Gold night

• Gold night

Gold night

Brilliant temple, blinding gold mist night ... This is the most beautiful place in India - the main temple sikhiyskoy religion in Amritsar. Here in 1891 was even Nicholas II. Directly the Golden Temple (Harmandir Sahib or) is open to all from 3 am to 11 pm, but the access to the territory is open around the clock. Actually it is a city in the city, you come inside and bustle remain behind the fortress walls. Night photos I have not a lot, because you can not shoot with a tripod, but I want to highlight a separate post, the atmosphere and mood of the incredible night! And it is very different from the day when people are much more.

Gold night

Amritsar was founded in 1577 on the shores of the sacred lake, whose name "Amrita-Saras" is translated from Sanskrit as "the lake of divine nectar." Panorama from the top of the complex can be seen from the roof of one of the hotels which are located on the perimeter. In our hotel, the view was so-so, so I went up to the roof of the neighboring:

Gold night Gold night Gold night

Within a few floors and incredibly beautiful, but can not shoot. In the afternoon the queue was enormous, so we did not even try to come, but the night passed without problems.

Gold night Gold night Gold night Gold night Gold night

At the entrance to the complex need to take off your shoes and put into storage. You can only enter barefoot and without socks. And you can enter only the men and women with their heads covered.

You also can not carry large backpacks and tripods. I was shooting with a tripod, "before the first notes" and not in the open are viewing spot.

Gold night Gold night