10 accidents at amusement parks

We go to an amusement park for the thrill of knowing in your mind that, like in a horror movie, all will end well.

Roller coaster, breathtaking and toss us into the stratosphere, holding us in place by force of gravity, almost not present a hazard. This is true in most cases, but there is such a huge machine, hidden behind the smoke and mirrors of the park, from which one slight slip can turn fun into a tragedy.

10 accidents at amusement parks

King Island in Mason, Ohio

10 accidents at amusement parks

June 9, 1991, death came to the amusement park King Island. First the man fell into a pond. His friend, 20-year-old William Heyskoat and 20-year-old employee of the park named Darrell Robertson, tried to save him. All three suffered from electric shock, which became fatal for Heyskoata and for Robertson. And an hour later, the 32-year-old Taylor candy fell from the swing Flying commander and crashed.

Perhaps not coincidentally in the park Kings Island there are rumors that the park is inhabited by ghosts. People report that they had seen a girl in a blue dress. In 2012 the park was filmed episode of "Ghostbusters" for the SyFy channel.

Oakwood Theme Park in Pembrokeshire, Wales

10 accidents at amusement parks

In April 2004, 16-year-old Hayley Williams was in Oakwood Park with his family. While riding on the attraction "Hydra" (American water slides), it suddenly flew out of the van and fell from a height of 30 meters (100 feet) to the ground. She later died of internal injuries.

Park was fined 250,000 pounds for negligence after it was discovered that the employees of the park is constantly ignored by checking fixtures and seat belts, which fix the ride the rides, "Hydra". The attraction has been closed for a year after the accident, and then renamed "wet".

Action Park in Vernon, New Jersey

10 accidents at amusement parks

Action Park in New Jersey can "boast" perhaps the worst reputation among amusement parks. Place an "ideal" in the number of unsafe rides, drunken visitors and demotivate employees adolescent. Countless people received injuries on the water slide. At least six people died in the history of the park, including three drowned killed by electric shock, and one died of a heart attack, presumably caused by the shock of the temperature difference (cold water).

One person was killed when the car in which he was riding on the attraction "Alpine hill", slipped, and he crashed on the rock. By 1998, the crushing weight of lawsuits forced the owners to close the Action Park. A few years later, he was re-opened under a new name as the "Mountain stream" (Mountain Creek), but with an emphasis on safety, recklessness and sinister stories were buried under signs and rules.

Bay Discovery (Discovery Cove) Orlando, FL

10 accidents at amusement parks

Discovery Bay - it's part of the theme park Sea World (Sea World) in Orlando, Florida. Its purpose is to provide its guests an interactive experience, with the ability to swim among tropical fish and mingle with dolphins, otters and monkeys. For many, this experience is only a dream, but for 59-year-old British tourist Keith Clark, it will turn into a nightmare with a fatal outcome. Bathed in the park, he cut his toe on a piece of coral.

Haemophilia, Clark was complications from wounds and three days later he collapsed at the airport on the way home. Suffering from septic shock, it was brought home to England, where doctors tried to save him by the amputation of his leg below the knee. However, it was too late, and their efforts were in vain, Clark died of sepsis.

Cyclone Coney Island, New York

10 accidents at amusement parks

Today, Coney Island in Brooklyn, just a pale copy of the park in the days of his own glory before the Second World War, but some of his most famous attractions, including Wonder Wheel and Cyclone, continue to work until now. Cyclone - is a wooden roller coaster, which was built in 1927 and was inducted into the National Register of Historic Places. When the attraction opened, the trip was worth only 25 cents, compared with $ 9 for a ticket to ride today.

Wobbly coaster associated with multiple injuries and at least three dead. The last case occurred in a 53-year-old Keith Shirasavoy who broke his neck on the first roll in the cyclone. Shirasava was taken to hospital, but he died a few days later from surgical complications.

World amusement park Gulliver's Warrington, England

10 accidents at amusement parks

In July 2002, 15-year-old Salma Saleem, who had Down's syndrome, fell from a height of more than 6 meters (20 feet), riding on the Ferris wheel at the World Gulliver park rides. Salim died of head injuries. Results of the investigation showed that the girl wanted to go with her mother, but the staff of the park have decided that it is too big and instructed her to sit alone in his own stall.

Neither Salma, nor her mother did not speak enough English to protest, and the girl apparently got out of his seat and fell soon after the start of the trip. Despite the fact that it was found that the safety lock that keeps skiers, was closed after the accident, the park was fined a large sum for personal injury and violation of safety regulations.

Six Flags Over Jorden, Atlanta

10 accidents at amusement parks

"Batman" - a roller coaster ride that winds through the streets of Gotham City and into the depths of the cave Betkeyv. In June 2008, the trip took the life of 17-year-old Asian Lishona Ferguson. Ferguson lost his hat while driving and decided to get it, climbed over two fences, ignoring signs warning of the danger.

Unfortunately, the boy wandered into the ways in which the sweep train at a speed of 80 km (50 miles) per hour, and he was shot down. Prior to this case, six years ago, under similar circumstances killed the gardener of the park.

"Six Flags Over Kentucky Kingdom," Louisville

10 accidents at amusement parks

Not only attraction "Batman" - bloodthirsty superhero to the family amusement park "Six Flags". "Tower of Superman" in the amusement park "Six Flags Over Kentucky Kingdom" also became a place of terrible incident. Attraction "Tower of Superman" raises its passengers about 17 times and then exposed them to a dizzying free fall.

Unfortunately, June 21, 2007 broke the cable wrapped around his neck and legs 13-year-old Caitlin Lesitter. She was able to remove the cable from the neck, but he wrapped her legs tightly, and the free fall was a tragedy. Shortly after this incident, the attraction has been removed from the park.

The Big Dipper, Fair Betters entertainment. London, England

10 accidents at amusement parks

In 1951, Betters Park in London presented Yaramarku entertainment as part of the Festival of Britain. The main attraction at the fair was a roller coaster, "Big Dipper". Although this attraction and did not seem scary as they seem now some slides in the theme parks, it actually turned out to be extremely dangerous. In 1972 there was a terrible accident, when one of the wagons of the train pulled away from the train and rolled back to the station. Five children were killed and many more injured. The incident meant death for the entertainment of the Fair, which barely held on to 1974, in which it was closed.

The Great Adventure, Six Flags in Jackson, New Jersey

Attraction "Haunted Castle" amusement park "Six Flags. Great Adventure "was typical of most haunted houses: a quick walk through the darkened space, where staff dressed in ghosts and goblins, jump out to scare you. But the May 11, 1984 Park Visitors experienced the true horror, when the castle on fire. Most visitors to the attraction could find a way to save a few people suffered from smoke inhalation, but eight teenagers were trapped and died in the fire. Their bodies were burned beyond recognition and they were able to identify, by appointment only dentists.

Upon investigation of the tragedy and found that the "Haunted Castle" was held in the park lacked basic safety precautions, such as sprinklers and smoke detectors. However, the park "Six Flags" to avoid responsibility for the incident, as the castle was considered "temporary structure" and the fire was likely the result of arson, not negligence.

Busch Gardens, Williamsburg, Virginia

And finally, to end on a lighter note, we give a strange incident with Fabio. Italian model known fact that often posing for the covers of novels and was a member of the campaign "I can not believe it's not butter!". He also became a member of one of the funniest events in the history of the amusement park in 1999 during a visit to Busch Gardens in Williamsburg. Fabio was honored to take a ride on the roller coaster "Chariot of Apollo" during the opening of the first. During the drive model suffered from a nasty collision with overflying the goose, with the result that Fabio was damaged nose. He was taken to hospital where he was treated for minor injuries. Goose is not treated.