Favorite pets politicians and businessmen

Recently, media attention drawn picture of Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, conducting vacation in Scotland, where an oligarch in the company of his partner David Davidovich and Shvidler walking a Corgi dog breed. Forbes Life learned any pets give birth to businessmen and politicians.

Labrador Romy, daughter Connie

Favorite pets politicians and businessmen

The owner - a member of the Board of Directors of JSC "Novatek" Gennady Timchenko.

Dog Romy - daughter Connie, a black Labrador, Vladimir Putin, president of Russia which gave Sergei Shoigu. Horses sometimes Putin was accompanied at the meetings, and once even frightened Angela Merkel.

About the fact that the daughter of Connie lives he told himself Timchenko, in an interview with Tass, complaining that because of sanctions has lost the ability to see family and pet dog. The owner said: "I must confess, before I was not a dog lover, but Vladimir Vladimirovich, apparently, wanted to give the puppy in decent hands, and I, of course, agreed. Chose Romy, it immediately I liked: Chernenkaya, with a white spot on the chest ... to seven months until the vaccinations and did not have corrected the necessary documents, Romy lived in the presidential residence on the ruble, and then I took her to Switzerland. In ten years, the dog has become a full-fledged member of the family. "

Maltese Val

Favorite pets politicians and businessmen

The owners - Andrei Melnichenko and Aleksandra Melnichenko.

Co-owner of "EuroChem", billionaire Andrey Melnichenko gave his wife Alexandra pretty dark-eyed Maltese, which was named in honor of Valentine's Day. Since then, Alexander has not parted with Vala and takes her to all the travel - in his short life dog visited all six continents. So, in 2014 during a family trip to New Zealand billionaire has agreed with the authorities of the country, Vala will not pass the standard for all animals veterinary inspection in the clinic (it takes about 10 days), and will be immediately delivered from the Oakland Airport at the superyacht "A "in which Melnichenko going to continue the journey. According to media reports, the businessman paid a few thousand dollars, not to part with the dog, which has been tested directly on board. According to the data of Tatler, Wala, as the whole family Melnichenko - adept healthy eating and loves carrots.

Dog Corgi

Favorite pets politicians and businessmen

The owner - Roman Abramovich

Corgi that was walking in the company of Roman Abramovich and Eugene Shvidler David Davidovich - fashionable nowadays breed of dog originally bred for hunting in Wales. Corgi became popular due to the expression of the snout that resembles a smile - the Internet meme smiling corgi steel.

The average dog breed corgi cost - about $ 1,000.

The Hungarian pastushechya water Shepherd Beast

Favorite pets politicians and businessmen

The hosts - Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan

Rare dog breed bullets, or the Hungarian shepherd Shepherd, nicknamed Beast (Beast (Eng.) - "the beast") was published at the wedding of Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan, from which the dog never left the entire ceremony. Beast - a real hero of Facebook, where it has its own page with more than 2 million subscribers, in addition, the dog more than 70,000 followers on Instagram. Funny dog ​​pictures are often accompanied by touching signatures.

"This is a wonderful dog, - said Zuckerberg in an interview. - He is very funny and fun and like a sheep. " It is also known that the dog often gives the owners sleep: "If in the garden of a sudden there was a raccoon or someone else, he just goes mad, starts to rush like mad."

Portuguese Water Dog Bo

Favorite pets politicians and businessmen

The owners - the family of US President Barack Obama

The official title of this dog breed portuguese water - the first dog of the White House. Obama started the family of Bo in April 2009. His name came up with the president's daughter - Maila and Sasha. When Obama was asked whether pet allowed in the Oval Office, he answered: "Of course." He once quoted President Harry Truman: "If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog." On the official website of the White House has a page dedicated to Bo, with his portrait and biography. Bo knows the command "sit", "paw", "lie down", "up", "expect", is able to spin. In September 2013, the company joined to Bo Sunny same breed.

According to official information, Bo was purchased for $ 1,600.

goat, tiger, horse, and Vladimir Putin's dogs

Favorite pets politicians and businessmen

The host - Russian President Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin often give the animals. It started back in 2002, when then-Mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov as a symbol of the coming year the president gave a white goat named Tale. In 2005, at the racetrack in Kazan, where the international competitions in equestrian sport at the prize of the President, Putin gave the smallest horse in the world - only 54 cm at the withers, which was named Vadik. In October 2008, when Putin was the chairman of the Russian government, he was presented with the Ussuri tigress. Now Mary is called predator lives in the Safari Park in Gelendzhik.

In 2010, the former Prime Minister of Bulgaria Boyko Borisov, Putin received a Bulgarian shepherd dog Buffy. A year later the governor of the northern Japanese prefecture of Akita Norihisa Satake has presented Prime Minister Vladimir Putin puppy rare breed Akita Inu named for Yuma.

Poodle Dudu

Favorite pets politicians and businessmen

The host - former Prime Minister of Italy Silvio Berlusconi.

Another popular dog to own pages to Facebook - it Dudu poodle, dog of former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. Its page from Dudu Berlusconi appeared in 2013, is now friends with Doudou more than four thousand people, all records are maintained on behalf of the Italian dog.

Spaniel Sofia

Favorite pets politicians and businessmen

hostess - Oprah Winfrey

One of the most influential US broadcasters Oprah Winfrey loves dogs. "When I'm with my dogs, I feel happier than ever been," - says Winfrey. But most of all Oprah mentions spaniel Sophie. So, once in his Oprah Show, she said: "One of my main teachers in life - a dog Sophie. She lived for 13 years and went with me to work every day. It was all a show at the "Oscar", "Emmy" was waiting for me in the car, when I went to the gynecologist. When she died, I realized that no one had ever loved me as much as this little dog. "

Cloned puppies

Favorite pets politicians and businessmen

The host - Peter Onruang, a businessman from California, the founder of the electrical trade.

Peter Onruang loved his two dogs, schnauzers Wolfe and Babble, that he decided to clone them. Once the dog is 15 years old, Onruang asked the South Korean biotechnology company RNL Bio, which is engaged in cloning, and all the details are refined. Five days after the death of each of the animals he gave in biomaterial lab, and three years after the death of the owner pets waiting for a gift - four puppies (two clones from each dog). They were called Wolfie Bear, Wolfie Girl, Bubble Face and Bubble Rubble. "I still miss real Wolfe and Babble, no one can replace them - wrote Onruang on his page on Facebook - but the clones they really look like. They are like children to me my dogs. Am I happy? Of course yes. Those who tried to dissuade me from cloning, wrong. "

The cost of cloning, according to media reports, was $ 310,000. To earn the missing money, Peter Onruang founded another company Hollywood Paintball.

Oleg Deripaska Stray dogs

Favorite pets politicians and businessmen

The Foundation "free work", funded by billionaire Oleg Deripaska, in February 2014 opened a shelter for stray dogs "PovoDog" in Khosta district of Sochi, in the village of Baranovka. "PovoDog" gathered under one roof more than 250 stray dogs. Most pets - mutts found shelter volunteers at the Olympic construction sites in Sochi. According to The New York Times, Deripaska has spent $ 15,000 for the construction and equipping of a shelter on land provided by the local authorities. He also promised to provide shelter to about $ 50,000 per year.