9 countries, which do not exist in reality

What makes a country a country? In fact, a universal definition does not exist. Try to consider carefully the map - and you will find that the world is full of tiny, unrecognized states, many of which have all the features of a normal country. Its flag, its own currency, its own laws, its own territory: in front of you 9 odious states are not going to take positions even under the threat of war.



9 countries, which do not exist in reality

In 2009, one of the provinces of Nicaragua, totally unexpectedly, announced their independence. Position the ruler referred to herein as the Great Judge of the Nation mosquitoes. Its stretch takes Hector Williams, told the international press that the nation was to independence as much as 115 years.



9 countries, which do not exist in reality

In 1868, the Lakota Sioux Indian tribe signed a treaty with the US government. According to him, the Black Hills mountain Indians departed for ever. A few years later in the mountains found a gold - Indians, of course, drove away with dirty rags. One hundred years later, the US Supreme Court has decided to pay compensation to Lakota, but proud Indians did not take the money. And in 2007, they just announced the creation of the Republic of Lakota, sovereign state. US, of course, it did not recognize, but also quarrel with the indigenous population is also not in a hurry. They just live to themselves by their own rules.

Principality of Hutt River


9 countries, which do not exist in reality

The family of farmers decided to establish their own state, as the Australian government is tightening the screws too much. Its own currency, stamps and titles that anyone can buy a wealthy man. The guys from Hutt River fought the state for decades, while the latter is simply not enough. Now members Kesli family (founders of the principality) do not need to pay taxes.



9 countries, which do not exist in reality

Legally Somaliland is still considered part of Somalia. The international community also sees Somaliland as part of Somalia - but it, in turn, in no hurry to enroll in the actually existing state. Thus, a trip to Somaliland - a double trip to legal anywhere.



9 countries, which do not exist in reality

The only mobile kingdom of the modern world. Each year the Zambezi River overflows its banks, flooding pastures and forcing people to move up the territory. The history of the kingdom lasted for five centuries, but has not yet been recognized by other countries.



9 countries, which do not exist in reality

A small, unrecognized by any state, located on the left and right banks of the Dniester. Officially, Transnistria is considered part of the Republic Moldova, but the locals do not think so. Its president, its own currency - the situation around the state is characterized as low-intensity conflict.



9 countries, which do not exist in reality

Located close to the Italian border with Monaco, Seborga obliged independence led flower cooperative Giorgio Carbone. In search of cheap space for your site, this guy raised his old documents and found out suddenly that the city never appears part of Italy. Seborga still pays taxes in Italy, but local consider themselves a separate nation.



9 countries, which do not exist in reality

A small island is home to 57,000 people and is not recognized as a separate state. Denmark allowed the islanders to live by their own laws, to offset the level of conflict. The trick was successful: the inhabitants of Greenland, this is enough.

Isle of Man

British Isles

9 countries, which do not exist in reality

Neither Britain nor the EU do not take the Isle of Man in its membership. It employs its own laws, and the Parliament, Tynwald is the oldest in the world governing body: it has organized the Vikings, who had seized the island in the 8th century.