"Cursed" world cinema movies

When you hear the phrase "damn movie," involuntarily imagine any horror movie. This is not always the case. Cursed be considered detective, drama, action, comedy, or even a particular character. The only thing that unites them all - an evil fate pursues artists and filmmakers like during filming, and after the release of pictures on the screen. Your attention is the 10-ka the most famous films of the Damned (and not only).

The Innkeepers

Hotel Yankee Pedlar Inn is on the verge of bankruptcy. The latter two employees of this hotel decided to defend the hotel and agree with the ghosts that live in it. Seemingly ordinary story of horror. But few people know that this hotel is really there. It is located in the state of Connecticut.

The film directed by Ti West has repeatedly talked about all sorts of paranormal phenomena: spontaneously turned on and off the TV, open and close doors, light bulbs burst, and, in addition, the whole crew is regularly seen strange and very vivid dreams.

Even more surprisingly, the number that appears in the film as "damn", was chosen by director only because of the fact that the survey frame with movement managed to shoot the first take it to him. But what is surprising is that this room really has a bad name and is considered cursed in real life. Only the director did not know about it.

The Twilight Zone

This film is especially famous horror stories from the shooting. In one scene, the main character (played by actor Vic Morrow) had to save two children from prison. The director suggested that it would be cool if during the rescue of the actor's head circling helicopter. But there was unpredictable: the helicopter lost control and crashed, burying a child, and severing blades Vic Morrow and the head of another child.

The Passion

During the filming of the picture Jim Caviezel, who played Jesus, suffered hypothermia (hypothermia), pneumonia and a dislocated shoulder. The culmination of all these misfortunes become a lightning strike. Fortunately, the actor lived.


God knows why Spielberg needed to shoot the film in real human bones. Many believe that it is - one of the main causes of the mystical events that took place during the filming of the franchise. Several major actors have died shortly after the operation in the film: someone has died of cancer, someone - from bowel obstruction; another actor killed with an ax to some criminal, and one of the main characters is strangled her boyfriend out of jealousy.

The Matrix

The film became a sensation. However, it is also not without a series of mysterious and tragic accident: Death singer Aliah, who was supposed to play in the film, the death of Gloria Foster (she played the oracle) and the accident site because of which Keanu Reeves was in the hospital.


Such a film could not do without devilry. Let's start with the actor who played the role of father, Gregory Peck: shortly after it was approved for the role of his real son committed suicide, leaving a suicide note.

But despite the tragedy, Peck decided to act and flying to the shooting. During the flight, his plane struck by lightning: the plane caught fire and miraculously did not crash. Soon, at different times, a similar incident occurred with screenwriter David Seltzer and producer Mace Newfield - in their planes, too, was struck by lightning.

And then for the entire filming crew members on the dog attacked, they got into an accident and other troubles.


Who will be discussed is about character, not about the movie. Surprisingly, this superhero notoriety. Let us start with George Reeves - he did a lot of filming in the image of Superman, that he did not take on any other role. Later he died from a bullet wound. Christopher Reeve, also became a victim of the stigma "Spupermen" - this role ruined it has not really begun, acting career.

Moreover, he soon falls from his horse, and remains paralyzed for life. Other actors who played Superman, also victims of the actor's "stigma". Is Henry Cavill overcome the curse of the superhero can? Time will tell.

The Wizard of Oz

First, the production itself was a real picture of hell: the director is constantly changing, and the actors, one after another fell to the hospital: Bobby Ebsona, who played the woodcutter, started having problems with light due to the metal-containing make-up; Margaret Hamilton suffered in an explosion of pyrotechnics. After filming Frank Morgan (OZ) was in a terrible car accident, and Clara Blandick and Judy Garland years later committed suicide.

Batman (trilogy)

This painting is famous for the number of tragic coincidences. First, during the filming of a stunt he died: he was in a car accident. Then gets into an accident, Morgan Freeman, and then turns to the hospital in serious condition.

Later Hit Ledzher, who played the role of The Joker, died from a drug overdose. And even during the premiere of the film in one of the theater comes a James Holmes opened fire. Killed 12 people.

The Exorcist

At first shooting had to be postponed due to the fact that the house, which had planned to shoot the film on fire. What is interesting, the child of the devil-room remained untouched. Then, during the filming seriously injured Ellen Burstyn, who plays the role of mother. And soon after the shooting, the two actors who were killed in the movie, die in real life.