Eau de Toilette 212 Vip Men: flavor description, customer reviews

Eau de Toilette 212 Vip Men was launched in 1999. The brand Carolina Herrera. Perfume instantly appreciated and loved men all over the world, and so far he has not lost its relevance. Excellent combination of perfume notes make this fragrance is universal, and it is suitable for almost every man.

The history of perfume

Before release to the market a unique perfume 212 Vip Men, the company has developed and created a huge amount of flavors, which in a few months to conquer the hearts of men and women. Brand in its range has a variety of perfumes for men and women. Each of these fragrances is characterized by its unique and not like any other.

Eau de Toilette 212 Vip Men: flavor description, customer reviews

The uniqueness 212 Vip Men that the fragrance composition does not contain sweet notes. Once the flavor has been released on the counter, a fact noted by all, and at that time it was the only perfume without the sweet shade. The manufacturer believes that this highlights the virility, character and makes a man in the eyes of a woman incredibly attractive. It is suitable for any image and style, and perfectly complements it, making complete.

composition Pyramid

Perfume Carolina Herrera 212 Vip Men relates to a class of woody-musky notes freshness. This is an incredibly unique and memorable fragrance that does not leave indifferent neither male nor female. Manufacturers for a long time combined the different notes in order to ensure that the flavor, which is now represented in the perfume.

The top notes

Grapefruit, bergamot, lavender and spices. This combination allows the first application to the skin feel fresh shades with spices. After a few minutes of aroma reveals, and distinctly heard bergamot and pepper.

These notes have incredible freshness with a hint of spice and bitterness. On each man reveals the bitterness in his own way, but the flavor is in perfect harmony with the natural smell of leather. After 20-30 minutes of music are heard not so clear, and to replace them come the middle notes of the perfume.

Middle notes

Ginger, violet and sage. You can see how many spices added manufacturer of toilet water in the composition 212 Vip Men. Violet combined with ginger create a soft spicy aroma.

Middle notes contribute to the fact that the flavor seems unique, memorable and clearly reveals the sharpness of ginger. Top notes are felt in the flavor of about 4-7 hours. This is the basis of flavor, which will be felt around for a long time.

The base notes

Sandalwood, musk, incense, vetiver. This is the basis of flavor, its heart and ribbon cable. Base notes are on the body and clothes quite a long time. With these notes Vip Men 212 refers to the category of very persistent perfume and retained on the skin for several days.

These notes are the basis of the loop, which is up to passing men. It blows from the courage and style. Aroma remembered all those who heard it, and consumers say that it is not immediately possible to decompose it into its components. Incredibly successful combination formulations for component manufacturers complement each male image.

Analogues perfume

Description 212 Vip Men makes it clear that the flavor is really unique, and to find an analogue quite difficult. Although in the perfume industry, it is still possible to find a perfume that will be something similar. But a full analogue does not exist, and reviews you can see that none of the analogues delights customers as the original perfume.

1. Hugo Boss Hugo Energise. It is a fragrance of the class of wood, which is vaguely reminiscent of 212. The difference is that it includes a large number of citrus notes, and it is based on vanilla flavor, which gives the sweetness of the composition, which is not in Vip Men.

Eau de Toilette 212 Vip Men: flavor description, customer reviews

2. Chanel Allure Homme. Perfume close to 212 Vip Men, and is suitable flavor almost every man. The big difference is that the resistance at Chanel is very small. On average, the aroma is maintained for 3-4 hours, then disappear completely.

Eau de Toilette 212 Vip Men: flavor description, customer reviews

3. Fahrenheit Absolute Christian Dior. The aroma is quite heavy during the day can cause discomfort for people sensitive to odors. Not every man appreciates perfume appreciated. The composition is different from 212, and the aroma is not felt fresh, which prevents its use in the warmer months.

Eau de Toilette 212 Vip Men: flavor description, customer reviews

4. Happy Game Adidas. Incredibly fresh scent that suits active men, not sitting on the ground. The aroma is very vaguely reminiscent of 212 Vip Men notes of freshness, but it has lots of sweet notes, which distinguish it from the original.

Eau de Toilette 212 Vip Men: flavor description, customer reviews

5. Vol de Nuit Guerlain. This is a classic representative of the class of woody fragrances. Its composition includes notes of citrus and floral. He is very stable and has an incredible trail. This is the only flavor that more than others close to the Vip Men, but not completely copy it, and has its own originality and uniqueness.

Eau de Toilette 212 Vip Men: flavor description, customer reviews

perfumery industry is not standing still, and the range of each brand is constantly updated with new flavors that are a little bit similar to each other, but have their own unique features. Classic French flavors, which are equal to modern manufacturers to copy and repeat quite difficult. But it remains a classic of all times, it will always be in demand and popular.


Buyers in a review of 212 Vip Men say that it is a fragrance that is suitable for any image and is appropriate anywhere. The main flavor advantage over others in its universality. Perfume 212 can be used at any time of the year: in spring and summer, he will be revealed as a fresh, light scent in the winter and autumn will warm notes of spice and add confidence.

High resistance perfume - a second advantage flavor. By such resistance tends to every manufacturer of perfumes, because the spirits are on the body and clothes for several days.

To distinguish a fake from the original is incredibly easy. perfume design suggests engraving the name of the manufacturer and Vip. bottle lid closes with a magnet. It's not in fake fragrances and flavor of the original perfume impossible to distinguish from counterfeits.

Reviews of girls confirmed that a man who uses perfume 212 Vip Men, it becomes incredibly attractive in their eyes. This seductive aroma of self-confident person, do not pay attention to it is simply impossible. They argue that this is the best gift that can give a girl his beloved. flavor The advantage is that you can find it in many cosmetic and perfume stores, and is often sold at discounts.


Perfume, which won the hearts of millions of men and women around the world, does not leave anyone indifferent. Its uniqueness is in the fact that the composition does not contain sweet notes and reveals to men confidence. 212 Vip Men fragrance is suitable for use at any time of day and year. They can use the men of different ages and social statuses, perfume complements the image of each representative male and opens it with the other hand. Men say that they are not looking after the use of this other perfume, and use it for many years, and he did not get bored.