Aromatic elegance of male perfume by Hermes

Aromatic elegance of male perfume by Hermes

Hermes - Men's perfume with a spicy twist of flavor to the overall palette of familiar odors. This is a modern classic! Terre opens moist vetiver and citrus before striking pepper and drop down to the wood, slightly sweet base.

Aromatic elegance of male perfume by Hermes

The exquisite cologne emphasize willpower owner gracefully beat any image. The only thing to be careful with the dosage. Extra "puff" and appeal of unobtrusive flavor will turn into a cacophony of smells.

History. Who created the perfume?

This elegant fragrance made its debut on the market in 2006 and quickly identified himself as the leading standard for toilet water. He invented the scent of Jean-Claude Allen, who is the chief perfumer of the French high-fashion houses Hermes. Men's fragrance Terre d Hermes - the best of his project (according to many mods).

Aromatic elegance of male perfume by Hermes

Jean-Claude special handwriting, he does not like to mess around with a lot of flavor components. Its fragrant minimalist composition creates a set of natural odor, but its bouquets are not trying to copy a naturalism of real objects.

Men's Fragrance. Pyramid composite notes of

Simple and bold combinations provide complete tableau where citrus smears blended with a brush musky, woody aroma and resistant fabric. Perfume begins his sweet dance with notes of tart grapefruit, orange neutral.

Aromatic elegance of male perfume by Hermes

Next comes the juicy disclosures male spirits. Hermes Terre shows his other side palpable smell of black and pink pepper, ornate charm of floral notes of pelargonium. Base elegant cologne:

  • bitter, smoky patchouli;
  • dry vetiver with hints of bitter chocolate;
  • floral-woody white cedar.

Closes resin composition petrol, reminiscent of spicy sweetness of its flavor of honey and creamy vanilla. He subtly emphasizes the blandness of cedar, creating a contrast with the sharp confectionery piquancy vetiver.

Customer Reviews. Should I buy a men's perfume by Hermes?

Many admirers of Jean-Claude Ellena were delighted with the exquisite creations of the perfumer. Buyers point out the incredible durability, style and nobility of the loop. Especially good in toilet water are felt:

  1. Sparkling orange accents. Citrus fruit is known for its versatility, its neutral flavor adds common flowers soft bitterness, inspiring ease.
  2. Vetiver - balsamic personification of fallen leaves, combining the bitterness of chocolate and sugary and wood notes of charm, elegance and smoky citrus muted.
  3. sparkling spicy-fragrant combination of manifestations of pink pepper and sensual intensity of the "dark-skinned" analogue spicy spices. Black pepper also gives nutmeg, cloves.

Sophisticated addicts argue that men's perfume by Hermes - dull and monosyllabic. This perfume is perfect for strict "white collar". Creative personality is bored, enveloping themselves simple notes of earthy components.

Aromatic elegance of male perfume by Hermes

are present and female opinion among reviews. Girls say that aggressiveness and sharpness do cologne exclusively male. Allen often work assigned to the category of "unisex".