How to choose a wedding dress for the bride, for mum, for friends, for guests?

Pomp wedding composed of a plurality of detail. This colorful design of the hall, a bright scenario cordial toasts and congratulations. However, the wedding dress is the most important part, which determines the success of the party. About his choice must advance to reflect not only the couple but also guests invited to the wedding ceremony.

The dress for the wedding - could not be put on

Day entry into marriage - a special date, which shall not be remembered by the bride and groom guests unfortunate way. Outfit for a wedding obeys the unwritten requirements, to which attention must treat all the guests.

How to choose a wedding dress for the bride, for mum, for friends, for guests?
  • The classic black dress - wardrobe element, of which the fair sex is better to temporarily forget. Even if the clothes there are strict shades, they must be complemented by other colors.
  • All white tones - an unfortunate choice for both sexes. Dresses for wedding guests should not "compete" with honeymooners clothing.
  • is necessary to refuse from the brilliant costumes, rhinestones - wedding day should not be confused with the party, held in a trendy club.
  • Women are not recommended to choose this outfit for the wedding friends as ultrashort dress. This does not mean that the skirt should be long, the main thing - to avoid the extremes.

The dress of the groom at a wedding - how to choose the

Women are determined to dress long before the marriage. However, the groom dress for the wedding is also important for the effective and memorable holiday. The young man in the first place is to focus on the color and style of the bride's dress - their clothes should fit beautifully.

How to choose a wedding dress for the bride, for mum, for friends, for guests?

The dark gray, dark blue suits - elegant solution, suitable for any man to marry. Tone shirts - dairy, pink, purple. Optimal fashion - a classic, if not the triumph of style suggests bolder options. Tuxedo or suit - products that combine luxury and elegance. The color of shoes depends on the suit. Tie ideally should differ from one tone shirts - to be darker. A practical alternative to that element of the wardrobe - butterfly clasps, made in strict black color. We should not forget about the cuff links, without which man's outfit for the wedding will not look complete.

What to wear parents

Guests of honor of the holiday - parents of the newlyweds. Along with new husband as they remain within the entire party in the spotlight guests present on most pictures. Outfits for the wedding for mom should be thought through as carefully as the image of the bride. In their selection must take into account the format of the celebration, the style in which it will take place.

Folk omens are told not to wear a suit mothers on this day, it is better to abandon it in favor of elegant dresses. It is strictly forbidden to create the effect variegation - clothes may be a combination of no more than two colors. Peach, blue, pink shades - classic solution for the wedding celebration of a daughter or a son. However, not forbidden and more vivid images with burgundy, coral colors.

How to choose a wedding dress for the bride, for mum, for friends, for guests?

It is important that mothers dresses were below the knee, did not contain deep neckline, sequins and frills, old-fashioned. Outfit for a wedding for fathers should be in harmony with them.

The dress for witnesses

Friends of the newlyweds on which rests the most honorable mission, should also take a responsible approach to creating your own images. Their costumes should not overshadow the clothes of the future spouses, most welcome tandem elegance and simplicity. Most importantly, the right combination of colors, so the choice of clothing witnesses certainly have to agree with a couple who are getting married, and with each other. witness suit in any case should not exactly reproduce the bride outfit for the wedding. Photo parties in this case will be unsuccessful. If the event is scheduled to take place in a traditional style, fit elegant dress in shades of gray, in which shades of pants and shirts are slightly different. Shoes should not create a contrast with the clothes, put on a tie optional.

How to choose a wedding dress for the bride, for mum, for friends, for guests?

Witness not immediately rule out skirts and deep necklines, bright colors. Fabric dress should be easy flowing, preferably no sleeves. Welcome gentle tone.

What is to come to the wedding of her friends

Fashionable image, suitable bride's friend, includes a selection of strapless dress that ends just below the knee. It may be free or close-fitting - depends on the figure. Style "pencil" is suitable for most women, this also applies to the classical direct product. If the celebration to be held in an atmosphere of exaggerated luxury, more suitable for women long dresses. The size depends on the length neckline dresses, short model should not have a deep cut.

Latest any flower colors - blue, pink, light green. Particular attention should be paid to the choice of fabrics, it should look festive. Knits, wool is best left for another occasion, even if the party is held in the winter. The basic rule - girlfriend bride must look good on the photo, but not overshadow the culprit celebration. Finally, the board should not interfere with an endless dance.

How to dress guests

Newlyweds and their parents and close friends - the most important characters of the wedding party. However, this does not mean that the other guests are indifferent to the choice of festive clothes. The easiest option - to check with the bride and groom, in what style they are going to hold a celebration, want to see what outfits invited.

How to choose a wedding dress for the bride, for mum, for friends, for guests?

Pare, which is going to an event, it is important to achieve harmony in clothing, which must highlight the combinability of styles and colors. For men, the best solution will be a strict dress characterized by the tone of the groom attire. From jeans and bright shirts recommended to refuse. Tie is not one of the required components, but gives a solemn manner.

Women should stay at the elegant dress of medium length. Except black and white are allowed, any color, if they do not do the image of the caller. When choosing a style to target primarily be of age and figure.

Choosing a dress for children

Rare wedding celebration complete without children, who are also required to dress for the wedding. Photos with the young participants of the event are obtained especially touching and tender, if the parents are properly think through their costumes.

The basic rule - clothes should not hinder the active movement of the child. Girl is best to dress in princess style. Dress to the knee with a fluffy skirt would be the best solution, welcome all shades of pink, peach. Ornaments become ceremonial bows, ribbons, laces. Top choices fabrics - cotton, linen.

How to choose a wedding dress for the bride, for mum, for friends, for guests?

Boys necessarily forced to donning the suit. Comfortable shirt, vest and pants in bright colors look solemn and do not interfere with the kids to run around and dance. Emphasize the festive images will bow tie. You should definitely bring a spare costume - clothes get dirty quickly.

Take into account the time of year

Dresses for wedding guests should be selected based on the weather.

  • The warm days of summer - the perfect time for a ceremony. Women can dress in light open dress, a strong floor - focus on shirts with mini-sleeves.
  • In the spring and welcome light fabrics, if the weather does not object to such a decision. The best colors for this season - bright, most preferred shades of pink and blue.
  • In the fall to the fore more saturated colors - from dark red to product lush purple variants. Organically will look handkerchiefs and scarves of light, air tissues.
  • The winter brings its own adjustments to the festive look. Open dresses and lightweight suits better to defer to the restaurant. "Street" part of the event is best to visit in dark clothes, otherwise the second day of the wedding will take place with half the guests.

What accessories prefer

Do chosen outfit for the wedding the groom's mother, created the image of the witness, or buy a suit visiting a relative - the role of huge accessories. It is important that jewelry not create visual noise - no more than three items.

How to choose a wedding dress for the bride, for mum, for friends, for guests?

Women choosing accessories for the wedding party, it is necessary to take into account the length and style of dress. When it comes to dress to the floor, emphasize its sophistication will help long earrings, decorated with stones. Relevant in this manner and minimalist decor with a catchy clutches. Traditional dress cut perfectly combined with the bulky necklaces, original rings. Universal Decoration - articles of pearls.

Emphasize the originality and style of men's suit will help tie. It can be an elegant butterfly, fashionable narrow product. Formal attire strengthen pocket handkerchief, coupled with a tie in color. Complete the image will allow cufflinks.

Weddings - choose shoes

If the event is held in the fall and winter, a visiting friends and relatives need a minimum of two pairs of shoes. Outdoor should choose warm boots and shoes, leaving the elegant shoes for the restaurant part of the holiday. Maximum attention should be paid to the convenience of the shoe, wedding - the time constant movements of dance. Men are not sufficient to choose the classic shoes, organically combined with the suit. Women's shoes depends on the dress - if relevant Greek flowing dress sandals, the classic suit perfectly complement court shoes. High heels is better to postpone for another case of incendiary dances they have only dreamed of. It is also worth to abandon stressed complex styles.

Wedding dress - a problem to which the solution is worth the effort. The reward for each guest will be bright holiday photos.