy of the fragrance?


Please note that we have submitted the description corresponds to the original, licensed spirits. Speaking of its copies, the ratio of ingredients may vary slightly, which drags along the loop and changes the flavor, the level of resistance, the principle of the disclosure of each shade on holders skin. Good copy can not be a bar, but also can become a flavor that love, because each of us has their own taste preferences. If you are a connoisseur of original products "Guerlain" and want to check whether you exactly this fragrance will try to start with miniature bottles of 10 ml.