Spirits "Fiji": a description of the flavor composition, manufacturer and reviews

Spirits "Fiji" - the French perfume, which belongs to the category of "timeless classics". They are often compared to such well-known flavors like "Chanel" and "Guerlain" who are outstanding representatives of classic French flavors. The creator of the perfume - Guy Laroche, the famous fashion designer, who later released a perfume "Fiji", which won the hearts of women, and not to leave them till today.


Guy Laroche in 1949, he moved to Paris and began his career with the fact that developed various designs of hats. After a long practice in this area, he moved to New York and gain experience to create a mass-produced collection. On his return to Paris, he produces his own collection, which is rapidly gaining popularity and is bought by Parisian fashionistas.


After the incredible success of the collection of clothing Guy begins to develop the spirits "Fiji", which came out back in 1960 and has not lost its relevance to the present day. This fragrance has won the love and recognition of the majority of the female, who prefer to emphasize their femininity and fragility using flavor. The name "Fiji" comes from the name of the eponymous state and gives a feeling of a warm summer and relaxation.

flavor Description

Aroma belongs to the family of the East-floral and briefly describe how it can be feminine, elegant and delicate. "Fiji" spirits bright suitable for women who consider themselves to be unpredictable and interesting. Perfume emphasizes femininity, diversity of character and self-confidence.


Top notes

Top notes - a bergamot, iris, lemon, hyacinth, tuberose. Bergamot perfume imparts lightness and freshness, toffee - sweet flavor with a subtle shade of violet, hyacinth fills saturation, which is revealed by different notes and tuberose - the embodiment of a bright floral fragrance with a touch of milk, which softens its intensity.

Top notes - this is the first impression the flavor. Their constituent components evaporate rather quickly, within the first 40-60 minutes after application of the original spirits "Fiji" from France.

Middle notes

Middle notes of jasmine - gives the perfume refinement; rose, violet, clove root - an incredible loop that does not go unnoticed by other people.

These notes will be felt for about 2-3 hours after use. It's the scent that feel the people around them. He is revealed in a unique way on every girl and woman.


Base notes

Base notes are musk, patchouli, amber, vetiver. Many girls who have heard perfume "Fiji", believe that these notes - outstanding representatives of French perfumery. They give elegance, femininity, saturation and "spice" a classic representative of the French perfume.

Base notes are composed of dense low rate of evaporation of oils, which remain on the hair, clothes and body, leaving an unforgettable impression of the perfume.

Excellent combination of floral notes makes it possible to speak of elegance and femininity fragrance, brightness and give the seductive aroma notes of tuberose, violet and jasmine. Saturation and depth of flavor transfer notes of musk and amber.

How not to buy a fake?

As of today, you can easily find fakes on every perfume. No need to be an expert in the field of perfumery, to distinguish a fake from the original. It is only necessary to use some universal rules to help you avoid buying counterfeit perfume.


The original will not be sold in the usual cosmetic shop "at home" or supermarkets. Spirits Original "Fiji" (France) can be obtained on the official websites of the stores in the chain stores of perfumes and cosmetics.

Appearance of the packaging plays an important role. Manufacturers of counterfeit spirits save on As the material can make mistakes in the names, use a variety of fonts and sizes of characters. Logos must be packed in the packaging rather than plastic. On the bottle can be found fake sticker pasted to the information that is missing in the original.

The cost of perfume

Cost - the first thing you should pay attention. Price of spirits "Fiji" in "Letual" is about 2500 rubles per 14 ml. Most counterfeit can be purchased for a given price in a volume of 50 and 100 ml. It depends on the price of materials and packaging costs. Global brands concerned about their name and do not skimp on materials.


The price of the original spirits "Fiji" may be lower only in the presence of discounts for the goods in the network or online stores. French classic fragrances may not be cheap only because a large amount of money is invested in their production.


To date, a manufacturer of spirits "Fiji" slightly improved fragrance perfume, made it more suitable for modern girls. This makes it possible to acquire flavor in several versions with different bottle design.

50 ml of perfume are elongated in a glass vial with a black cover. On the package indicated by the name of the fragrance, producers and distributors. According to the tactile sensations it can be understood that it is really expensive perfume quality packaging.


The girls say that the spirits "Fiji" perfectly suited for everyday use. However, they can become a great addition to the evening it's easy and confident girl. After applying the scent plays a variety of shades, which in different periods of time remaining sound richer. Perfume has incredible resistance. On the body, it is stored for about 8 hours and leaves subtle hints after taking a bath. Hair and clothes absorb the flavor for a long time. This is both an advantage and a disadvantage, as the girls who prefer to use a different perfume, may be faced with "mixing" of flavors.

The customer noted that the notes of bergamot and lemon flavor give an incredible freshness and lightness. It seems that the citrus notes are added to the perfume "Fiji" a special charm that can not be distinguished from another. The aroma can be used both day and night. He is perfect for spring, autumn and winter. As a summer scent of his use of a girl who prefer rich flavors. Many of the fair sex say that the perfume in a bottle of yellow. But he does not leave any marks on white clothing. This shows the high quality of the spirits and the high cost of materials used. Girls who bought a fake, confirm that, unlike the original, perfume leave marks that are hard to get rid of.

Fakes on "Fiji" spirits can not boast a high resistance as the original. After applying the aroma disappears after a few hours, it does not remain on the clothing and hair. Fragrance much different from the original, there is no saturation, lightness, shades are absent, which are inherent to this perfume. The great advantage of fakes - the cost, but the quality that can be obtained from the original can not be compared with anything else.


Spirits "Fiji" are perfect self-confident women who emphasize their sophistication, femininity and lightness. Youth classic French perfume is difficult to call. However, there are representatives of the younger generation, who like this fragrance, they use it with pleasure. The great advantage of the perfume in its versatility - can be used both day and night and in all seasons.