Ring on the foot on the toe: how to choose and how to wear?

It's no secret that almost all the girls love jewelry. Some prefer bracelets, some - earrings, and some like to wear rings. By the way, experts believe that the ring is an accessory that can influence the fate of man.

Ring on the foot on the toe: how to choose and how to wear?

Nowadays, you can often meet girls who wear a ring on the foot on the toe. However, not all who wear this accessory so that they know the history of the emergence of fashion to it, that means the rings on his legs, and how they should be worn.

People around this accessory can tell a lot of interesting features of their mistresses. That's why every girl should learn all the nuances of proper wearing rings on their feet.

A brief excursion into the history of

Previously it was believed that the titled accessory can make any woman's attractiveness to men. Wear a ring on the toe - one of the Hindu customs. The history of the jewelry goes to ancient times. Even in the ancient Greek epics it said that the ring on the leg makes wearing his girlfriend more beautiful.

Significant impact on the development of the jewelry business in India and eastern countries have such civilization as Mohenzhodaro and Harappa. If you look at the ancient portraits of Hindu gods, then many of them you can find such decorations.

In India, the ring on the toe means that the woman wearing it is married. In those days, no wedding ceremony was not without such decorations. Wedding ceremony itself was considered complete only after the bride wears the ring on the finger of the bride's legs. Then it was the custom of wearing the ring on the index finger of the left foot or in a ring on both legs. There were times when the ring was attached to the leg bracelets, which are located at the ankles.

Ring on the foot on the toe: how to choose and how to wear?

Who wears the ring on his feet

Girls wear a ring on the finger of a foot on for various reasons. For example, among people interested in the esoteric, such rings are extremely popular because they give the image more mysterious. Also in this decoration are people who are fond of Indian culture and yoga.

In addition, these rings are popular with women who want to stand out from the crowd and attract the attention of others. This accessory is not appearances at fashion shows, so many beautiful women have adopted a sophisticated decoration.

Ring on the foot on the toe: how to choose and how to wear?

Reviews stronger sex on the ring on the foot say it makes its owner more attractive. But psychologists say that women who wear these rings are very often put themselves above others.

How and when to wear the ring on his feet

Of course, that there is no discomfort, such an accessory is best to wear in the summer or early autumn, when appropriate outdoor shoes and do not need to hide your feet in socks, stockings and closed shoes. This decoration will be appropriate during an evening stroll, holiday party or a romantic date. Of course, for the work to put on the ring finger on his leg is not necessary.

Wear jewelery worth the thumb, index and middle finger of his legs. By the way, pedicure plays a very important role in the final image with a ring on his leg. And since such a decoration draws attention to the legs, they must be in perfect condition. nail color on the nails should be combined with the decoration and fashion in general.

Ring on the foot on the toe: how to choose and how to wear?


How to choose the decoration material

Of great importance is the material from which to make a ring on a toe. Silver and gold at the same time are paramount. The advantage of these metals is that they do not oxidize. This means that they can be worn all summer without removing. Lose ring of precious metals are very sorry, so it is possible to attach the bracelet on the leg. This combination looks very interesting. Wearing a gold ring on your toes, every girl feel like a princess. These ornaments look gorgeous. Tanned girls most suitable ring of silver. They are perfectly combined with dark skin, as well as add their flavor to the image.

In order not to worry about losing the ring of precious metals can be purchased decoration made of aluminum or bronze. These accessories can be decorated with special stones. Manufacturers rings in the modern world allow to buy a ring with any stone. Many girls choose stones that fit their zodiac sign or character type.

form a ring

The most popular form of rings on his leg is broken form. This is because the size of the decoration can be easily changed, and it is suitable for everybody. Also, its size can change and silicone ring. Such ornaments are the least expensive, and even if they lose, they will not be so sorry.

Another popular form of such an accessory - the serpentine, beautiful fingers entwine. This form also includes the change in size of the ring.

Ring on the foot on the toe: how to choose and how to wear?

Properties of the Rings

Many people think that is a ring on the toe, and whether it has any properties. Speaking of rings properties, we can recall the famous "mood ring", which changes color depending on the mood of their owner. Only in this case, many women believe that the rings on the legs have a positive effect on their mood and health.

Probably every woman (and many men) wish to stay in shape and have a slim, trim figure. Many women believe in "magic" way to quickly lose weight. Recently, magnetic rings were created, which are not only the usual accessories, but also have a positive effect on the body and even help you lose weight. This effect is obtained because the magnetic field ring reduces appetite and improves metabolism. These decorations were invented in Japan for a long time. Despite the fact that in Japan they are very popular, they are not as well known in our region. As they say producers, the effect of magnetic rings depends on where they are put. For example, a ring on the big toe will help to lose weight person. If we put it on the index finger, the slimmer hands. If the jewelry is on the middle finger, the extra weight will leave the stomach, on the fourth - lose weight waist, and if the ring is put on the little finger, is markedly reduced thigh.

For maximum effect, experts recommend wearing several rings. Another important condition is that they should completely encircle the finger.

Magnetic rings are typically made of silicon or copper. Silicone ring will also help to relieve its holder from calluses and corns.

Ring on the foot on the toe: how to choose and how to wear?


As you can see, the rings on the legs - it does not thing of the past, but it is a popular present. Wear a decoration can not only to make the image more interesting, but also to improve mood or health. plus rings on the leg is that almost all of them are broken, which makes it comfortable to wear jewelery on different fingers.