As animates Hollywood actors

Actors began to "resurrect" the computer in order to fulfill the role in "Star Wars." As we have come to this, and when we can expect the first fully computer-cast member in "Fast and Furious"?

As animates Hollywood actors

Dracula from outer space

As animates Hollywood actors

A scene from the movie "Plan 9 from Outer Space." © kinopoisk

In the mid-fifties director Ed Wood - Jr. shot a very bad movies. After forty years of his biography will remove a good movie with Johnny Depp, and it turns out that the best film Ed Wood - the one to which he was not involved.

At his peak, Wood has been busy filming sci-fi horror film "Plan 9 from Outer Space." Star tape was actor Bela Lugosi - a real Hollywood dinosaur, who played in the legendary film "Dracula" in 1931.

Lugosi died at the beginning of filming and put the team in a difficult position: at the time of death with Lugosi's only 10 minutes of footage was filmed and Wood had a reshoot all the material and lose cash name on posters, or get out. He decided to get out and invited to the site masseur wife as understudy Lugosi, asked him to hide the face of his cloak with close-ups, and in the rest of the scene put the pieces of archival material, which was in the form of Lugosi Dracula.

So Hollywood actors had the idea that the death of the actor does not have to kill more and a film in which he did not have time to withdraw.

The Game of Death

As animates Hollywood actors

A scene from the film "Game of Death". © kinopoisk

During the filming of "Game of Death" Bruce Lee lost consciousness. He was brought to the hospital, diagnosed cerebral edema and was discharged. Two months later, he died in his sleep.

"Game of Death" altered on the knee five years. Rewrote the script, adding injury to the hero in the face of change and appearance. It's a little justified that Lee character from the middle of the film is played entirely unlike his substitutions. Sometimes doubles do not have enough money, so in the general plans can sometimes be seen with a cardboard figure of Lee glued face. Bruce's son Brandon was killed right on the site - a bullet in the gun was real, and the wound - fatal. The remaining five scenes of "The Raven", on which the shooting and there was a tragedy, since dosnimali doubles.

Fiction and advertising

As animates Hollywood actors

A still from the movie "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow."

It has been a decade in Hollywood have learned to make a convincing special effects. After the death of the actor is no longer a valid reason not to play in the new blockbuster.

So, Laurence Olivier appeared in the sci-fi action film "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow" in 2004, where he played the main villain Dr. Totenkopf, despite the fact that he died 13 years before the film's release. Marlon Brando, two years after the death appeared in the guise of his father Jor-El Superman in "Superman Returns" in 2006.

As animates Hollywood actors

A still from the film "Superman Returns." © kinopoisk

In both cases, the actors appeared only shapes on the screen. Neither the Totenkopf, or Jor-El did not appear in full growth and were collected from archival records and interviews and animated with the help of special effects.

If the deceased was in a movie, you can shoot, why not bring them to commercial? Digital Audrey Hepburn appeared in Galaxy chocolate commercials (produced in Russia under the Dove brand) and Grace Kelly and Marilyn Monroe starred with Charlize Theron in the movie devoted to the exit J'adore fragrance from Dior.

No one was surprised that the character of these commercials are dead for decades.

Death Furious

As animates Hollywood actors

A still from the movie "Fast and Furious 7". © kinopoisk

After that, the industry could not be stopped. Paul Walker crashed the wheel "Porsche" during the filming of "Fast & Furious 7" and had to carry the entire franchise for themselves - as you can show the race and trickery in the film, the main star of which was burnt alive after the accident at a speed of about 180 km / h? But director Justin Lin, as the Wood at the time, decided to get out. For unwithdrawn scenes attracted the actor brothers - Caleb and Cody, and digital special effects - WETA studio responsible for Gollum and ape Caesar in a series of "Planet of the Apes." Many viewers did not even notice fraud - computer Walker looked so convincing.

After that, it became clear that the actor do not even live to play in modern cinema. You can put the understudy in the frame, and then the special effects studio turn him into someone else, even in Patrick Stewart, though Leslie Nielsen.

This and took advantage of the creators of last year's movie "Cast Away is one Star Wars:. Stories." These tape reappears Governor General Tarkin, whose classic film "Star Wars" played by English actor Peter Cushing, who died in 1994.

As animates Hollywood actors

A still from the movie "Cast Away is one Star Wars:. Stories." © Image supplied by Capital Pictures / EAST NEWS

This time kinodela not limited to archival records and did not involve the filming of the actor's relatives. Cushing appeared on the screen in full growth, its computer model talked, walked, and was a key character in the film's plot.

On the Internet, rose chatter about the moral aspect of this "revival". Many considered this approach desecration of the dead actor - he could not even give up the role. Others cynically observed effect "Star Wars" as a franchise - it may even raise people from the grave, so they were taken on.

In the very last scene of "Outcast-one" appears on the computer created Princess Leia, which forty years ago was playing Carrie Fisher. Rejuvenate the 60-year-old Fischer was impossible, even with the latest technology, so the actress decided, like Cushing, "printed on the computer." Fischer died of a heart attack 12 days after the premiere of "Outcast-one."

As animates Hollywood actors

A still from the movie "Cast Away is one Star Wars:. Stories."

By the time of her death she was completely filmed in the eighth episode of the saga called "The Last Jedi", but a few scenes of the ninth with her participation were not yet ready.

What will happen next - is understandable. The authors of "Star Wars" will rewrite the script to glue anywhere a computer copy of Fisher - and a fantastic new trilogy will end a dedication in her honor.

But what will happen to a movie, where death finally ceased to remove the names of the actors with the posters, it is not clear. On the one hand, such methods could help to give the last honors to the great actors of the past. But in the end it turns out that the heroes just have to live forever: kinomehanizm for the production of new parts must not stop. And not until the new parts to it, you can do on your computer. In ten years or twenty some fifteenth "Fast and Furious" will be released without a single living actor in the frame.