Peoples of Russia, which will soon disappear

The territory of Russia is huge - almost no other country can not withstand such a territorial competition. In different parts of our country is still inhabited by representatives of dozens of nations, each of which has its own, unique customs and traditions. Unfortunately, not all people can boast a large number of: civilization and ever-changing world literally destroy these people. Here, for example, a few tribes still exist in Russia, who are on the verge of extinction.

Peoples of Russia, which will soon disappear


The number of 12 453 people

This tribe never go away from their native places: Mansi still live in the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug. Mansi hunters even go to the city to sell the meat and animal skins.

Peoples of Russia, which will soon disappear


Number 8 743

Karyaka ancestors were one of the main founders of the Okhotsk culture in general. These are the typical nomads, several times a year are removed from the site and make their trip a standard for the northern part of the Kamchatka Peninsula.

Peoples of Russia, which will soon disappear


Population: 7450 people

Dolgan became the only Turkic-speaking people, the representatives of which have got this far north. Habitat Dolgan - the Krasnoyarsk Territory and the Republic of Sakha. The tribe failed to keep their real names: Cossacks came here baptizing everyone, giving their names again converted. Now you can meet Porotova, Slabokvasovyh, Cherkashov and other "Cossack family."

Peoples of Russia, which will soon disappear



Population: 5000 people

In fact, it Archi - legitimate indigenous population of Dagestan. The ancestors of these people were in multibreeding Association of Caucasian Albania. Maybe that's why the remnants of peoples absorbed many foreign traditions, uniting with other tribes Archi district.

Peoples of Russia, which will soon disappear


Population: 4000 people

Despite the very small numbers, Nivkhs manage to live in the two states, tribal camp is in Russia, and Japan. But if the Japanese Gilyaks carefully protected by the state and gradually increase the number, then we have the situation is exactly the opposite. Sociologists predict imminent sunset Nivkhs culture in Russia - those who survive are likely to move into the same country of the rising sun.

Peoples of Russia, which will soon disappear


Population: 3600 people

Small tribe Ostyaks-Samoyed (so called before the revolution Selkups) lives in the north of the Tomsk region. These people still profess the religion of their ancestors: there are common shamanism and animism. Forcibly implanted Orthodox Selkups organically woven into their own traditions - something similar happened with Catholicism, confronted with the cult of voodoo.

Peoples of Russia, which will soon disappear

The Eskimos

The number of 2 234 people

Those who eat raw fish - that's what the word "Eskimo" in the language of the tribe. Themselves, these people prefer to be called Inuit. On the Eskimos had a tremendous impact global warming. Forced to move on from the traditional habitat, families are faced with a very unusual conditions for themselves: these guys just do not have the vocabulary to denote all appeared in their life items!

Peoples of Russia, which will soon disappear


Population: 762 people

Tofalars always been extremely small peoples, even in times when the tribe did not mention the war and other upheavals "big world". Information about the reasons for the gradual extinction Tofalars not preserved in Russian chronicles. Apparently, our culture has already met in unfavorable Tofalars period.

Peoples of Russia, which will soon disappear


Population: 64 people

Self-designation of this people to utter more complex than the name of the well-known Icelandic volcano: vaddyalayzyd people live, oddly enough, not far from Russia's northern capital. A small village in the Leningrad region is emptied every day - not numerous young people prefer to go to St. Petersburg, where it merges with the locals.