Wedding ring: the main recommendations of the newlyweds

Before the wedding ceremony should not immediately think of such an important accessory, like a ring. In the Orthodox faith, they are considered a symbol of the inextricable link between the two loving hearts.

Differences rings for weddings and wedding

Speaking of rings for wedding, do not confuse them with the wedding accessories. If the last couple wearing at the marriage registration in the registry office, the wedding ring is worn during church ritual. They have different functions, and therefore must be distinguished from each other. And if, for example, in the registry office you may be allowed to marry without ornaments exchange, church officials that clearly will not allow.

Orthodox customs

Wedding ring: the main recommendations of the newlyweds

According to the statute, in the Orthodox Church of the groom wear wedding ring made of gold, but the special silver jewelry sold for brides. In the words of the Apostle Paul, a wedding ceremony has to be like the mystery of the relationship of Christ and the Church. Man is the embodiment of Christ and, therefore, have to wear gold - that it symbolizes his divine glory. But the woman is considered to be a way of the Church, and she, like silver, must radiate the purity of light and grace.

There are also other interpretations of precious materials. For example, it is believed that silver is the epitome of femininity, like the moon. But gold, like the sun, symbolizes leadership and courage.

During the wedding ceremony the man and the woman three times exchanged rings, and finally, as a pledge of their love and loyalty, silver wedding ring is the bridegroom, and the gold - the bride. A man takes a woman this accessory as a token of her love, devotion, loyalty, and willingness to accept help. A man puts his wife a ring as a symbol of the fact that he is always ready to sacrifice everything for her and help throughout their life together. Wedding ring made to put on the ring finger of his right hand. Since ancient times it was believed that it is through the finger artery passes directed straight to the heart. And on the right hand are, because that's what she decided to be baptized Orthodox Christians.

What is better to choose a ring?

If you are going not only to sign the registry office, but also pass a church rite, you definitely need wedding rings. What should these decorations?

Wedding ring: the main recommendations of the newlyweds

For the wedding is recommended to choose a modest ring. So, if the engagement or the registration in the registry office there is no limit to the imagination in the choice of decoration, then the attributes of the wedding should be no threads and stones. Otherwise the church may even refuse to sanctify your marriage, considering the selected jewelry and accessories.

At all times, is popular on the rings do engraving - cut some phrases, words, initials or dates. Previously mainly used the words of the prayers, but now most of them are decorated with the names of the newlyweds.

Besides the usual rings there is such a thing as wedding rings. In form they resemble a cross, on a path which is engraved with the inscription "Lord, protected his betroth them in us." These rings were made in the days of ancient Byzantium, and they have survived. On such a ring, there are several inscriptions:

  • side - "From God's consent."
  • From the inside - "Health" and "Grace", accompanying the couple throughout their lives.

Another difference from the conventional ring ring - it combines the two immediately precious material. For the bride made silver ring with gold inlay in the middle, for the groom - on the contrary.

Key features: you need to know when choosing of wedding rings

Wedding ring: the main recommendations of the newlyweds

To buy jewelry for the bride and groom standing right in one store and have to do that you need together.

To spend all my life next to each other, choose the same model rings. A life to be smooth and without problems and accessories should have a smooth surface without patterns and stones.

One has only to choose the precious metals. No jewelry - the Church does not consider it a symbol of love and marriage, worthy of sanctification.

wedding rings: what should be the decoration newlyweds

Now silver wedding rings prices are different. The most modest jewelry without engraving is available for everyone. Besides silver cheaper than gold, so ring for wedding cost less than jewelry for marriage registration in the registry office.

Wedding ring: the main recommendations of the newlyweds

In recent years, the Church does not impose severe restrictions on the choice of wedding rings. Often allowed the same ornaments of gold or silver. It is also permissible to use the same ring as that of marriage registration in the registry office. In stores you can find accessories of any thickness, with inlays of stones or ornaments.

However, if you have a wedding - a really important event in the life, it is better to stick to the traditional rules of the church. And then your life together will be long and happy, because you will be under the patronage of the Church and Christ.